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Big Studio Sound, Anywhere.

Universal Audio created the Volt 476 USB audio interface for collaborators — from bands and producers to livestreamers and content creators — looking to easily record larger projects with big studio tone. Plug right in to your Mac, PC, iPad, or iPhone and Volt just shows up, ready to capture your productions with legendary sound, courtesy of Universal Audio.

Create professional music productions, livestreams, and podcasts on Mac, PC, iPad, and iPhone

Record your voice or guitar with album-ready sound using Vintage Mic Preamp mode

Add clarity and punch to vocals, instruments, and other sources with an analog compressor based on UA’s renowned 1176

Produce with an essential suite of audio and music software including Ableton, Melodyne, UJAM's Virtual Drummer, Marshall, Ampeg, and more

Produce with Best-in-Class Audio Quality

Produce with Best-in-Class Audio Quality

From the team that brought you the game-changing Apollo interface, Volt 476 delivers superior studio sound quality, with more character and tone than any USB interface in its class.

Capture Legendary Vocals with Vintage Mic Preamp Mode

Capture Legendary Vocals with Vintage Mic Preamp Mode

Few sounds can compare to a vintage Universal Audio 610 tube preamp, as used to record everyone from Ray Charles to Van Halen. Volt 476 gives you the rich, full sound of this iconic UA preamp, thanks to its built-in tube emulation circuitry, a UA exclusive.

Control Volume Peaks with UA Compression

Control Volume Peaks with UA Compression

Get album-ready punch and presence with Volt 476's onboard 76 Compressor — an innovative analog circuit inspired by UA's renowned 1176 Limiting Amplifier. The 76 Compressor features three perfectly tailored presets to tame voice, guitars, synths, and drum machines. Just plug in, pick a setting, and play.

Easy In, Easy Out

Easy In, Easy Out

Volt 476 gives you simple 4-in/4-out audio connections. Just plug your mics and guitars into the front panel preamps, and use the line inputs for synths and drum machines. Then connect your speakers or headphones to monitor your audio with no latency. With Volt, you’ll be creating like a pro, fast.

Stay Inspired with a Curated Suite of Audio Software

Some audio interfaces give you a smattering of random audio apps. Not Volt. Instead, we put together a bundle of serious music production tools, virtual instruments, and plug‑ins from the industry's best.

See Included Software for Mac & PC ›

iPad & iPhone Ready

iPad & iPhone Ready

Traveling light? Plug Volt 476 into your iPad or iPhone, and you can easily create beats and samples, record your band’s rehearsals, and edit songs anywhere.*

Capture Inspiration for Years to Come

Capture Inspiration for Years to Come

Featuring rugged metal construction, retro wood sides, and sleek industrial design, Volt 476 elevates your production space with impeccable style, built to last decades.

Inspiration Comes Quick. Watch the Videos.

      *Requires external Volt power supply and an Apple Lightning to USB Camera Adapter (except iPads with USB‑C).

      Included Software for Mac & PC

      Offering a powerful DAW, vintage guitar and bass amps, industry-leading virtual instruments, and much more, Volt gives you everything you need to start producing music, podcasts, and livestreams, right out of the box.

      • Marshall Plexi Classic Amplifier
      • Live 11 Lite
      • Melodyne Essential
      • Ampeg® SVT-VR Classic Bass Amp
      • LX480 Essentials
      • Virtual Drummer DEEP
      • Virtual Bassist DANDY
      • LABS
      Marshall Plexi Classic Amp Bundle by Softube

      Marshall Plexi Classic Amp Bundle by Softube

      Create with an expertly modeled version of the iconic British amp that invented the sound of rock. Plus, shape your tones further with the included Softube Time & Tone Bundle, featuring additional reverb, delay, compression, and saturation plug-ins.

      Ableton Live 11 Lite

      Ableton Live 11 Lite

      Packed with all the effects, instruments, and features you need to make professional music productions, Live is fast, fluid, and flexible software for music creation and performance.

      Melodyne Essential by Celemony

      Melodyne Essential by Celemony

      Easily correct the pitch of recordings and samples with quick, intelligent note-based processing, and tune vocal and instrument tracks for more professional-sounding recordings and mixes.

      Ampeg<sup>®</sup> SVT-VR Classic Bass Bundle by Plugin Alliance

      Ampeg® SVT-VR Classic Bass Bundle by Plugin Alliance

      Get all the massive, earth-shaking tube tone of Ampeg’s iconic bass amp. Plus, use the bx_tuner for quick tuning and the powerful bx_masterdesk plug‑in to add the final touch to any source.

      LX480 Essentials by Relab Development

      LX480 Essentials by Relab Development

      Add lush dimension and ambience with Relab's expert model of this classic '80s digital reverb unit. You can also add complex delay and modulation textures for space and movement to your tracks.

      Virtual Drummer DEEP by UJAM

      Virtual Drummer DEEP by UJAM

      From classic soul and funk rhythms of the ‘60s and ‘70s to contemporary pop and rock styles, DEEP sports UJAM’s dynamic "round-robin" algorithm, giving you drum tracks that sound like the real thing.

      Virtual Bassist DANDY by UJAM

      Virtual Bassist DANDY by UJAM

      Get classic flatwound bass sounds for soul, pop, blues, and rock tracks with UJAM's custom-made DSP algorithms. DANDY automatically follows the key and chord you play, intelligently selecting musical bass articulations to make your tracks shine.

      LABS by Spitfire Audio

      LABS by Spitfire Audio

      Delivering on-the-spot inspiration for music productions, soundtracks, and podcasts, LABS is a curated virtual instrument library that features strings, pianos, percussion, synths, guitars, and more.

      Key Features

      Desktop 4-in/4-out USB audio interface with class-leading 24-bit/192 kHz audio conversion for Mac, PC, iPad, and iPhone

      Vintage Mic Preamp mode for recording your voice or guitar with the rich, full sound of an iconic UA tube preamp

      76 Compressor adds clarity and punch to vocals, instruments, and other sources with analog circuit based on UA's renowned 1176

      Essential suite of audio and music software from Ableton, Melodyne, UJAM's Virtual Drummer, Marshall, Ampeg, and more

      Studio-quality headphone amplifier for loud, clear monitoring

      48V phantom power for condenser microphones

      Direct Monitoring for latency-free recording

      Stylish, rugged construction built to withstand years of use

      1-in/1-out MIDI connections

      USB-C to USB-A cable included

      5VDC power supply included

      To see full system requirements, click here.

      Customer Reviews

      Volt 476

      Overall Rating


      J. Douglass

      November 8, 2023

      Excellent travel/portable interface

      Really fantastic, I've used tons of USB interfaces over the years and this is easily the best travel/portable interface I've used.

      B. Abel

      October 27, 2023

      Good price & quality

      Good price & quality

      O. AHmed

      September 16, 2023

      Game changing Interface, Volt 476

      An interface that provides max volume for studio reference headphones like DT 770 is amazing, the whole thing in general is epic.. Coming from a 100$ interface, Volt 476 has affected my mix in a really good way, I hear things way better than ever.. An overall epic interface!

      m. van der zwan

      September 11, 2023

      Nice hardware but at 2nd hand no plugins provided.

      Nice hardware. Low latency. No complaints there. Bought 2nd hand. Unfortunately no free plugins provided when i regitered this device. Buy more hardware on the 2nd hand market and this is the first time i get no software that is normally included in the package.

      A. Pugh II

      August 17, 2023

      Awesome Interface

      After setting Up My New Volt 476, I had a Stronger signal and a better Mic response. Awesome Sound !!!!

      W. Barker

      July 2, 2023

      Super frustrated

      I’m a huge UA fan but the last few weeks I’ve had multiple issues with my plug in’s via the spark bundle I pay monthly for. I have sent multiple help requests to no avail and therefore had at Kraft 3 weeks wasted where I haven’t been able to use my stuff . Y’all need to hit me up and get it together forest dawg

      c. villarraga

      July 1, 2023

      Calienta mucho

      tengo dos meses con una 476P y tengo algunas inconformidades. se calienta mucho la interface al paso de media hora de solo estar prendida, el driver controlador es un asco, parece de una interface behringer de 40 dolares y el transformador de alimentación de 5v se daño... por todo lo demas me parece (Hasta el momento) que es un buen producto, (ojala no diga lo contrario) su contruccion y estetica es de primera, los preamplificadores suenan muy bien y la emulacion del 1176 esta brutal. me gustaria que algun personal de la compañia UA me explicara lo del tema del calentamiento del equipo, eso me inquieta mucho

      M. Palacios T.

      May 23, 2023


      La tengo desde marzo y he probado todo, en conclusión una excelente interfaz de calidad profesional a un precio accesible, me encantan los pre amplificadores y el compresor que viene integrado, es un poco agresivo pero hay que acostumbrarse.
      Lo que me complica es al querer monitorear desde el DAW dos salidas independientes de audífonos, el conector de audífono es muy débil (con dos meses de uso ya genera ruido y tiene holgura al conectar o desconectar el trs del audífono), si quiero tener a una persona grabando con audífonos mientras yo estoy monitoreando la grabación con audífonos NECESITO necesariamente otro dispositivo para conectar la otra salida, en mi caso uso la salida 3 y 4 para entrar a una consola soundcraft y salir con mi segunda señal de audífonos... un garrón.
      Pero trabajando solo niun drama funciona de pana. Salu2 de chile.

      I have it from march and i love it, the compressor is a little hard and smooth and preamps are smooth too and very clean.
      The trouble it comes when i have to recording and i need another pair of phones.
      The Jack it's too delicate, too thin, you might thing it will break soon, sometimes it sound like sand (with 2 month of use with delicate management) so it wont be able the double connector adapter, you need to connect the 3 and 4 outs to ANOTHER device so it's a kind of setback (it seems to be space from another phone jack but UA leave to last version of volt) , but it works very well !, nonetheless it has the possibility of doin it, thats why 4 stars, but i love it.

      T. Owens

      April 9, 2023

      Volt 476p

      I have had no problems. It does what it was made to do.

      E. Yeung

      March 12, 2023

      Great interface for the price-point

      I like this interface. I'm happy with it being the centerpiece to my humble budget home studio. I love the way it looks with the multi-coloured LEDs (it's really pretty), but most of all, the way it works. I do have a couple of gripes about it though, and that is, occasionally, my DAW playback will play heavily distorted and garbled, and I'll have to restart my DAW to fix it. Secondly, I was really impressed by the sound of the Vintage setting combined with the built-in compressor when I heard it for the very first time, but on subsequent trials, I think the distortion/saturation of the Vintage mode is just way too harsh, maybe they used odd harmonics rather than even harmonics, but it doesn't sound nice or pleasing, it just sounds harsh and angry. Anyway, I don't use that anymore, and I'm overall quite pleased with the unit. I'd recommend, but probably not as a go-to versatile interface, if only to open the door to UA's awesome plugins.

      S. Musik

      January 25, 2023

      Loved the product

      I am in love with this peice of gear the only thing i miss is to use Uad 2 plugins on this , it would be really good if Only a manley plugins can be obtained on this either for subscription or paid , rest is amazing

      T. Dickson

      January 20, 2023

      High End Gear at Affordable Price

      I absolutely love the Volt 476! It's super portable, without sacrificing the quality. Pre's sound amazing as you'd expect from UA and I love the built in compressor for the 2 front inputs. I use the guitar setting almost exclusively with my synths and it makes my workflow so much easier. Highly recommend!

      M. Cusenza

      December 21, 2022

      Volt 476 - Almost Perfect!

      I think it deserves 4 stars, for some essential stuff that are missing... But I gave a 5 as big support for Universal Audio and their amazing product.

      If the Volt series could just blend into the console with apollo, instead of running on his own and conflicting my UAD x8 monitor system, it would be almost the perfect compact audio interface I always wanted. Great gear.

      T. Ferreira

      November 30, 2022

      Great preamps and sound quality

      I had the ID14 mkii interface (great interface and great quality for sure) and I've decided to change it for the Volt 476 because of the compressor and the vintage thing and I couldn't be happier. It's working like a charm on Logic Pro X and Ableton 11. Also the plugins that comes with the interface are really good.

      J. Calvo

      November 19, 2022

      Pleasantly surprised

      Bought this interface to have one at home besides my main one at my studio, but I guess it will end up replacing it, it sounds good! Very simple to use but very versatile

      d. ben

      October 31, 2022

      Great preamps and sound quality

      I really live almost all of this soundcard.
      The only issue i found is no gain on the 3 and 4 Inputs
      And also cannot control with the big volume knob the output 3 or 4... This is a good thing on studio for check song in other system monitors

      P. Grapinet

      October 26, 2022

      Very satisfied

      I've owned many interfaces over the years. My new Volt 476 works great with Cubase 12 pro. The analog vintage preamp and compressors are a big reason why I got it. I was tired of using all those outboard boxes - compressors and high-end preamps and wanted a simple but efficient set. It all works like I expected and the interface feels and look like quality.

      D. Strawser

      October 18, 2022

      Love the Preamps, Compressor, & Vintage Buttons and Oh So Sweet

      Recently took a chance on the Volt 476 interface. I would've liked the unit with 4 preamps, but beyond my budget. This is the 4th USB I have bought over the years. I have only used it a few times now, but much easier thus far. I am using Cubase 12 and it was nearly plug and play. Everything worked the first time which is way better than my last few experiences using Tascam and Alesis gear. I chose this interface specifically on recommendation by my producer friends that love UA gear. I am a folk and blues singer songwriter who occasionally likes to shred. Thus far I've only used lines in and direct bass through the on-board compressors and "vintage" button. Way cool. I would highly recommend this. There is no detectable delay in monitoring and the onboard compressor and vintage have not yet showed any slow downs of processing. Dont hate on me, but I am using windows laptop which is not latest and greatest and I'm still getting wonderful results. Thanks Universal Audio.

      L. Cunningham

      July 28, 2022

      Missed the mark in multiple areas for me

      I was really excited to have my first UA product. Just sitting on my desk it looks awesome. Let me preface this review by saying it didn't work for me and I'll tell you why, but that doesn't mean it wouldn't work for you.

      The reason I got this is because I have a Kemper - which doesn't have an audio interface. What I wanted to do was have something I could use with Windows audio through my studio monitors , with my Kemper, and with a Mic for maybe podcasting or YouTube videos while I played guitar. Or, just play backing tracks and play along on my Kemper or whatever.

      Staring with the good, the windows audio comes through clear and strong - and sounds amazing. Listening to music or playing games was amazing.

      With the Kemper I struggled. There is no S/PDIF so I had to use inputs 1/2 or 3/4 both for stereo with my Kemper (This would be true with Helix, AxeFx, or any of the multiple devices that still use S/PDIF). Honestly inputs 1/2 sounded bad. 3/4 sounded good but I had to crank the volume on the monitor knob to max - which messed up the Windows audio and made me turn the volume in Windows down to like 10/100.

      You need to be able to control the volume of the Windows audio via the device or device software - as well as inputs 3/4 if there are no knows for them. Why is the Windows audio so loud compared to the inputs? A device like this should have loopback - most people need that for podcasting with instruments.

      Sadly - I had to send it back. I really wanted to be a UA fanboy. I ended up getting a used Presonus Studio 1824c for about 50 dollars more that does everything I need - and has plenty of power. I can't even turn this thing half way up. It doesn't look as cool as the UA device - and doesn't have the Mojo, but I did what I had to - to meet my needs.

      n. millian

      July 7, 2022

      Weak mic preamps

      Very little gain from mic preamps. I returned it to Sweetwater and purchased audio fuse. Much better. Disappointed in UA. I own Apollo quad and twin. These have the best preamps. UA could have done better with the volt