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Customer Reviews

Apollo Twin USB

Overall Rating

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G. Patro

November 28, 2023

Apollo Twin, a portable audio production studio

After doing so much research on Audio Electronics, I found it useful for Audio Production purpose. We already have CPU based plugins but now a days few manufacturers are creating audio signal processors that use GPU. We already have SHARC processors that takes care of UAD plugins. But I am curious about availability of plugins that can use our unused GPU of our computer system

j. palermo

November 26, 2023

Apollo twin

This unit is a great addition to my rig, I has replaced older hardware and just opened up the sound of my recording. Being able to utilize the power of uad plug ins on input channels with no latency is a very great addition to the tool box.

l. reynolds

November 25, 2023

apollo interface

If customers are happy with their apollo and comp set up ,be great if they would put the apollo model and specs on their computer on the review.I think this make the world a happy place.

b. kim

November 25, 2023

만듦새가 맘에듭니다

노브 위치가 입력단자들이 직관적이고 고장날것같은 느낌이 안들정도로 만듦새가 맘에듭니다. 유니즌프리기능도 레이턴시가 없어서 좋습니다.

k. melendez

November 11, 2023

I love it

Sounds like a

J. Colaire

October 8, 2023

The Best Upgrade

I just upgraded from a scarlet and although that was great and I didn't unlock my full potential as an engineer to really push it to its limit, the Apollo twin has reignited my love for vocal and music production. Clean preamp signal, the control over the unit through Console and the latency free monitoring is a game changer!!! I love it

J. khan

September 14, 2023

Awesome hardware with awesome plugins

Got this with autotune bundle and I'm absolutely blown away by the quality of the hardware and software. The plugins are insanely good. I didn't believe people that they could replace actual hardware but the preamp plugins can. Amazing!

K. il

August 17, 2023

아폴로트윈 usb리뷰

나는 rme fireface800 유저였습니다. 마이크 프리엠프는 avalin vt737sp를 사용했구요
마이크는 u87ai를 사용했습니다. 작업실을 이동하면서 새로운 장비를 알아보다가 아폴로와
unison preamp 시스템을 알게되었고 궁금했습니다. 과연 소리가 어떨지....아폴로의 유니즌 프리의 성능은 생각보다 훨씬 좋았습니다.

O. Kruse

July 30, 2023

It really makes a difference - probably much more than you initially think

I have used many audio interfaces ranging from budget to professional levels. The feature that makes Apollo Twin USB a real game changer are the realtime monitoring capabilities without the use of external gear: want to provide a mix ready monitoring "zero-latency" signal for vocals with compressor, EQ and reverb while at the same time recording a dry signal to the DAW? No problem. Want to hear your guitar with cabinet simulation and be inspired by real time echo and modulation? No problem at all. Using a vocoder with your midi keyboard and hear the results without delayed voices in your head? That's where the Apollo really shines. This kind of workflow makes it highly inspiring - whether you use the effects just for monitoring or print them on the track while recording or later - it's all your choice. Preset management (e.g. for certain singers, mics or guitars) and the option to sync the settings with your DAW with the console recall plugin and saving it with your session really shows that the product has been designed with the musician in mind. Although not officially endorsed by UA, the Apollo Twin USB works flawlessly with my ASUS AMD Ryzen laptop. Don't be scared by conflicting information from the Internet in regards do compability, do as I did: Given that you can return it to the dealer in the case that it doesn't work for you or you don't like it - give it a try and thank me later! :)

J. Hammink

July 25, 2023

Doesn't connect

Tried everything by the book. Apollo Twin thunderbolt does not connect to brand new Mac. Support is not forthcoming.

J. Hammink

July 25, 2023

Doesn't connect.

Tried connecting Apollo twin Thunderbolt to Mac OS 12.4. Doesn't connect. Doesn't detect interface. Allowing privacy settings makes no difference. Waste of money so far. Helpline is swamped, so I must not be the only one having problems.


July 21, 2023


Top quality sound card

M. yon

July 13, 2023


구입한지한달정도되어가는데 지직거리고끊김현상발생합니다

M. yon

July 13, 2023


구입한지한달정도되어가는데 지직거리고끊김현상발생합니다

M. Collantes

May 2, 2023

Mobile Beast

A powerful interface that's good for any environment.

s. ngo

April 6, 2023


Đã mua mắc rùi.. Còn phải bỏ thêm tiền mua pulings rất mắc.. Khuyễn mãi pulings mặc định rất ít.. Rất keo kiệt

J. ter Borg

April 3, 2023

Flawless operation

Super happy with my Apollo. Tip for AMD users: AMD's messy USB implementation can cause stutters, this is easily fixable by just getting a cheap usb 3 HUB and connecting the Apollo through that.

j. m'gouni

March 26, 2023

The best choice

One of the best audio interfaces in the market if not the best ; been using it with neumann tlm 103 it sounds great on vocals .working great on windows i had no issues.

T. Bastien

March 21, 2023

An Amazing Investment

It truly is a great investment, and does provide an incredibly clear sound even without plugins. There is a night and day difference between this interface and budget interfaces.

C. Kim

March 14, 2023

Wonderful interface

With near 0 latency, it made my dream come true. Perfect product for all sorts of audio work. Highly recommended

1-20 of 528 Results

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