Apollo Twin USB

Apollo Twin USB

Superior Desktop Audio Conversion with
Classic Analog Sound for Windows.

With its class-leading resolution and Realtime UAD Processing, Apollo Twin USB sets a new standard for desktop music production.

This 2x6 USB 3 interface for Windows allows you to record with near-zero latency through the full range of UAD Powered Plug-Ins — ingeniously merging classic analog tones with cutting-edge features.

Record with world-class Apollo A/D and D/A conversion — as heard on hundreds of hit records

Use alongside UAD-2 PCIe DSP Accelerator cards, UAD-2 Satellite FireWire, and UAD-2 Satellite USB for truly scalable mixing power

Mix with UAD plug-ins like the included Teletronix® LA-2A and 1176 compressors, Pultec® EQs, and 610-B Preamp

Track with near-zero latency through preamp emulations from Neve,® API,® Manley® and more using Unison technology

Unison Technology: The Genuine Sound of Neve, SSL, API & Manley Preamps

Apollo Twin features two Unison-enabled mic preamps, letting you track through exacting mic preamp emulations from Neve, SSL, API, Manley, and Universal Audio. An Apollo exclusive, Unison technology nails the tone of these sought-after tube and solid state mic pres — including their input impedance, gain stage “sweet spots,” and the component-level circuit behaviors of the original hardware.

The secret to Unison is its hardware-software integration between Apollo’s mic preamps and its onboard UAD-2 DUO Core DSP Acceleration. Simply place a Unison preamp plug-in on your mic input in Apollo Console software, and it physically reconfigures the Apollo interface's impedance — so you can tap into the classic sounds of the world’s most recorded mic preamps.

Watch the Unison Shoot Out (hardware vs. software) video

A Full Suite of Classic<br>Analog Processing Onboard

A Full Suite of Classic
Analog Processing Onboard

Right out of the box, Apollo Twin USB provides a suite of incredible analog emulation plug-ins including the world’s only authentic Teletronix LA-2A, 1176LN, Pultec EQs, and the Unison-enabled UA 610-B Tube Preamp. Developed by UA’s world-renowned team of algorithm engineers, these Realtime Analog Classic plug-ins set the standard by which all other hardware emulation plug-ins are judged.

From the tube warmth of the Pultec EQ on guitars, to the gentle limiting of the LA-2A on vocals, your recordings will take a giant leap forward in rich, sonically complex analog sound.

See Included Plug-Ins   |   Watch the live tracking video

Access the World of UAD Powered Plug-Ins

Beyond the included Realtime Analog Classics plug-ins, Apollo Twin USB lets you tap into the full library award-winning UAD Powered Plug-Ins — including vintage EQs, Compressors, Reverbs, Tape Machines and more — at near-zero latency, regardless of your audio software’s buffer size and without taxing your computer’s CPU.

With exclusive emulations from Neve, Studer, Manley, API, Ampex, Lexicon, Fender, and more, it’s like having an endless analog studio, right on your desktop. And unlike competing interfaces, these DSP-powered plug-ins are also available in your DAW for mixing.

Next-Generation A/D and D/A Conversion

Next-Generation A/D and D/A Conversion

Of course, the heart of any audio interface is the quality of its conversion. In designing the next-generation Apollo range, UA engineers started with an obsessive auditioning of the latest A/D and D/A converters, ultimately pairing the selected 24-bit/192kHz converters with all-new analog circuitry for the optimal signal path. Apollo Twin provides increased dynamic range and lower THD versus other interfaces — rivaling dedicated converters costing thousands more.

Apollo: The Choice of New-School Professionals

Apollo is the confirmed choice of hit-making professionals, used to record landmark albums by Kendrick Lamar (DAMN.), Chris Stapleton (From A Room: Volume 1), Arcade Fire (Everything Now), Post Malone (Beerbongs & Bentleys), and many more. The Apollo range of interfaces has earned numerous industry awards from Sound on Sound, Future Music, and Electronic Musician — as well as the prestigious TEC Award for computer audio hardware five years running.

Now with Vintage Amps

Now with Vintage Amps

New for Apollo Twin USB is Unison technology on the front panel instrument input, giving you dead-on, impedance-matched emulations of guitar and bass amps like the Fender '55 Tweed Deluxe, Marshall Plexi Super Lead 1959, and the Ampeg B-15N Bass Amplifier.

A Sleek, Low-latency App

A Sleek, Low-latency App

With Apollo Twin’s Console 2.0 application — a complete re-imagining of Apollo’s original Console software — you can take advantage of over 25 new user-requested features such as Channel Strip presets, Drag & Drop functionality, dynamically resizable windows, and more.

Apollo Twin Setup
Apollo Twin Setup

Apollo Twin Setup

Learn to use Apollo Twin as producer/engineer Fab Dupont (Jennifer Lopez, Mark Ronson) demonstrates basic setup, routing, and recording with UAD plug‑ins.

Apollo Artist Sessions
Apollo Artist Sessions

Apollo Artist Sessions

Watch producer/engineer Fab Dupont (Jennifer Lopez, David Crosby) record Latin superstars Monsieur Periné live in Colombia with Apollo X audio interfaces.

View All Apollo Artist Sessions

Realtime Analog Classics Bundle

With the Realtime Analog Classics plug-in bundle, you get legendary compressors like the Teletronix® LA-2A and EQs like the Pultec® EQP-1A, stunning guitar and bass amp emulations from Softube, as well as UA’s landmark 610-B Tube Preamp and EQ plug-in.

  • UA 610‐B
  • Marshall Plexi Classic Amplifier
  • Teletronix LA‐2A Legacy
  • UA 1176LN Legacy
  • UA 1176SE Legacy
  • Pultec EQP‐1A Legacy
  • Pultec Pro Legacy
  • Ampeg® SVT-VR Classic Bass Amp
  • Precision Channel Strip
  • Precision Reflection Engine
  • Precision Delay Modulation
  • Precision Delay Modulation L
  • Raw Distortion
  • RealVerb‐Pro

UA 610-B Tube Preamp and EQ

UA 610-B Tube Preamp and EQ

Impart your tracks with the iconic warmth and character of the classic hardware used to track everyone from Duke Ellington to Coldplay. By emulating the entire signal path, including tube amplifiers, transformers, and circuit nonlinearities, the 610-B Tube Preamp and EQ plug-in injects organic detail and saturation to any signal — whether you’re re-amping or tracking through the 610-B via Universal Audio’s Unison™ technology.

Marshall<sup>®</sup> Plexi Classic Amplifier

Marshall® Plexi Classic Amplifier

The undisputed alpha dog of rock and roll guitar amps, the Marshall “plexi” amplifier is as legendary as the music it helped create. From Jimi Hendrix to Jimmy Page, Duane Allman to Eric Clapton, the Plexi’s punishing melange of snarl, sustain, smoothness, and raunch defined the sound of rock. Developed by Softube, the Marshall Plexi Classic Amp plug-in gives you the sound of this iconic amp with a perfectly placed microphone from engineer Tony Platt who recorded AC/DC’s Back in Black and Highway to Hell.

Teletronix<sup>®</sup> LA-2A Classic Leveling Amplifier (Legacy)

Teletronix® LA-2A Classic Leveling Amplifier (Legacy)

With its gentle, program dependent optical compression and meticulously designed tube amplifier, the LA-2A is the go-to compressor for professional mixers around the world — especially for vocals. Incredibly easy-to-use Peak Reduction and Gain controls gives you the ideal optical compression sound for guitar, bass, drums, and more.

1176SE/LN<sup>®</sup> Classic Limiting Amplifiers (Legacy)

1176SE/LN® Classic Limiting Amplifiers (Legacy)

Get classic, ultra-fast FET compression from the world’s most recognized compressor. The 1176 will impart punch, presence, and character as well as its signature distortion overtones on drums, vocals, guitars, and bass. The 1176LN has graced countless recordings, from Led Zeppelin, to the White Stripes and Michael Jackson.

Pultec<sup>®</sup> Pro Equalizers (Legacy)

Pultec® Pro Equalizers (Legacy)

Mix with two of the most sought-after hardware EQs ever made — the MEQ-5 Midrange Equalizer and the EQP-1A Program Equalizer. Both of these tube-based icons deliver smooth and silky EQ curves with an abundance of warm analog character.

Ampeg<sup>®</sup> SVT-VR Classic Bass Amp

Ampeg® SVT-VR Classic Bass Amp

Introduced in 1969, the Ampeg SVT bass amp is still the reigning king of high-powered tube bass tone. Developed by Brainworx, the Ampeg SVT-VR Classic Bass Amp plug-in perfectly captures the raw power and punch that has made this the go-to amp for rock, funk, and soul players. Track in real time using Unison™ preamp technology for the tone, touch, and feel of a real SVT bass amp, or transform bland DI tracks with the thunderous roar of a stone cold classic.

Precision Mix Rack Collection

Precision Mix Rack Collection

Featuring the Precision Channel Strip, Precision Reflection Engine, and Precision Delay Modulation plug-ins, the Precision Mix Rack Collection offers four modern, high-fidelity plug-ins for recording and mixing. Powerful and intuitive, Precision Mix Rack Collection gives you an impressive tool set — perfect for beginners and seasoned professionals alike.

Raw Distortion

Raw Distortion

Modeled from a vintage early-’80s Pro Co Rat, Raw Distortion delivers all the gritty dynamic raunch of the legendary stompbox. And with Unison™ technology, you can plug in to Apollo Twin, 8, or 8p’s front-panel Hi-Z instrument jack and experience the same circuit interaction, gain range, and clip points for the true tone, feel, and response of the original hardware.

RealVerb Pro

RealVerb Pro

RealVerb Pro is a flexible, natural sounding reverb based on UA’s own unique set of algorithms. Allowing you to design the room just as you hear it, the RealVerb Pro goes beyond simply big/small or dark/bright, giving your sources distortion-free, smoothing diffusion control and ultra-long reverb tail.


Desktop 2x6 USB 3 audio interface for Windows with world-class 24-bit/192 kHz audio conversion

Realtime UAD Processing for tracking through vintage Compressors, EQs, Tape Machines, Mic Preamps, and Guitar Amp plug-ins with near-zero (sub-2ms) latency

Includes the "Realtime Analog Classics" UAD plug-in bundle. Other UAD plug-ins sold separately.

Unison™ technology offers stunning models of classic tube and transformer-based mic preamps

USB 3 connection for easy connectivity on Windows-based recording systems

Two premium mic/line preamps; Two line outputs; front-panel Hi-Z instrument input and headphones output

Two digitally controlled analog monitor outputs for full resolution at all listening levels

Up to eight channels of additional digital input via Optical connection

Uncompromising analog design, superior components, and premium build quality

Runs UAD Powered Plug-Ins via Audio Units, VST, RTAS & AAX64 in all major DAWs

USB System Requirements

  • Windows 10 64-Bit Edition

  • Available built-in USB 3 SuperSpeed port*

  • Intel Core i3, Core i5, Core i7, or Xeon processor*

  • 6 gigabytes available storage

  • USB 3.0 SuperSpeed cable (included)

  • Internet connection to download software and authorize UAD plug-ins

  • Compatible VST, RTAS, or AAX 64 plug-in host DAW software

  • For additional compatibility information, visit help.uaudio.com


  • Quad Core i7 or better recommended

  • 2-in-1 systems (notebook/tablet) are not recommended

  • USB 3 adapters (such as PCIe-to-USB 3 expansion cards) are not tested for Apollo Twin USB or UAD-2 Satellite USB connections

Customer Reviews

Apollo Twin USB

Overall Rating

d. akers

February 25, 2021

Surprised by Quality

Long time musician and last used edirol m16-dx 16 channel interface. The apollo twin packs more features in a smaller footprint while moving the sound quality up several notches. Excellent product. I will now, forever only use universal audio products and plugins. thank you UA


February 23, 2021

Sérieux Solide, Efficace et de Haute Qualité

Il s'agit de la solution Apollo en USB 3 pour les utilisateurs de PC sous Windows (pour les PC n'ayant pas de connexions Thunderbolt 3 en natif)
Les préamps Unisson sont tout simplement mortels idéals pour de bonnes prises de sons et la qualité des Plugins pour le traitement des voies en insert ou pour le mastering sont époustouflants. je l'utilise avec un convertisseur ADA8200 pour lui ajouter 8 pistes.
Nonobstant il est impératif d'upgrader son système avec un Satellite (ou carte PCie) UAD2 Quad ou Octo (prochain investissement)
Merci Universal Audio pour vos innovations .

A. Krasniqi

February 9, 2021

Beautiful but expensive

This is the single best piece of equipment to lay your hands down on, you even get most of the things to get started with for free, but for any further plug ins there is a steep price range to consider.
Regardless the price, I cannot give anything less than a 5/5 rating! :)

J. Gibson

February 2, 2021

Finally a professional sound

Use this to unlock your full potential. It’s worth it for the workflow alone. As a guy who used to spend countless hours in a session, this device helped me tremendously. Cant wait to combine the universal audio plugins with it!

D. Salinas

February 2, 2021

from Argentina with the help of google translator

229 / 5000
Resultados de traducción
Impressive appreciation of nuances that is heard with this audio card, it is as if the music comes to life ... I went from having an M-Audio to this and it is like going from listening to a 256kbps mp3 file to a vinyl record. ..

A. Ruybal

January 26, 2021

Amazing product!

Ever since I got into music production and recording vocals I have always wanted an Apollo. Being a PC user the USB version offers everything I could ever ask for and more!

l. akram

January 9, 2021

the soul of my studio

i tried most of the interfaces in the market but UAD apollo is the realest after all if you dont have UAD then you are just playing around

L. Maza

January 8, 2021

The usb 3.0 input does not recognize the Apollo Twin Usb.

Hello very good, I need help please, once I do the installation when I restart the pc, the Apollo twin us does not respond and I have preobado almost everything.

g. pilkey

January 3, 2021

I love it

I love the interface it sounds incredible no artificial noises added. The zero latency is unbelievable The drivers could definitely be more stable so it does crash from time to time but for the audio quality it’s still worth it.

s. roden

January 1, 2021

Amazing sound bad drivers

Man I wanted this to be the end all audio card. Sounded great but It just failed so much I was forced to send it back. What was recorded never sounded as good as what was played back. Sounded great on the front end.
I went for the ssl2 is sounds great on both ends and what’s recorded sounds alive and warm coming out. No emulation necessary and only 200$ :). Vs 900$ Sorry
It only took me 2 weeks to hate this card.
That said. The thunderbolt version is amazing on all levels. Apollo just has to get around that asio driver for windows to be useful for their product! In my opinion

F. Ramos

December 25, 2020

Good product, poor driver.

I have it since a few years already, been delighted by the sound quality and the plug in but i would not rebuy it.

The drivers are so unstable on different machines, many blue screens, can't use the mic on windows app since couple updates. New bug is that i can't even open the control tool or the cards just keep trying to reset itself.

Last straw is that it feels like universal audio doesn't really care, doesn't offer much solutions. Even goes on to tell you that it is made only for professional use so if you have the audacity to do anything else with it it's normal it crashes your computer. Had motu, focusrite and Akai, none of those cheaper cards had any issue with windows apps.

Great products but those drivers really kill it. Rme next time.

R. Hinostroza Chaico

December 24, 2020

Excelente Prodcuto

Definitivamente me quedo con los super sonidos de la UAD el cual me transporta lejos de los sonidos convencionales

N. Gkotsis

December 11, 2020

Excellent Audio Interface!

Probably the best interface i ever had in my set up and i have treid many different options.
This audioo interface delivers amazing clarity in rec and rep..and has zero hiss or hum in any signal input.
proffesional equipment that i will never change.

J. Stefanovic

December 10, 2020

Awesome unit!

I just recently bought it and haven´t really had the´time to dive into all the features yet. I´m really liking the easy workflow and the easy interface. Very good and stable in my case. Love that i can save presets, for different sessions. Set the volume for my guitar session. Signals good and save, switch over to a vocal set up. done as easily as in any daw with inserts if you want. Just open up and there you have the exact same setup with levels and all as you had the last time.That is a huge plus since i do several different type of recordings but only have the two multi inputs on this mobile setup. As being used to do everything on the interface side, operating on the hardware itself is really easy and fluid as well which i was a bit hesitant towards, thinking i´m not gonna use that so much but what do you see, finding my self using it more and more.

Sound quality is really solid and what i´d expect from UAD. Super conveniant to try out demos of any desired plugin, if I like then just purchase.

The only minus i´d give is that i wish the unit had atleast a couple extra line inputs for external units. I want to track through my UAD hardwares and line inputs are needed sometimes even if it´s a mobile/small setup.

f. woodley

December 9, 2020

Overpriced plugins.

The plugins are great but to expensive compared to the alternatives.

A. louali

December 6, 2020

la vie en music

apollo twin usb facilite la vie avec les plugin uad le hardware Just parfait pour moi 10/10
merci uad

D. Morano

December 4, 2020


The unit does not seem to be working right - i bought a new PC specifically to work with this and yet it doesn't work reliably. Sometimes it connects and most times it doesn't. Worked with both UAD and Sweetwater tech support and we couldn't figure it out. I am so disappointed - Sweetwater is swapping out the unit and hopefully the new one will work. That said at this price point it should just work especially since I followed all the recommendations/requirements as described. That said when it 'did' work the sound quality and features seem to be first rate - it just doesn't work....

r. moses

December 1, 2020

Apollo God

The Apollo Twin this the best music interface in the world paired with the TM103 MIC nothing comes close to this sound perfection

A. Michisanti

December 1, 2020


This interface is really amazing... I made a "quantum" jump: the cleanliness and presence of its preamp impressed me a lot, the simplicity of use make it in my opinion currently the best product on the market. Thank you UAD!!

R. Denisov

November 22, 2020

Apollo twin duo usb

This is a great interface. I like everything. The only updated drivers are a little upset.