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4.74 out of 5 stars

by J. Walsh (2/8/2015):

Fantastic processor, purchased as I required a decent limiter for creating demos and… Read more

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Precision Mastering Plug-Ins Bundle

An Essential Mastering Toolkit and Longtime UAD User Favorite. 

Precision Multiband Plug-In

The Precision Multiband is a specialized mastering tool that provides five spectral bands of dynamic range control. Compression, Expansion or Gate can be chosen separately for each of the five bands, while its easy-to-follow design makes the Precision Multiband the ideal tool for the novice, as well as the seasoned mastering engineer. (See the reviews tab for the long list of high-profile users.)

In use, the Precision Multiband is ideal for anything from complex dynamics control to simple de-essing. Two filterbank modes offer precise linear-phase or minimum-phase gain control; use the linear-phase option for perfectly phase-coherent results, or minimum-phase for a less precise, more “analog” sound. Both filterbank modes achieve the magnitude response of a Linkwitz-Riley filter, and provide perfect magnitude reconstruction.

Precision EQ Plug-In

The Precision Equalizer is a stereo or dual mono four-band Equalizer and high-pass filter made primarily for use with program material. Modeled on the behavior of real-world analog mastering filters, the Precision EQ uses the classic parametric controls arrangement. To preserve the greatest sonic detail and ensure a minimum of artifacts in the upper frequency range, the Precision Equalizer is up-sampled to 192kHz.

Both channels of the easy-to-use Precision Equalizer feature four bands of filtering grouped in two overlapping pairs: Two for low frequencies, two for high frequencies. A +/- 8 dB shelving or peak/notch filter is available for each band with five peak/notch responses per band. Each band can be enabled/disabled for auditioning and DSP savings. The Precision Equalizer features .5 dB stepped gain controls and stepped frequency controls traditionally found on hardware mastering EQs for repeatability. The high-pass filter is a far-reaching 18 dB per octave.

The Precision Equalizer also features flexibility in auditioning two separate A and B EQ configurations with the Stereo cycle button, while the Dual button allows the plug-in to function in dual mono, when disparate channel adjustments are necessary. In stereo mode, the left and right controls are linked – moving a knob on either channel will cause the corresponding channel to move. Stereo EQ configurations can be conveniently transferred from A to B, or B to A using parameter Copy buttons.

Precision Limiter Plug-In

The Precision Limiter is a single-band, look-ahead brick-wall limiter made primarily for use with program material. This intuitive plug-in achieves 100% attack within a 1.5ms look-ahead window, which prevents clipping, and guarantees zero overshoot performance. Both the attack and release curves are optimized for professional mastering, which minimizes aliasing.

The Precision Limiter is a colorless, transparent mastering limiter — no upsampling is used, nor does the Precision Limiter pass audio through any filters — audio remains untouched unless the compressor is working, in which case, only gain is affected.

The Precision Limiter also features comprehensive, high-resolution metering, and conforms to Bob Katz's "K-system" metering specs. This metering allows the user to see what is happening to audio with a great deal of accuracy, with simultaneous RMS and Peak metering and adjustable Peak Hold; the plug-in can also be bypassed and used strictly as a high-resolution meter.

Other features include options for a user-adjustable Release or intelligent Auto Release, which allows for fast recovery — minimizing distortion and pumping. The unique Contour Mode switch offers two different methods to tailor the attack shape and can affect overall "presentation" or perception of how "up front" a track feels. Switching the Contour Mode can be useful on minimal and/or acoustic program material, yielding a more subtle touch.

The Precision Mastering Bundle requires a UAD DSP Accelerator Package or Apollo Interface available from authorized dealers worldwide and the latest version of the UAD Powered Plug-In Software (available here).

US$ 499,00



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  • Neil Mclellan


    "The Precision Limiter is an amazing bit of kit ... It just does amazing things without it taking away the energy of the track."

    Pete Doell

    (Miles Davis, Sheryl Crow, Marilyn Manson)

    “From forensics to glorious sound-shaping, UA’s Precision Mastering plug-ins are indispensable.”

    Paul Blakemore

    Concord Music Group Mastering

    "The consistently high audio performance, flexibility, and power of the UAD Precision Mastering Bundle make it possible for me to achieve spectacular results in any musical style."

    Adam Blake

    Zoot Woman

    "Whether on single tracks or the overall mix, the Precision Limiter is often the first and usually final choice."

    Aziz Ibrahim

    (Simply Red, The Stone Roses)

    "I found that the Precision tools on the UAD were awesome ... they really hit the nail on the head."

  • Hector Delgado

    (Jay-Z, Ledisi)

    "The Precision Equalizer plug-in is a must on the master bus. It will glue a mix together."

    Eddy Schreyer

    (Oasis Mastering)

    "[With the Precision Multiband] ... you're able to dial in specific problems in a stereo mix and have a much more finite control."

    John Scrip

    (Massive Mastering)

    “Easily the tastiest EQ plug I have, and I have no issues about applying it to very high-end jobs from high-end clients.”

    John Cuniberti

    (The Meters, Train)

    "For digital EQ I use the UA Precision EQ... and for limiting, the UA Precision Limiter."

    Brian Foraker

    (Loquat, ELP, Heart)

    “Not only does the Precision Multiband sound great, but it does everything from surgical tweaks to brute force."

  • Paul White

    (Sound on Sound)

    "Indeed, it was hard to make anything sound bad [with the Precision EQ]."

    Jonathan Wilson

    (Future Music UK)

    "Compared to other high-end EQ offerings, Universal Audio’s flagship [Precision] EQ outclasses them all."

    Jonathan Wilson

    (Future Music UK)

    "You’re guaranteed stellar results [with the Precision Limiter], at a price that simply blows the competition away."

    Dweezil Zappa

    (Zappa Plays Zappa)

    "I really like it [Precision Limiter] ... It really does sound good & it has some special elements to it."

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Average Rating (359 Reviews)
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    Simple, powerful and useful
    by J. Walsh(Sunday 8 February, 2015)

    Fantastic processor, purchased as I required a decent limiter for creating demos and for voice over work - stuck this across my stereo bounce with or without a touch of the Fairchild 660 and BAM! Transparent and loud without killing your mix too much ! Good selection of metering and nicely… Read More

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    Pro multiband
    by m. vargas(Wednesday 4 February, 2015)

    to be in major league you have to learn and use MLP ( major league plugin ) Read More

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    Precision limiter
    by P. Lalama (Tuesday 20 January, 2015)

    Many limiters out there but none that sound as good as this one! Read More

    • 1 Star
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    • 5 Star
    Great tool for Mixing
    by D. Zannoni (Friday 16 January, 2015)

    Reduces greatly the peak value without changing the sound. Perfect for Kick - Snare - Percussion Very Very Very Great . This guy pump the mix ! Read More

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    Precision EQ
    by L. Webster (Wednesday 14 January, 2015)

    Great tool to dial in on your mix and add those small touches to enhance or clean up your mix. Appreciate the work Universal Audio puts in to give us producers/engineers access to high quality plugins....Later Sam Rawsteen of The Originalz Productionz check out some of the… Read More

US$ 499,00


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