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by D. Gufflet (8/16/2016):

first of all, I have never ever liked the simulated amp on anything (software or… Read more

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Chandler Limited GAV19T Amplifier Plug-In.
Chime, Grind, and Everything In-Between.

The Chandler Limited GAV19T Amplifier plug-in is an exacting emulation of this ultra-responsive, dual EL84-powered boutique guitar amplifier. Inspired by British classics such as Vox and Marshall — and lesser-known gems from Watkins and Selmer —

the Chandler Limited GAV19T Amplifier goes beyond a simple “clone,” offering infinitely tweakable, three-dimensional tones that brim with character.  Now this coveted guitar amp is available exclusively for UAD-2 DSP Accelerators and Apollo-equipped workstations.

Now You Can:
  • Use your Apollo to track through a class-A, all-tube, boutique amplifier “in the box,” or re-amp your sounds with any UAD-2 hardware
  • Audition 75 different Recording Chains hands-free with a selection of mics, cabinets, and high-end outboard gear
  • Fine-tune your sounds with an onboard FX Rack, including noise gate, EQ filter controls, and host-syncable lo-fi delay
  • Tweak the tube power amp and preamp sections for unlimited sonic possibilities

Chandler Limited — A Legacy of Tone

For over a decade, Chandler Limited has produced a stunning lineup of handcrafted mic preamps, EQs, and compressors from their storefront shop in Iowa. The company’s dual EL84-powered,19-watt, class-A Chandler Limited GAV19T Amplifier continues their unsurpassed dedication to tone and ingenious circuit designs that combine vintage flavors with hip tone sculpting options.

In partnership with Brainworx, the Chandler Limited GAV19T Amplifier plug-in is a circuit-accurate emulation of this prized guitar amp, exclusively for UAD-2 DSP Accelerators and Apollo-equipped workstations.

Choose from 75 Recording Chains

The Chandler Limited GAV19T Amplifier plug-in offers features not found on the original hardware, greatly adding to its versatility. The FX Rack sports an onboard noise gate, host-syncable lo-fi delay, Power Soak, and pre/post switchable EQ filter controls.

But it’s the 75 Recording Chain presets that give you the ultimate in flexibility. Captured through Brainworx’s ultra-rare Neve VXS 72 console, these presets let you audition your sounds through a variety of vintage mics, cabinets, and outboard gear. You can even set this feature to scroll through Recording Chains in one, two, or four bar increments — allowing you to keep your hands on your instrument while auditioning tones.

Dial-in Tube Preamp Dynamics
Use the Input and Bias controls to tweak the GAV19T Amplifier plug-in’s tube preamp section. These controls not only offer myriad tonal shades, they also greatly influence the amp’s interaction and response with your playing touch. Play harder, and the Chandler gushes with dynamic, touch-sensitive grind, or lighten up your attack, and the tones morph into sparkling clean textures.
Push the Power Section
The powerful 6-position Boost function and 5-position Tone control affect the Chandler’s EL84 tube-equipped power section, letting you tweak the amp’s gain and saturation, as well as its frequency response. You can conjure robust, edgy rhythms that ride the line between clean and distorted, or get full-on singing sustain — no matter what guitar you’re using.

Elegantly EQ your Tones
Add the perfect “finishing” touch to your sounds with the Chandler Limited GAV19T Amplifier plug-in’s tube-powered Baxandall tone stack. These powerful controls preserve the amp’s natural tone, yet also offer a wide-ranging palette of colors that run the gamut from thick modern rock to skinnier, more shimmering sounds.



Chandler Limited GAV19T Amplifier Plug-In.
Basics and FAQ.
What makes the Chandler GAV19T different from other guitar amplifiers?

While the Chandler GAV19T was inspired by classic British tube amp brands like Marshall, Selmer and Vox, it has new circuitry that allows for a wide range of tonal possibilities. The bias control, which allows you to adjust the bias of just the preamp tubes, changes the distortion characteristics, sustain and frequency, while the drive section functions as a boost or overdrive in four different user selectable frequency ranges and only affects the power amp section. Taken together, these two features provide an amazing array of useful tones.

What benefit does the Chandler GAV19T plug-in provide compared to using the original amplifier?

You get a fantastic guitar sound instantly. Getting a great guitar sound in the studio is really hard. You need to have a great sounding room, great microphones and outboard gear and you need to either be, or be working with, an experienced recording engineer to properly place the mics and adjust the gear settings. The GAV19T plug-in comes with 75 recording chains, recorded at Brainworx’s state of the art studio in Leverkusen Germany, using a dazzling array of microphones, outboard gear, and their Neve Console. This gives you instant access to tones that would take an experienced engineer in a great facility all day to get. In addition, the GAV19T comes with a few other useful features, including a noise gate, vintage delay and a power soak, not found in the original.

What are some of the unique characteristics of the Chandler GAV19T that have been emulated?

The input tube bias control, the drive section and the Baxandall style bass and treble controls are the three features of this amp which both distinguish it from other amps on the market and make it such a flexible tone monster. The GAV19T plug-in’s circuit modeling emulates both the tone and behavior of these circuits perfectly. Turn a knob on the GAV19T plug-in and the tone will change in exactly the same manner it does on the amplifier.

What are some of the best ways to use the Chandler GAV19T to get great sounds?

The Chandler excels at tones ranging from clean to crunchy. For a 19-watt amp, it has a lot of clean headroom. So with the drive boost set to “off” and the bias control set to a low value you get a warm, clean tone. By cranking up the Drive boost and bias you get a fat, overdriven classic rock sound. While not really a high-gain amp, if you employ the power soak feature of the plug-in version you can get some pretty convincing high gain sounds as well.



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    Amazing !
    by D. Gufflet(Tuesday 16 August, 2016)

    first of all, I have never ever liked the simulated amp on anything (software or hardware) except on the company who made the red bean as we know it. And even on this company I ended up not liking every simulations. As I discovered UAD through Pete Thorn videos, I really was shocked by the… Read More

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    Versatile and Rewarding
    by R. Greco(Thursday 21 July, 2016)

    This was my first UAD amp sim, added the remarkable ENGL® E646 VS recently as well. Bought this first because of it's relative simplicity, yet it's ability to cover a wide range of tone needs. Once you get to understand what each section is doing and has to offer, you can really dial in a… Read More

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    good stuff
    by P. Williams(Wednesday 22 June, 2016)

    I have only demoed this plug-in but I've demoed it a few times and really dug into it, so take what you will from this review.... My favorite amp plug-in for the past while has been the UAD Marshall Plexi. This Chandler offers a very different tone to me. It really has a ton of options,… Read More

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    Best Amp for using after preamp.
    by M. Niemczyk(Tuesday 24 May, 2016)

    I did review all UAD amps including the newest Fender twin from the perspective of someone, how already own a real amp (preamp) and only need the final steps of the power amp and cabinet + mic's simulation. This one won the shootout. All simulations beside ones from Brainwork, does not… Read More

    • 1 Star
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    • 5 Star
    Great Thanks for Bypass Preamp Feature
    by M. Niemczyk(Wednesday 13 April, 2016)

    Thank you so much for the most important Feature for real preamp owners which is bypassing the software emulated preamp! I´m sure most guitar players have already a nice sounding real tube preamp or a head with DI out, which they really want to use in every possible situation. I´m a proud… Read More


Features & Specs
Chandler Limited GAV19T Amplifier Plug-In.
Key Features
  • Faithful emulation of a modern boutique amp inspired by classic British tone monsters
  • FX Rack features lo-fi delay, noise gate, and filter controls
  • 75 impulse responses with multiple speaker cabinets recorded in a state of the art room with stellar gear
  • Feels like a real amp when played through Apollo’s low latency monitoring
  • Bias control emulates hotter or colder preamp tubes for different flavors of distortion
  • Drive features four modes, Treble Boost, Full Range, Aggressive, and Mids with a boost amount to dial in just the amount of the selected frequency range desired
  • Tone controls feature Baxandall style curves which allow huge changes in frequency without changing the tone of the amp
  • Re-Amp less than perfect DI guitar tracks, previously recorded with other guitar-amp simulations
Amp Front Panel:
  • Bypass: discrete 2 step , On / Off
  • Preset: discrete 4 step, A / B / C / D
  • Shape: discrete 2 step, Intense / Normal
  • Boost: discrete 6 step, 1-6
  • Tone: discrete 5 step, Off / Treble Boost / Thick / Aggressive / Mids
  • Bass: continuous: -5.0 – 5.0
  • Treble: continuous: -5.0 – 5.0
  • Input: continuous: 1.0 – 6.0
  • Bias: discrete 5 step, 1 - 5
  • Input Type: discrete 2 step, Normal / High

FX Rack:

  • Input Gain: continuous: -20dB - +20dB
  • Bypass Preamp: discrete 2 step , On / Off
  • Bypass Power Amp: discrete 2 step , On / Off
  • Power Soak: continuous: -40dB – 0dB
  • Rec Chain: discrete 76 step, Rec01 – Rec 75 / Empty
  • NG Bypass: discrete 2 step , On / Off
  • NG Threshold: continuous: -120dB – 0dB
  • NG Range: continuous: 0dB – 100dB
  • Delay: discrete 2 step , On / Off
  • Delay Time: continuous: 15ms – 1000ms
  • Delay Feedback: continuous: 0% - 100%
  • Delay Mix: continuous: 0% - 100%
  • Delay LoFi: continuous: 0% - 100%
  • Tight: discrete 3 step, Off / Pre / Post
  • Tight Frequency: continuous: 30Hz – 3000Hz
  • Smooth: discrete 3 step, Off / Pre / Post
  • Smooth Frequency: continuous: 3kHz – 35kHz


Chandler GAV19T Manual

 Hardware & Software Manuals