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by m. chalkiopoulos (4/21/2015):

excellent for drum buss,vocal chorus and anything that needs to be saturated Read more

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Brainworx bx_saturator V2 Plug-In.
Sweeten or Shred Beyond Any Other Processor.

The Brainworx bx_saturator V2 plug-in for UAD-2 and Apollo interfaces is a powerful multi-band M/S (Mid/Side) processor, allowing you to add saturation, drive, and distortion exactly where you want it in your mixes and masters. It features Brainworx´s “True Split” crossover technology, which ensures that the Mid and Side channels are always perfectly in phase, yielding focused, large-sounding mixes and masters.

Now You Can:
  • Add unique saturation and distortion to targeted frequency bands
  • Increase the perceived volume of mixes without clipping
  • Bring out individual frequencies of a mix without affecting others
  • Gently soften a mix buss or pile distortion on individual tracks for a dramatic effect
  • Punch-up and define low-end with the Mono Maker control

Refine, Define, or Crush

From a subtle mix glue, to insane, affected crunch, the  bx_Saturator V2 lets you fatten and distort Mid and Side signals of your mix independently. You can dial-in analog warmth and subtle overdrive on individual tracks, or put it across the stereo bus to thicken an entire mix. You can also bring out delicate nuances of vocals, acoustic guitars, and percussion without increasing their level or drastically EQing them. Conversely, you can mutilate signals more than ever, all without affecting other crucial sounds in your mix.

Louder Mixes, Smarter Saturation

With four XL frequency bands — each with their own Gain, Drive, and XL (mix) controls — you can increase the perceived volume of the signal without boosting its actual output level, giving you louder, punchier mixes.

Pinpoint saturation and drive textures with the two X-Over sliders that allow you to select the frequency ranges of the Mid Hi / Lo & Side Hi / Lo channels you want to process. You can fine-tune delicate frequencies like acoustic guitars and cymbals, and also add crunch to the sides of a rock mix for an analog-type distortion.

Go Mono for More Powerful Low-End
The Mono Maker is a useful tool found in many Brainworx plug-ins. It mixes the low-end of your stereo signal to mono, which lets you widen the high frequencies of your mix with less phase problems — yielding, tight, focused, professional-sounding low-end.


Brainworx bx_saturator V2 Plug-In.
Basics and FAQ.
What does the bx_saturator do?

The bx_saturator is capable of adding subtle warming to mixes, boosting perceived loudness, or full-on trashy distortion effects. Add subtle color or grunge with precision control, provide a little glue to a buss or mix, or make a pristine drum track sound like The White Stripes.

How is the bx_saturator v2 different from v1?

Brainworx has greatly improved — and actually rewritten — the Saturation algorithm, which is now smoother and has audibly better anti-aliasing.

What makes bx_saturator different from other saturation products?

The bx_saturator offers a large palette of saturation options. Easily introduce the satisfying broadband saturation characteristics of analog outboard gear, or use multiband and M/S adjustments to add color only where you need it. The multiband crossovers allow you to zero in on a frequency range to bring single instruments or vocals forward in the mix. bx_saturator’s “True Split” crossover technology ensures that Mid and Side channels are perfectly in phase. The ability to fatten and even slightly distort Mid & Side signals independently - and separately for high and low frequencies - will give you many great, fresh and inspiring sounds.

What benefit does bx_saturator provide compared to using hardware saturation products?

The plug-in offers instant access to transparent and flexible multi-band and M/S processing without the hassle and complex routing required for similar hardware configurations, or the risk of signal degradation. Often saturation processors will have the undesirable effect of distorting the full frequency range of source material. With bx_saturator, you can customize the distortion range to perfectly suit the source material, offering effects not typically possible with other equipment.

What sources do I use bx_saturator plug-in with, what sounds especially good when processed with bx_saturator?

The bx_saturator can be used as a mastering tool to increase the perceived volume of mixes without clipping them, or add saturation to select frequencies, enhancing certain instruments and bringing them forward in the mix. Bring out delicate signals like acoustic guitars and percussion in full mixes without increasing their actual level or eq-ing them in a harsh or offensive way. Distort vocals in full mixes without loosing the punch of your drums or the clarity of your keyboards or guitars. Use multiple instances in a mix to add body to each instrument, allowing you to deliver final mixes with intensity and distinctly pleasing loudness characteristics without loss of clarity.




  • Dave Pensado

    (Justin Timberlake, Beyoncé, Maroon 5)

    "The [Brainworx] bx_saturator V2 is now one of my favorite plug-ins. It adds incredible color and vibe to everything.”

    Dylan Dresdow

    (Black Eyed Peas, Nicki Manaj, Talib Kweli)

    “The [Brainworx] bx_saturator V2 plug-in is a versatile tool that allows you to add subtle musical warmth or add heavy handed destruction to a signal path. The ability to precisely apply coloration or outright distortion to the elements within mid-side al

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Average Rating (5 Reviews)
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    by m. chalkiopoulos(Tuesday 21 April, 2015)

    excellent for drum buss,vocal chorus and anything that needs to be saturated Read More

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    lots of attitude
    by F. Josephs(Friday 17 April, 2015)

    I like this a lot. it uses up a ton of resources but that's the way things are going as processors become more powerful and can take advantage for more complex emulations. Read More

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    Great plug-in
    by J. Amitie (Saturday 13 December, 2014)

    Intuitively laid out, easy to use. I love what this plug-in does to my snare sound - really fills it out, warms it up and gives it some zing. Read More

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    Brainworx bx_saturator V2
    by D. Piredda (Tuesday 13 May, 2014)

    excellent tool for finding new sounds with this plug-in a great innovation! try it! Read More

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    Does exactly what it claims...
    by N. Ascher (Wednesday 23 April, 2014)

    Spent the last few days demoing this plugin. Got good results -- added a little distortion on the mid & side signals separately (sounds still had excellent clarity). Plus it sounded a little louder. I also used it on an acoustic track to bring it out more in the mix which kept the… Read More


Features & Specs
Brainworx bx_saturator V2 Plug-In.
Key Features
  • Turns standard sounds into exciting ear catchers
  • Makes mixes sound louder and wider without clipping
  • Allows adding saturation and distortion in different amounts to different frequency bands
  • Add just a little to soften a mix buss or pile it on to an individual tracks for a dramatic effect
  • Mono Maker sums very low frequencies so you can widen the rest of the stereo field without phase issues
  • Bypass: discrete 2 step , On / Off
  • Bank: discrete 4 step, A / B / C / D
  • Master XL On: discrete 2 step , On / Off
  • Master XL : continuous: -100% – 100%
  • Master Drive: continuous: -16 – 16
  • Output Gain M On: discrete 2 step, On / Off
  • Output Gain M: continuous: -60dB – 12dB
  • Output Gain S On: discrete 2 step, On / Off
  • Output Gain S: continuous: -60dB – 12dB
  • Link Input Gains: discrete 2 step, On / Off
  • Mid XL Crossover: continuous: 20Hz – 20kHz
  • Side XL Crossover: continuous: 20Hz – 20kHz
  • Link Crossovers: discrete 2 step , On / Off
  • Mono Maker: continuous: 20Hz – 22kHz
  • Mono Maker On/Off: discrete 2 step, On / Off
  • Auto Solo: discrete 2 step, On / Off
Per section (Mid Hi, Mid Lo, Side Hi, Side Lo):
  • XL On: discrete 2 step, On / Off
  • XL: continuous: 0% – 100%
  • Solo: discrete 2 step, On / Off
  • Gain: -∞dB – 12dB
  • Gain Mode: discrete 2 step, Pre / Post
  • Drive: continuous: 1 – 16
  • Drive Compensation: discrete 3 step, Comps.Off / Compens.1 / Compens.2


bx_saturator_V2 Manual

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