API® Summing

API® Summing

Exclusively for LUNA Recording System


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API Summing

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E. Souza

December 9, 2021

Totally Wow

Excellent, I love it


September 19, 2021



U. Khan

January 12, 2021

Excellent aggressive, mid-forward sound great on drums and guitar

This is a welcome addition to LUNA summing. This is a very nice, aggressive sounding emulation of the 2520 op-amp. This really shines on guitars and drums. Don't be afraid to drive it. Sounds great in a mix.

P. Jonsson

January 4, 2021



A. Thomas

December 20, 2020

Subtle big-board magic on native processor power.

I agree with the other reviews. In short, it makes any in the box mix feel better and more cohesive.

Technically, I love the balance of simplicity and control they’ve implemented with this system and the tape extensions.

I had purchased Studio One 3 a few years ago for its summing emulation. The control and implementation of the UA summing feels easier and faster to work with, though I’m guessing you could get similar results with both.

Sonically, depending on how developed your ear is, you might not “hear” much of a difference on one track, but put this on all your busses including master bus, play with “headroom” a bit on each track to taste, then toggle the whole thing off and on like they do in the videos. Listen as much with your feelings (“Reach out with your feelings, Luke”) as your ears; you’ll notice the difference. It’s a subtlety that makes one of the differences between a good mix and a great mix.
Between this and the Neve summing, for my tastes I would take the API if I could only have one, but fortunately you don’t have to spend $100,000 to buy a console anymore to have that luxury.

I have found that for some songs I’ll mix and match a Neve summing buss for certain elements and API for others because of the difference in vibe. Well done and well implemented, UA!

One note of joy and caution: extensions (shape, ravel, summing, tape extensions) run on your computer’s CPU. This means that you don’t lose an ounce of UAD DSP to run this! BUT you will use an amount of your native processing power. I’ve found that as of Luna 1.13, I can only run my render/native CPU at around 40-50% and have things stay stable. That’s on a 2012 MBP i7 with SSD. That however is enough to run all the extensions I need for most mixes on my system. On occasion I need to give up an extension on a less integral bus such as low volume harmonies or percussion parts, but generally it’s fine.

S. Shaw

December 10, 2020

Clear and vivid!

I'm surprised there hasn't been a review yet. Think it somewhat like the API Vision channel strip. It's not as colored as the Neve summing, but gives extra bit of clarity and definition that really helps shape a mix (or even make a demo!) Love it on acoustic materials.

A great bundle sale in the Analog Essentials bundle. Thanks UA!

R. Souza

December 9, 2020

Subtle but awesome!

I found the API more subtle than Neve, but with more strength and I liked the bass more. Less colorful than Neve. The treble is also more detailed and I really liked the details and the way the transients have more punch. I took advantage of the year-end sale and bought the API equalizers, which together with the Vision channel strip and the 2500 compressor are doing a good job of emulating a perfect analog chain for my favorite style, which is rock. This thing can help for a solid and punchy mix for sure.

7 Item(s)