Harrison® 32C Channel EQ

Harrison® 32C Channel EQ


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Harrison® 32C / 32C SE Channel EQ

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S. Sullivan

July 24, 2015

Harrison EQ

This EQ is definitey near the top of the UAD EQs. The fact that the Q can't be controlled should not deter anyone. They did a fantastic job with the curves. I find myself only having to do very small adjustments to get things where I like them. Sometimes it sounds like I'm just moving the mic instead of eq. High and low filters are done very well and can very useful when needed. The overall sound reminds me of when I used to mix on a real console. It just seems to have a certain solid character that's hard to describe.

L. Pettersson

June 6, 2014

Fun and beautiful to work with

Since purchasing this has become one of my favourite EQs to use. Sound of this is very smooth and soft. I would say that this is almost an opposite to API. Filters are very good too. Its almost impossible to get a bad sound with this eq.

Highly recommended!

G. Noteris

December 26, 2013

A very special EQ

My first purchase after the Pultec Collection and a lot of demos.

The interaction between gain and bandwidth works great and the result always seems to sound right, at least to my ears.

Filters are really sweet and natural.

A must have !

R. Remus-nicolae

October 17, 2013

Harrison® 32C / 32C SE Channel EQ Plug-In

Harrison 32C/32C SE is a wide range colorful smooth response - 4 band overlapping parametric band EQ: high and low cut filters, which have fully sweepable frequency and also gain controls.
This EQ sounds different bringing a unique sound because of the interacting mode of the fully sweepable overlapping frequency bands, more overlap than any others.

T. Ng

July 13, 2013

Exactly the same sonic characteristics with the console

I used this console before. This EQ just sounded sonically close to the actual console. Being able to mix on this console feels so good ! For UAD to replicate the sonic character in plugin format, it's a no-brainer buy for sure. Make good music with this !

B. Soerensen

July 2, 2013

Warm and delicious

Great sounding piece of software. The filters are so delicious that when I combine it with my Voyager it's almost too much. I demo'ed most of the UAD EQ's and this is the one I can't live without (have the Pultec already). Go for it!

J. Niemann

February 5, 2013

Harrison 32C

One of the best plug-in EQs i have ever used. Its simple, versatile and sounds great. Its known to sound good on guitars, but to me it sounded great on everything, really. I ve compared it to all the other EQs from UAD and it ended up being the best allround EQ to me.

C. Schneider

January 29, 2013


Best sounding eq I own, and I do own a lot! Great for soundshaping and coloring, every single source sent through this plug-in sounds better afterwards!

T. Spielmacher

January 4, 2013


I had a hard time deciding which EQ console to start with but decided on the Harrison. The Neve and SSL are amazing but as a guy who requires simplicity but beauty, paired with it being perhaps not the classic popular choice, I love this so very much. Thank u UA!

D. Grechanick

January 3, 2013

love it

from the first moment this EQ bough me...any move sounds very musical and sonic - pleasant. this EQ has a sole...

M. Maddock

December 31, 2012

Harrison EQ

A friend of mine has just bought an oldish Harrison desk so I was intrigued to hear the plug in..... Stunning ! & I have only tweaked a few factory, pre-sets but to give cymbals/overheads a great top end without losing any character is beautiful..... Instruments never stop sounding as they should.... Like instruments !..... My must use plugin of choice now.

S. Berujanyan

December 28, 2012

Harrison 32C EQ Plug-In

My first impressions about this Harrison 32C Plug-In, on my vocal, was absolutely amazing ! This EQ works wonders on anything you apply it on. This is the best sonic tool I have in my plugin.

J. Vekich

November 7, 2012

Just Amazing!!!

Just Demo'd this plugin....I'm literally flabbergasted !!!!!! Never heard sound quite like this!!! for such a small looking plug it's really mind boggling what kind of sound this produces. It has such a smooth,correct, thick. warm sound that I certainly have to have!!! great!!!!

N. Milliken

June 25, 2012

This is the first time I've ever written a review - not normally my bag - but I've been so impressed by the Harrison that I had to reiterate what others have been saying . Currently working on an album with a retro vibe, and to say that it has transformed my mixes is an understatement.. Very sweet top end, never soundis harsh, and a superb tool for bringing everything into focus within a mix. I do have access to many other plug-ins SSL, API etc., and whilst they’re all very good in their own right, the Harrison just eclipses them with its’ smooth analogue sound and ease of use. The filters were also a revelation. I‘ve never come across another eq where you can sculpt with the filters in this way. Superb.

P. Marczuk-hildebrandt

August 17, 2011

For my opinion the best UAD EQ.
It's strange but magnificent, how you can turn the controllers and get the feeling, you're turning on an old, cranky mix desk. That feeling, there is no resistance to turn the controllers from left to right and vice versa.
Great sounding tool, for stunning hi-end frequencies and very grippy bottom mids.
5 years ago, I never had undreamed that a piece of software, would that make possible.

S. Rayeen

March 3, 2014

Go Analog !!

............................ Just two beautiful words -- Go Analog !!! ..................................................

P. Nazerian

October 12, 2012

Eq Harrison 32c

Great sound like the using hardware and Harrison mixbord.
Thank y UA

B. Hoener

June 25, 2013

Holy Crap!!!!!!!

I can't believe this has been available to me for all these years and I never even tried the Demo! Its so intuitive, the Q width widens and narrows as you raise or lower gain!
So logical, no wonder it was such a hit with Bruce Swedien and now with me. My partner had a hard time getting the bottom end to sit right with Neve 1081 EQs. I mean I love the Neve Stuff (Have it all) but I just bypassed all of them on the Drums and Bass, the inserted the Harrison on all channels, pulled up Bruce's Presets, tweaked a little and Voila! It sounds Freakin Awesome!!! I can't recommend this plugin any higher!
Thanks Again UA!!!

D. Good

December 18, 2008

The new Harrison 32C is a very musical & smooth eq. I tried it on vocals & instruments and the Harrison made em' sit real well in the mix. It's a must have for sure and is now my go to eq! Great job UA on another excellent plug-in!!!

m. gilmer

July 16, 2019

Harrison EQ 32C Changed the way I mix

I'm a mixing engineer and have been an SSL guy for years and have mixed on SSL 4K boards. I started using the Harrison EQ plugin in Pro Tools about a year ago. I loved it so much that I have moved from Pro Tools HD to the Harrison Mixbus 32C. All of my UAD plugins work and sound fabulous in it. And I have the Harrison 32C EQ on every single channel.

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