Harrison® 32C Channel EQ

Harrison® 32C Channel EQ

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Colorful four-band EQ modeled directly from a certified hit-making console.

The Harrison 32C Channel EQ plug-in for UAD-2 hardware and Apollo interfaces is an expert emulation of this classic, character-rich, four-band channel EQ. Partnering with Harrison Consoles Ltd. and engineer Bruce Swedien (Quincy Jones, Michael Jackson), Universal Audio has recreated the Harrison four-band 32C channel EQ from Swedien’s own Harrison 32 Series console — the same console behind Michael Jackson’s Thriller. “I never dreamed Universal Audio’s design team could come so unbelievably close to capturing the sound of my beloved desk,” says Swedien. “The additional Harrison EQs within Pro Tools sessions are a Godsend.”

Renowned for its colorful, smooth high-end response, and friendly, put-it-on-everything usefulness, the Harrison 32C EQ plug-in features four overlapping parametric bands. Each of the Low (40-600 Hz), Low-Mid (200Hz to 3.1 kHz), Hi-Mid (400 Hz to 6 kHz), and High (900 Hz to 13 kHz) bands have fully sweepable Frequency and Gain Controls. Instead of traditional Q controls, the 32C has circuitry that automatically adjusts the effective bandwidth, adding to its signature sound. Furthermore, the Low band is switchable from Peak to Shelving EQ. Finally, the Harrison 32C features 12 dB per octave High and Low Pass filters which can be switched in or out.

Now You Can:

Shape your mixes with the same colorfully smooth EQ used on Thriller

Polish lead vocals and drums with silky analog texture

Expertly sculpt electric guitars to sit in a mix

Harness presets from legendary engineer Bruce Swedien

Accentuate resonance on electric pianos, strings, and more

Intuitevly craft kick drums and overheads

Key Features

Plug-in modeled from Bruce Swedien’s own Harrison 4032C console
Harrison licensed and authenticated
Colorful 4-band EQ with high and low cut filters
Switchable “in” or “out” 12 dB per octave parametric High and Low Pass filters
Easy-to-use “Auto-Q” automatically adjusts the effective bandwidth
Favorite EQ presets from Bruce Swedien
“UAD Only” features include Gain, Phase Reverse, and a global Power switch
Requires a UAD DSP Accelerator Card or Apollo Interface available from authorized dealers worldwide

Customer Reviews

Harrison® 32C / 32C SE Channel EQ

Overall Rating

k. gilleaga

June 25, 2019

Harrison EQ Harrison EQ Harrison EQ Harrison EQ Harrison EQ

This eq is the only eq that does what all the software makers say that they do.
it sounds and responds as though you are on a desk. i mean the other night i stayed up
really fighting it out with the massive passive and the Harrison EQ.
Harrison won outright. The reasons being that on a track this beats the Manley, you can get your sound in 3 minutes flat without leaving your vibe. you must simply have this eq
to hand no matter what music you do. It is so fast so pleasing that it literally tunes up
your mixing, and thats the thing a lot have lost with software. solid five stars you get this you'll put five stars.

K. McCormack

June 9, 2019

Great, musical EQ

It just sounds great on drums, bass... I seem to have to fiddle endlessly with other EQs to get musical tones, but the Harrison EQ just seems to hit the sweet spot, the variable Q works beautifully, no phasing artefacts even when pushing it hard. My old engineer pal Jimmy Henshaw (ex VIPs lead guitarist, a pal of Chas Chandler, once asked to audition to play bass with Jimi Hendrix) had a Harrison desk in his studio... so now I know why. My favourite EQ in the box, esp. for snare!

N. Steele

April 21, 2019

Clarity and warmth

But somehow at the same time? This may have just become my favorite sounding EQ in the entire UAD-2 lineup.

i. sözüer

January 22, 2019

Love it

must have. I fell in love with the plugin. very clean and easy to use

M. Korovenko

January 13, 2019

Harrison EQ

Really good, intuitive EQ with beautiful coloration.

E. Wohl

January 3, 2019

Great job!

This is now one of my favorites!!


December 27, 2018

FIRST AND LAST !!! The Best ....

Wish I would have tried this first!!! Bruce Swedien, all the way. Warm, punchy, articulate tones. Musical on everything, low cpu means I have have it on every channel. Such a time and fix saver .... every instance so easy to dial in ....

K. Morris

December 9, 2018

Don't overlook this gem!

This dream eq is little pricey, and absolutely worth it. It's easy on DSP and generous with colorful, clear voicing that shaped countless radio hits. I use it for tracking, mixing and mastering. My ears love this EQ.

M. Martini

October 5, 2018

A perfect versatile companion

Do you need a tool that could be like your Swiss Army knife? Here it is!
Be aware...this tool it’s capable to upset your track instrument. Easy to use but powerful, characteristic with a distinct personality: the real Harrison channel.
Warm or cool, give your touch at your track. I’m enjoy to colour violins and all orchestral instruments at my taste. I find useful for give more clarity at some vst piano’s. The low impact on the single Sharc Dsp, allow you to use many instances in your Daw.

M. Martini

October 4, 2018

The wonderful Pocketknife

As simple as it is effective.
In this apparent simplicity hides a disarming power.
Suitable for acoustic sounds, for me is unbeatable. I can customize my sounds, quickly and deeply.

C. Avdelas

August 5, 2018



C. Kaliampakas

August 2, 2018

Your ugliest friend!

When i first saw it, i was like, not impressed.. but when i demoed it, i realised that i was wrong.. now its on my guitar tracks, on my vocals, on samples (when i mix hip hop stuff) etc..

H. Toapanta

July 16, 2018

STM - Leo



July 14, 2018


Not worth full asking price but on sale with voucher and most importantly not a lot of cpu usage

R. Roncarolo

July 10, 2018

My go-to Eq !

Fantastic eq, the best i've tried so far !
Extremly musical, it's never harsh. The presets are awesome, and great starting points.
It's not a Neve eq, but more like a confort zone plugin, it really brings out what's needed, and add lots of flavor. Love it !

L. Holzapfel (Woodapple)

July 2, 2018

The smoothest EQ i ever used !

perfect to bring warmth midrange to any track, quick and easy to use, perfect sound!

A. Hoover

July 2, 2018

Very musical EQ

I've used this eq on a variety of sources, and love it on vocals. It's very smooth and allows for just the right amount of shaping of frequencies to bring out the best vocal performances for the mix. I have not had the pleasure of working on an actual Harrison console, but have always been a fan of the Michael Jackson songs mixed through the Harrison. There are even presets to allow you to see the setup used on MJ's vocals. Pretty cool indeed.

M. Desmarais

June 22, 2018

My go-to

The first and often only EQ I reach for. My workhorse, I love it and mix in pro Tools and sum down into an actual Harrison console. What I want to know is when is this one getting the renewal treatment like the Neve ?! :) It still holds up well but I'd love an updated version, better yet how about a channel strip! Thanks !

吳. 璃

June 19, 2018


簡單、好用、容易上手 とても使いやすいです

i. breslau

June 13, 2018

Harrison EQ

I've worked with many outboard EQ, so naturally I get frustrated using software EQs mostly with how transparent they can be. The Harrison has great filters and responds very well to mid high and mid low frequencies. I love using it as a finishing touch to my lead vocals and stacked unison vocals. I've only been using it for a month but I can't wait to experiment with it some more. I'm extremely happy I bought it.