Studer® A800 Multichannel Tape Recorder

Studer® A800 Multichannel Tape Recorder


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Studer® A800 Multichannel Tape Recorder

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R. Chaoui

June 21, 2018

Not as punchy as I’d hope

The Studer works really well when you want to tone down cymbals, anything brittle or piercing. It also allows you to compress and distort things. To be honest, the 610A does a better job at placing things in a mix than the Studer. I was hoping that it would give you that classic round tape sound, but I haven’t yet to get that. I’ve recently been using it as a master bus leveler. It’s actually really nice for that. Especially since any compression added to the mix brightens the signals. I’m ok’ing forward to getting more plugins by UAD and seeing which ones work for my ear. So far the 610A, the Shadow hills comp, and the API Vision channel are huge winners for me. Of course the Neve pre when recording vocals as well.

S. Zahle

December 15, 2014

A bit to Subtle for me

I use the studer on my bus'es. It's very subtle, and I think it only ads a little colour to my mixes. But overall, my mixes sounds better than before. More a fan of the Ampex ATR.

A. Shailer

April 1, 2014

Great tape emulation, needs wow and flutter!

I am now putting this plugin on pretty much every drum channel as it just gives it that phat tape sound straight away.

I would give this plugin 5 stars if when you "opened it up" it had wow and flutter, and more degredation features like the Ampex ATR-102, because I like to make pads sound all dirty and degrated. At the moment I can only use the Ampex for that... on demo! Can't afford every UAD plug! ;)

A. Souza

April 14, 2013

Great plugin but....

This is a great plugin, but if you have a uad-2 duo like me forget!! This plugin use many dsp resources of you card. I suggest you buy Ampex 102, great plugin no use dap like A800. Expend my money for nothing. But great plugin if you have system to use.

A. Oberholz

December 7, 2010

As an EX owner of the Telefunken-M-15-A I can say this product is not bad by any means.

I was mixing a whole song with it and it was fascinating how it can round of transients and saves you from using extra compression in the mix.

The user manual lacks description in how to use the hidden EQ,Bias etc. controls traditionally right.
There is a Generation that never had the chance to work with such a Tape-Machine.
For this reason it would be great to get more context-information how these hidden knobs affected the output.

At this point I don't care if it sounds like a real tape machine.
At least it emulates well the Tape-Kompression and alone that is great!!

I measured the plug in - watching out for inharmonic-distortions...nothing bad to see.
Other UAD plugs still suffer from inharmonic-distortions - missing dithering in the signal-path?

I give it only 3/5 points because I think it is too expensive for a plug-in.
For some more money you can get a decent 1/4" real HW tape recorder and you will have lot of fun with it.

The price point in my opinion is 250$.
350$ will make this wonderful plug in for a lot off younger-folks unreachable-

I skipped Massive-Passive and Fatso because of the high price.
It looks like that I will skip this one as well even if I like it.

Development: 5 POINTS
Price-Tag: 1 POINT

5 Item(s)