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Volt 476

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J. Calvo

November 19, 2022

Pleasantly surprised

Bought this interface to have one at home besides my main one at my studio, but I guess it will end up replacing it, it sounds good! Very simple to use but very versatile

d. ben

October 31, 2022

Great preamps and sound quality

I really live almost all of this soundcard.
The only issue i found is no gain on the 3 and 4 Inputs
And also cannot control with the big volume knob the output 3 or 4... This is a good thing on studio for check song in other system monitors

P. Grapinet

October 26, 2022

Very satisfied

I've owned many interfaces over the years. My new Volt 476 works great with Cubase 12 pro. The analog vintage preamp and compressors are a big reason why I got it. I was tired of using all those outboard boxes - compressors and high-end preamps and wanted a simple but efficient set. It all works like I expected and the interface feels and look like quality.

D. Strawser

October 18, 2022

Love the Preamps, Compressor, & Vintage Buttons and Oh So Sweet

Recently took a chance on the Volt 476 interface. I would've liked the unit with 4 preamps, but beyond my budget. This is the 4th USB I have bought over the years. I have only used it a few times now, but much easier thus far. I am using Cubase 12 and it was nearly plug and play. Everything worked the first time which is way better than my last few experiences using Tascam and Alesis gear. I chose this interface specifically on recommendation by my producer friends that love UA gear. I am a folk and blues singer songwriter who occasionally likes to shred. Thus far I've only used lines in and direct bass through the on-board compressors and "vintage" button. Way cool. I would highly recommend this. There is no detectable delay in monitoring and the onboard compressor and vintage have not yet showed any slow downs of processing. Dont hate on me, but I am using windows laptop which is not latest and greatest and I'm still getting wonderful results. Thanks Universal Audio.

L. Cunningham

July 28, 2022

Missed the mark in multiple areas for me

I was really excited to have my first UA product. Just sitting on my desk it looks awesome. Let me preface this review by saying it didn't work for me and I'll tell you why, but that doesn't mean it wouldn't work for you.

The reason I got this is because I have a Kemper - which doesn't have an audio interface. What I wanted to do was have something I could use with Windows audio through my studio monitors , with my Kemper, and with a Mic for maybe podcasting or YouTube videos while I played guitar. Or, just play backing tracks and play along on my Kemper or whatever.

Staring with the good, the windows audio comes through clear and strong - and sounds amazing. Listening to music or playing games was amazing.

With the Kemper I struggled. There is no S/PDIF so I had to use inputs 1/2 or 3/4 both for stereo with my Kemper (This would be true with Helix, AxeFx, or any of the multiple devices that still use S/PDIF). Honestly inputs 1/2 sounded bad. 3/4 sounded good but I had to crank the volume on the monitor knob to max - which messed up the Windows audio and made me turn the volume in Windows down to like 10/100.

You need to be able to control the volume of the Windows audio via the device or device software - as well as inputs 3/4 if there are no knows for them. Why is the Windows audio so loud compared to the inputs? A device like this should have loopback - most people need that for podcasting with instruments.

Sadly - I had to send it back. I really wanted to be a UA fanboy. I ended up getting a used Presonus Studio 1824c for about 50 dollars more that does everything I need - and has plenty of power. I can't even turn this thing half way up. It doesn't look as cool as the UA device - and doesn't have the Mojo, but I did what I had to - to meet my needs.

n. millian

July 7, 2022

Weak mic preamps

Very little gain from mic preamps. I returned it to Sweetwater and purchased audio fuse. Much better. Disappointed in UA. I own Apollo quad and twin. These have the best preamps. UA could have done better with the volt

UAD User

July 2, 2022

5 stars product

As a first real audio interface, I was looking for a studio quality package with an integrated solution (compressor, plugins) as a real alternative to my guitar amps and to be able to play live and to record/play at home.
I got everything ! An amazing product and a fantastic "one size fit all solution" !!!

E. von Lippke

June 28, 2022


Excellent device, I’m so happy !!

J. Bonsal

June 26, 2022

1 HUGE design flaw! Move that PHANTOM POWER

This product overall is very good. I’m fortunate enough to have not yet had this happen, but the phantom power button is RIGHT on the front and super easy to accidentally hit, which most certainly can fry your gear! This is a HUGE no for me. This is my second audio interface, and I prefer the interface of this one, but that button MUST be moved. It has no business being that easy to hit. For beginners or gigging artists, that is just irresponsible placement. Seriously I don’t know how it made it through your QA department. ANY button that ups the power for only specific gear should be covered, and placed in a location that will not easily be bumped. There is plenty of real estate on that front panel. Please guys, do your community all a favor and move that hot button. I would have otherwise given a 5/5. Audio quality is dank, super fast USBC data transfer, wicked quick MIDI. For real. You’re doing yourselves a disservice leaving yourself open to angry patrons who accidentally fried they’re gear!


June 24, 2022

VOLT 476

I purchased the 476 due to upgrading my macos past mojave and i had a 32 bit interface, i needed 3 to 4 inputs so this is just enough, ideally i need two headphone ports, 1 for me and 1 for the artist but i guess i call always get an adapter or a headphone amp. Things were ok at first but then i started to get pops, clicks and audio dropouts, which i have NEVER EVER had with my last interface for 15 years(thats why i didn't want to get rid of it) and when i looked at UA connect it said my product wasn't registered/connected which is a total untruth. I tried to fiddle around with some settings to get rid of the dropouts/clicks but got nowhere at first, then a couple weeks later after relaunching connect app it finally read connected/registered. its a nice compact interface, it works for my needs but i would of been nice to get a volume knob for ins 3/4.

L. Moretti

June 22, 2022


Inexpensive high-quality interface that sounds great. Preamps sound nice.

M. Braz

June 22, 2022

UA at its best!

A great device, awesome recordings! Gain controls on inputs 3 and 4 would be a plus.

UAD User

June 9, 2022

Muy recomendable

Fantástico Interface, con un acabado exterior exquisito y unas prestaciones fabulosas

N. Mohamed Noor

June 6, 2022

It’s pretty intuitive.

The most beautiful plug and play device I’ve ever expected from UAD as it’s their first invention.

R. Larson

June 1, 2022

Could have been 5 stars

I love how easy it was to set up my V476. My only complaint is that the unit disables the Macintosh system volume controls, so it makes me always leaning into the desk to lower the volume. I can’t do that from my keyboard. It UA fixed this, then it would be 5 stars.

H. Tang

May 24, 2022

Amazing Tone

Experience with Volt 476 has been amazing. The 610 Vintage Preamp and the 1176 Compressor are great options for recording, the signal get stronger and tighter with warm tone.

Comparison to my old interface with the same electric guitar rig and amp, recording was darker sound with my old interface. The Volt 476 sounds brighter, the guitar sounds crystal clear. Love it.

Plus, you get whole punch of plugins, love the Relab reverb.


May 23, 2022

A product that I absolutely adore

It is obvious that the brand has proven itself in this sector. The material quality and functionality of the product are also excellent. It more than met my expectations.

S. Katz

May 20, 2022

Mostly Happy!! But a little disappointed with channels 3/4

First the good; sound quality is amazing, 1176 Compression circuitry sounds really warm - especially with guitar input, knobs feel great and really like all of the options on monitor signal routing!

I do a lot of video working with some songwriting friends - we generally record in video so we can teach guitar parts (then add new tracks later in DAW). I got this unit because I needed 4 input channels (stereo guitar, and stereo drums - from line-level output drum machine). Guitar signals come from stereo signal processor, and drum machine stereo outputs routed in via channels 3/4. Problem is the gain on channels 3/4 is super low and there is no adjustment. (I knew that there was no adjustment from the specs when I purchased the device, but these inputs are not anywhere close to evin unity gain. I tested the signal levels with a meter and also plugged in to channels 1/2 all was good. With the gain at 100% on the drum machine I can barely hear the drums in the monitor signal. Ended up having to put a DC-powered line amplifier for the drums upstream of the 476. The DC aspect of the amplifier meant I had virtually no perceivable noise on the drum channels.

I went this route instead of a mixer to basically have no noise in my input signals. It all works fine, at this point i'm not sure if thi is normal or I have a defective unit.

J. Hall

May 19, 2022

My Volt476

I'm using the compressor, the vintage effect and channels 3/4... 3 for harmony, 4 for guitar in, both from a harmony/guitar effects stompbox. With doublers on both, I will get sweet backup guitar & vocals. I had to add an inexpensive mixer to amplify the box to line level for the 3/4 inputs. We be cookin'!

A. Samuel

May 18, 2022

Great upgrade from my last interface

It’s been a great upgrade for me especially with my Rode NT2A

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