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Exclusively for LUNA Recording System

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Get the punchy sound of API console summing — exclusively for LUNA.

The sound behind five decades of landmark albums, API consoles are legend for good reason. From Stevie Wonder's Talking Book and Fleetwood Mac's Rumours, to The Cure's Pornography and Radiohead's Hail to the Thief — the mid‑forward punch of API's classic analog consoles breathe aggressive, multi‑dimensional color into your mixes.

Developed in partnership with API, exclusively for LUNA Recording System, the API Summing Extension emulates the 2520 op‑amp and custom output transformer-based summing amps found in legendary API consoles over the past 50 years — giving your LUNA mixes all the attitude and tone of API's esteemed analog desks.

Easily add power, clarity, and mid-forward punch to your mixes with the first authentic emulation of API analog summing

Use per-bus Headroom and Trim controls for subtle tone sculpting over your entire mix.

Harness the complex nonlinearities and musical clipping that define the API sound

Sum individual channels or your entire mix through API's hallowed bus or master summing modules

Genuine API Summing for your Mixes

Genuine API Summing for your Mixes

Taking you beyond any summing plug‑in, the API Summing Extension is built into LUNA's mixer, capturing the sonic detail of API's iconic bus channels. This workflow eliminates the need to manage multiple plug‑in windows. Simply push up faders and use the per‑bus Headroom control to add character and dynamic enhancement.

Why API Summing?

Why API Summing?

When audio sources flow through an API console — specifically the 2520 op‑amp and custom output transformer — random analog nonlinearities work together, producing complex, musical harmonics and transient clipping. These summed signals add punch, depth, and character for a mid‑forward, lively mix.

Getting it Right

Getting it Right

UA dissected and studied multiple API consoles — pouring over original service manuals and gaining crucial insight into their discrete Class A operation and hybrid voltage/current summing circuitry — in contrast to the Neve 80 series pure current summing. UA's team of engineers throughly emulated all of the nonlinearities and clipping characteristics, plus API console fader taper and pan law, giving you the same chart‑topping results as API's flagship consoles.


The first authentic emulation of API analog summing

Adds power, clarity, and mid-forward punch to your mixes

Per-bus Headroom and Trim controls for professional tone sculpting over your entire mix

Sum individual channels or your entire mix through API's hallowed bus or master summing modules

Customer Reviews

API Summing

Overall Rating


E. Esper

July 6, 2024

API Summing

It Sounds Really Good ... Definitely Makes Everything Sound Better

C. Santos

July 3, 2024

Kind warming!?!

I can't explain but my ears thanks that amazing sound

T. Long

July 2, 2024


Sounds beautiful. Try API summing on your 2 track mix (via buss) and then add Neve summing on the main. Sweet as candy.

M. Schneider

June 27, 2024

simply a must have

It enhances the workflow with luna to a higher level

F. da Silva

June 26, 2024

API Summing

It's just amazing

S. Neron

June 17, 2024

Api summing

C’est un bon complément pour donner du punch une belle couleur et belle transparence

I. Nedeljković

June 13, 2024



T. bryan

June 12, 2024

Smooth and warm

I like the punchiness and clarity this plugin gives...

L. Schiappacasse

June 10, 2024

Superior Analog Warmth in the Digital Domain

The UAD API Summing plugin is a remarkable tool that brings the legendary sound of API consoles into your digital workflow. Emulating the classic API 1608 and 3208 summing buses, this plugin offers the rich, punchy sound characteristic of API gear. Its easy-to-use interface and precise controls allow users to achieve the analog warmth and depth that API is known for. The UAD API Summing enhances mixes with a robust low end, detailed midrange, and smooth high frequencies, making it an indispensable addition for anyone seeking to elevate their digital mixes with authentic analog summing.

T. TzwSVsOw

May 9, 2024



C. Brown

March 12, 2024


Grouping vocals together open up and brought clarity to the upper range, making them pop and stand out nicely.

S. Saied

January 31, 2024

Warm and Fuzzy

Another great plug-in! I’ve been using the Neve summing plug-in sounds awesome but I have yet to compare the two to any extent. It really does add a subtle warmth to the mix. I did throw it on the bass and drum bus and the saturation on the API summing appears to be more aggressive when fully cranked. What’s cool is I got this with a bundle and because I had the API vision and 2500 I got the console emulation for free! Love my UA gear!

F. Mandaza

January 10, 2024

Great plugin

Really nice plugin. Glues things together ever so well..

C. Duru

January 5, 2024

Bought a plugin I'm never gonna use

No point its exclusive to luna and that's exclusive to Ios, very insulting to the real creates, because are telling me that the universal audio can't make Luna available on pc. Or trying to hide how use less it real is, the entire daw it's just a plugin. And are plugins are available. Why which I limit my clients, like your Grammy with aftobeats where made on ios or luna

d. drula

January 2, 2024

beat maker et mix

api summing, il porte tres bien son nom, des que vous l enclenchez c'est toute suite Alléluia.

J. Alvarado

January 2, 2024

Great Tool

Great tool, amazing to get that summing color of API

M. Martínez García

December 9, 2023


Amé el carácter que le aporta a mis mezclas, ojalá pudiéramos usarlo en otros DAW's

M. Martínez García

December 9, 2023


Amé el el carácter que le aporta a mis mezclas, ojalá pudiéramos usarlo en más DAW's

L. Brown

October 10, 2023

A+ Sweet

A+ Sweet

A. Cengic

July 22, 2023

I love it

Use on every BUS :D