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by M. Nigro (10/11/2016):

I've played around with Studer and Ampex plug-in before decides which one to buy. Well,… Read more

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Studer® A800 Multichannel Tape Recorder

The Rich Analog Sound of the World’s Most Popular Multichannel Tape Machine and Four Tape Formulas in a Single Plug-In.

For more than 30 years, artists and engineers alike have been drawn to the warm analog sound, solid low-end, and overall presence of the Studer® A800 Multichannel Tape Recorder. The sheer number of albums recorded on this legendary 2” analog tape machine — including classics from Metallica, Stevie Wonder, Tom Petty, A Tribe Called Quest, and Jeff Buckley — serve as shining examples of the musicality of analog tape.


Authenticated by Studer, and modeled by UA’s world-renowned team of DSP engineers and AES magnetic recording expert Jay McKnight over a 12-month period, the Studer A800 Multichannel Tape Recorder plug-in for UAD-2 is the first product of its kind. This plug-in faithfully models the entire multitrack tape circuit path and electronics of a popular A800 machine from Allen Sides' collection at Ocean Way Studios — plus the distinct sounds of multiple tape formulas. Put simply, it's the world’s most accurate representation of professional multitrack analog tape recording, now available on Mac and PC.

Studer A800 Hardware Transport Controls

As the first microprocessor-controlled tape machine, the Studer A800 marked a new generation of professional multitrack recorders when it was introduced in 1978. Years ahead of its time, the A800 remains a sonic benchmark, and can still be found in studios all over the planet. However, with their massive steel frame and meter bridge, twin half-horsepower motors and cast alloy deck plates, original A800 units tip the scales at a backbreaking 900 pounds. The UAD-2 plug-in version poses none of the hardware hassles of manual calibration and maintenance, nor the potential for tape degradation — while retaining all the beautiful sonic qualities that make tape such a beloved recording medium. Just drop the A800 in your first insert on every track desired, and enjoy the benefits of having recorded to tape.

The Studer A800 for UAD-2 provides all of the original unit’s desirable analog sweetness; like magnetic tape, users can dial in a clean sound, or just the right amount of harmonic saturation using the Input and Output controls. The reel deck IPS control steps through tape speed choices (7.5, 15, or 30 IPS), each with distinct frequency shift, head bump and distortion characteristics. The tape Type control lets users choose from four of the most popular magnetic tape formulas — each with their own subtle sonic variation. The Cal control allows the user to choose between +3dB, +6dB, +7.5dB, or +9dB calibration levels.

Secondary controls are hidden behind the reel deck, and can be exposed by clicking on the Studer badge or the Open label. These controls include an Auto Cal feature, plus separate tape Hiss and Hum, with a global noise bypass. Finally, a Gang Controls feature allows you to simultaneously adjust and sync parameter settings on all Studer A800 plug-in instances in your session.

In Use
The Studer A800 plug-in's primary recommended use, and the proper way to "demo" this processor, is as the first insert on every track where you want the sound of tape. This way, you can hear the cumulative "cohesive" effect of recording to magnetic tape as you build up your mix. (Of course, it can sound incredible on mix busses as well.) Be sure to strip away all other plug-ins at first; you may find, for example, that you end up needing far less compression and EQ, and that your mixes "glue together" more easily.




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  • Ed Cherney

    (Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton)

    “I came of age with the Studer A800 tape machine. I've recorded hundreds of tracks through that machine with every type of tape, speed, alignment, and bias. I just upgraded to a UAD-2 card and stumbled in to the UAD A-800. Holy s**t!”

    Darrell Thorp

    (Beck, Radiohead, Charlotte Gainsbourg)

    The Studer A800 plug-in is tape in a box. Tracks that are thin and dull become full of life and tone... so creative, and musical.

    Vance Powell

    (Jack White, The Dead Weather, The Raconteurs)

    No tape emulation has ever achieved this level of... should I say, completeness? I expect to smell the tape when I hit play!

    Jeff Balding

    (LeAnn Rimes, Faith Hill)

    “I love having the personality of the [UAD] Studer A800 in a plug-in. [It adds] a great personality to drums, bass, guitar and vocals.”

    Billy Bush


    “Pretty much all of the songs on the [Garbage] record were mixed with the Studer A800 Plug-In on all the drum channels...We used the Ampex ATR-102 Plug-In on the final mix.”

  • Tony Maserati

    (Beyonce, Jason Mraz)

    “I wanted the [Jason Mraz] record to have an analog sound to it, but since it wasn’t recorded on analog tape, my approach was to explore the…[UAD] Studer A800 plug-in itself and go deep into it to get the sound I was looking for.”

    Paul Epworth

    (Adele, Cee Lo Green, Foster the People)

    “The Studer A800 and Ampex ATR-102 tape plug-ins let you really bring out the warmth and positive tonalities in a track.”

    Garrett "Jacknife" Lee

    (R.E.M., The Cars)

    “The Studer A800 Multichannel Tape Recorder, I’m just using all the time. I don’t know how it A/B’s with tape, I just like the way it sounds.”

    Michael Brauer

    (The Rolling Stones, Coldplay, My Morning Jacket)

    I tried the Studer A800 plug-in on drums, guitar and overheads to get a saturated, punchy sound. It sounded great, and it works for me.

    Electronic Musician

    "I was curious if UA 'got it right.' Simply stated, they did. Bull's-eye."

  • Fab Dupont

    (Shakira, Santigold, Jennifer Lopez)

    The Studer A800 plug-in creeped its way onto mix after mix, to the point where it's taken over by now. Definitely the closest thing to a real tape machine that I have heard.

    Gareth Jones

    (Depeche Mode, Erasure, Grizzly Bear)

    "I enjoyed hearing the wonderful [Studer A800] plug-in. I was a huge A800 user in the 80s, and it was great to be sonically back there again."

    J.J. Blair

    (Rod Stewart, George Benson)

    "This [Studer A800] plug-in gives me that little "X" factor... a very subtle, yet noticeable character that cannot be achieved simply with EQ or other plug-ins."

    JR Hutson

    (Jill Scott, Musiq Soulchild)

    "The Studer A800 is the plug-in I've been waiting for! I've been searching for ways to get that warn saturated analog sound from a totally digital setup, and this is it. This has revolutionized my process."

    Nathaniel Kunkel

    (Lyle Lovett, Nirvana)

    "The idea of a tape machine plug-in resonated with the skeptic in me. But I'm a believer now. This [Studer A800] plug-in is nothing short of amazing. Bravo, fine work UA!"

  • Frederick Norén

    (Sound On Sound)

    "There’s no question about the authentic sound produced by the UAD Studer A800 plug-in. This tape plug-in makes everything more coherent."

    Vance Powell

    (Jack White, The Dead Weather, The Raconteurs)

    "With the [Studer A800's] fine adjustments, different tape formulations and operating levels, UA has given us the best type of tape for every different type of track..."

    Ryan West

    (Eminem, Kanye West, Kid Cudi)

    All the gooey and gluey loveliness of the Studer A800 anywhere I want to apply it in my DAW sounds like an unreasonable request, but UA has delivered once again.

    Ryan West

    (Eminem, Kanye West, Kid Cudi)

    I never thought I'd say this about anything in my studio, but the reality is that it Studer A800 plug-in works on everything.

    Ryan West

    (Eminem, Kanye West, Kid Cudi)

    The Studer A800 plug-in is the missing link for in-the-box mixing.

  • Travis Wyrick

    (P.O.D., Dolly Parton, Charlie Daniels)

    “Within minutes of using the [UAD] Shadow Hills compressor plug-in, I found myself inserting it on a multitude of instruments and busses. This is definitely a compressor I will be using and abusing.”

    Dean Coleman

    “The [UAD] Studer A800 plug-in is my favorite on a drum buss to give everything raw hard tone with a little distortion, while still keeping the sound together.”

    Matt Knobel

    (Lenny Kravitz, Mary J. Blige)

    "The Studer A800 plug-in brings me back to a time long ago. The only thing missing is the smell of new tape."

    C.J. Vanston

    (Prince, Tina Turner, Joe Cocker)

    "Wow. The Studer A800 is big and beautiful, just like I remembered... What blew me away was the depth that I perceived."

    Glenn Rosenstein

    (Ziggy Marley, U2)

    "The [Studer A800] gives me all the analog goodness without any of the cross-talk, shedding, head-wear, maintenance issues, alcohol swabs, tape alignment."

  • Mick Glossup

    (Frank Zappa, Van Morrison, UFO)

    "The Studer A800 plug-in, like all the other UA plug-ins, does a great job of simulating the analogue experience, which in this case is supplying the 'glue' to blend components together during the mix."

    Ross Hogarth

    (Van Halen, Ziggy Marley, Motley Crue)

    I've been really loving the Studer A800 on bass, kick, overheads, horns and strings. It adds a tonal color that is very musical.

    Vance Powell

    (Jack White, The Dead Weather, The Raconteurs)

    I can't tell you how happy I am that UA has made this Studer A800 plug-in... Yes I can, Thank You UA!

    Travis Wyrick

    (P.O.D., Dolly Parton, Charlie Daniels)

    “Living in a digital world, it is fantastic to hear true emulation of analog tape! I specifically used GP-9 at + 9 for years for drums and bass and I am very impressed at how UA has captured the “glue” that tape adds to the tracks."

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Average Rating (324 Reviews)
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    Great saturation
    by M. Nigro(Tuesday 11 October, 2016)

    I've played around with Studer and Ampex plug-in before decides which one to buy. Well, in the end I've bought both. Studer A800 is the best to add lots of saturated colours on instruments and the mix itself. And i loved that retro sound that only tape machines give to the music. Still I… Read More

    • 1 Star
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    The sound of HEAVEN
    by A. Lee(Thursday 29 September, 2016)

    I tend to look for the analog style sound (as most of us probably do these days). The range of 'analog' tonalities that this thing can offer is quite breathtaking Read More

    • 1 Star
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    • 3 Star
    • 4 Star
    • 5 Star
    by G. Reinert(Wednesday 14 September, 2016)

    The real sound of tape machine! Greatly improved my work! Read More

    • 1 Star
    • 2 Star
    • 3 Star
    • 4 Star
    • 5 Star
    the best
    by T. Garcia(Wednesday 14 September, 2016)

    je possede déja l'Ampex ATR qui est génial, le studer est parfait en insert sur tout les pistes! Bravo UAD ! seul bémol c'est cher, c'est toujours cher !!! Read More

    • 1 Star
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    • 3 Star
    • 4 Star
    • 5 Star
    some core-power left? try it!
    by O. Scholz(Tuesday 13 September, 2016)

    Warm harmonics and glue. That's what I use it for most times. Ever tried as a special FX for distortion? You shoud! It's a little too expensive, that's why it's only 4 stars. As a bundle/special offer/etc great! Read More


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Features & Specs

Studer® A800 Multichannel Tape Recorder Plug-In


  • Studer-endorsed, UA modeled emulation of legendary A800 Multitrack Tape Machine
  • Provides the warm, natural sound and punchy low-end response of 2” analog tape — on Mac and PC
  • Models complete A800 electronic signal paths, including Input, Sync and Repro paths
  • Features four of the most popular Tape Formulas and Calibration Levels
  • Tape saturation and overdrive via easy-to-use Input / Output controls
  • Provides dead-on magnetic tape sound without the hassles of calibration, maintenance, tape degradation, etc.
  • IPS Speed/Emphasis Curve chooses between 7.5 NAB, 7.5 CCIR, 15 NAB, 15 CCIR, 30 AES
  • Gang Controls allows for fast global adjustment of all instances
  • Run 24+ tracks with a single UAD-2 QUAD DSP Accelerator Package
  • Requires a UAD-2 DSP Accelerator Card or Apollo Interface available from authorized dealers worldwide

See the UAD Instance Chart here


  • Input provides -12 to +24 dB gain
  • Output provides -24 to +12 dB gain
  • Signal Path selection
    • Thru provides plug-in bypass
    • Input provides machine electronics-only path without tape
    • Sync provides path of audio being recorded to tape via record head and playing back via record head, plus machine electronics
    • Repro provides path of audio being recorded to tape via record head and playing back via repro head, plus machine electronics
  • IPS Tape Speed provides selection between 7.5, 15 and 30 IPS (inches per second) operation
  • Tape Type provides selection between 250, 456, 900 and GP9 formulas
  • Calibration provides +3, +6, +7.5 and +9 dB operating levels
  • Emphasis Equaliser selects between NAB or CCIR curves at 7.5 and 15 IPS (AES at 30 IPS)
  • Auto Cal Off/On provides automatic calibration for Record EQ, Bias, Playback EQs when switching IPS Tape Speed, Tape Type or Emphasis Equaliser
    • Record EQ / HF Driver provides a continuous “boost filter” gain
    • Bias / HF Driver provides a continuous recording head oscillator voltage from 0 to 15.5 volts
    • LF / Sync Playback EQ provides a continuous low frequency filtering gain
    • HF / Sync Playback EQ provides a continuous high frequency filtering gain
    • LF / Repro Playback EQ provides a continuous low frequency filtering gain
    • HF / Repro Playback EQ provides a continuous high frequency filtering gain
  • Noise Off/On provides global enabling and disabling of noise components
  • Hiss provides independent control for the noise floor component of the tape system ±25 dB
  • Hum provides independent control for the 60 cycle (NAB/AES) or 50 cycle (CCIR) AC component of the Studer A800 system  ±25 dB
  • Gang Controls Off/On provides temporary global access to all Studer A800 instantiations from one Studer A800 GUI window for all plug-in parameters
  • Show/Hide button reveals/hides the calibration and setup controls by clicking the Studer Badge Open/Close label
  • VU meter displays post input, pre-output signal

 Hardware & Software Manuals