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Colorful four-band EQ modeled directly from a certified hit-making console.

The Harrison 32C Channel EQ plug-in for UAD-2 hardware and Apollo interfaces is an expert emulation of this classic, character-rich, four-band channel EQ. Partnering with Harrison Consoles Ltd. and engineer Bruce Swedien (Quincy Jones, Michael Jackson), Universal Audio has recreated the Harrison four-band 32C channel EQ from Swedien’s own Harrison 32 Series console — the same console behind Michael Jackson’s Thriller. “I never dreamed Universal Audio’s design team could come so unbelievably close to capturing the sound of my beloved desk,” says Swedien. “The additional Harrison EQs within Pro Tools sessions are a Godsend.”

Renowned for its colorful, smooth high-end response, and friendly, put-it-on-everything usefulness, the Harrison 32C EQ plug-in features four overlapping parametric bands. Each of the Low (40-600 Hz), Low-Mid (200Hz to 3.1 kHz), Hi-Mid (400 Hz to 6 kHz), and High (900 Hz to 13 kHz) bands have fully sweepable Frequency and Gain Controls. Instead of traditional Q controls, the 32C has circuitry that automatically adjusts the effective bandwidth, adding to its signature sound. Furthermore, the Low band is switchable from Peak to Shelving EQ. Finally, the Harrison 32C features 12 dB per octave High and Low Pass filters which can be switched in or out.

Shape your mixes with the same colorfully smooth EQ used on Thriller

Polish lead vocals and drums with silky analog texture

Expertly sculpt electric guitars to sit in a mix

Harness presets from legendary engineer Bruce Swedien

Accentuate resonance on electric pianos, strings, and more

Intuitevly craft kick drums and overheads

Key Features

Plug-in modeled from Bruce Swedien’s own Harrison 4032C console
Harrison licensed and authenticated
Colorful 4-band EQ with high and low cut filters
Switchable “in” or “out” 12 dB per octave parametric High and Low Pass filters
Easy-to-use “Auto-Q” automatically adjusts the effective bandwidth
Favorite EQ presets from Bruce Swedien
“UAD Only” features include Gain, Phase Reverse, and a global Power switch
Requires a UAD DSP Accelerator Card or Apollo Interface available from authorized dealers worldwide

Customer Reviews

Harrison® 32C / 32C SE Channel EQ

Overall Rating


j. hilton

January 24, 2021

Never understood the term "musical eq" till now. Harrison 32c adds flavor.

I never understood what the term "musical eq" meant till I used the Harrison 32c. There's something to it.

F. Carcone

January 19, 2021

Still incredible, old secret weapon

I finally bought this beast !
I was waiting for a sale on this one for ages, and now it’s at home.

The first experiments I’ve made with it were quite spectacular, and at the end it just became my go to vintage EQ in the box, in few days. Yep it’s expensive, but damn UA did so much of a great job with this one. It’s becoming an old lost boy for the big public but it is still a true weapon for many engineers and producers, and you understand why when you try it. It’s hard to explain but it is extremely effective, has a fast workflow and always sounds good. Yes you need to know how to EQ, but this thing makes that work a game / joy. I like to run several EQs in series with this one first in the chain. Try it !!!

Well done UA, and thanks again.

J. Boes

January 14, 2021


Smooth and easy.

C. Uquillas

January 2, 2021


Really happy whit it !

S. Vasiľ

December 30, 2020

Best basic universal channel strip EQ from UAD

Very good universal quality for basic track equalizing and filtering with an color (more color than Precise Channel Strip), little more color have API 550,560 and more NEVE... Best for snare...linear sound, tight bass, clean highs, musical sounding

R. Wolfe

September 2, 2020

Awesome general eq

Love this for general eq duties- never sounds harsh when boosting, and works great for removing mud from tracks with too much in the low-mids

M. Malinski

August 24, 2020

Pop master

When comes to mixing pop, that’s my go to eq. Realy clean, punchy, with some vibe.

L. Szekely

July 20, 2020

very sweet eq

Great top end , and love the lo and hi pass filters.

B. Mora

July 13, 2020

Easy, bright EQ

Especially if you are suspect your mix is "OK, but... just missing something," this EQ will get you over the finish line, while not changing/overhauling the sound you're looking for.

D. Martineau

July 13, 2020

That missing texture

This EQ gave me that missing texture I've been looking for on so many things. For me it's less about the frequency control and more about the grain and texture that it adds to the signal path.

B. Sullivan

July 1, 2020

Will my mixes sound like Bruce Swedien's mixes?

My mixes will NEVER, EVER sound like those of the the great Bruce Swedien, but at least I have a plugin tool that will help me develop my mixing footprint! Thanks Universal Audio for a great plugin at a great price!

C. Stansbury

July 1, 2020

Underrated EQ

This EQ is one of the most underrated EQ's UA has. It may not be in UA's top seller list or the most talked about but it's simply one of the best sounding EQ's available. Very musical sounding. I also own the Pultec and Neve EQ plugins as well and I find myself going to this more. Great Plugin!

I. Mikulic

June 29, 2020


This is just an amazing eq. Love it.

L. Duffell

June 25, 2020

This EQ has something special

Forget the specifications, forget the theory. Forget for a moment just how smart we have all become. Close you eyes and listen to this EQ do it's work. Maybe just maybe there really is some magic left in the world :)

C. Jaeggi

June 23, 2020


Ok, so this is my eq now, I'm chucking the rest. It's so analog sounding, takes away all harshness, and the highs are reiculously sweet. Just inserting it to a track changes everything, bypass bad, on, great!

A. Luchsinger

June 7, 2020

incredible sweet EQ

incredible sweet EQ that i use many times on every mix. in my ears there are not many Eq's that sound as sweet as the Harrison 32C. Boost the highs just a little bit and it gives you the air you are looking for or it can thicken up signal to make it big and impressive. Really in love with it!

K. Frost

May 31, 2020

Hidden Gem, small footprint.

Very easy to use. Really good presets, and plenty of them. Works great on carving out space. Used it to cut a small bell on Bass Guitar at 62hz, it let the kick come through really good, and no harm to the Bass track.

R. Gun

April 19, 2020


A different taste to the now common Neves.
A gentle one, set +4 dB an you think nothing happened, but you got a better sound.
4 Bands that overlaps, neat.
And those fine highs, lovely.
DSP is acceptable low.
Beside the 1081 my second favorite for mix (and also for master)

J. Manness

March 7, 2020

Flip the phase for extra sweetness

I spent the past two nights demoing analog EQs on the stereo bus, and the Harrison 32C won out big time! To me, it beat out the Manley Massive Passive and Neve EQs for color, low-end tightness and 3D depth. For some reason, flipping the phase brought everything a little more forward, tightened the low end and added sparkle to the top. I'd say the vintage Neves and API Vision EQs are quicker to dial-in, but the Harrison EQ gives you more tone and clarity. It's also cheaper than the others!

N. Gureev

January 25, 2020

Try it & but it

I’ll tell you how to demo this plugin. Are you ready?
Put it on the source that already sounds good and doesn’t necessarily need eqing (maybe because you already did eq it), start boosting 3k with this thing, smile and add it to cart.
You’re welcome)
I dont know how but uad managed to create an eq that doesnt really sound like eq. It just sounds like you’re changing the sound at the source. And thats pretty damn impressive. I need to spend more time with this thing (already bought it) but mid range and the area around 3k (which a lot of times ends up being harsh) definitely sounds incredible on this thing