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Moog Minimoog®

Moog Minimoog®

Exclusively for LUNA Recording System


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(10 reviews)

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The holy grail of analog synths, perfectly emulated in software.

Unquestionably the most iconic synthesizer ever made, the Moog Minimoog Model D changed the face modern music. From Kraftwerk to Parliament-Funkadelic, Yes to Dr. Dre, the Minimoog's fat, musically expressive analog synth sounds are the standard by which all other synths are judged.

Developed in partnership with Moog Music, and available exclusively for LUNA Recording System and Apollo interfaces, the Moog Minimoog LUNA Instrument thoroughly captures every nuance, anomaly, and quirk of the original hardware using Universal Audio's industry-leading expertise in circuit modeling, synthesis, and signal processing.

Now You Can:

Record classic Minimoog textures in real time with near-zero latency with LUNA Recording System

Get ultra-realistic and responsive Minimoog sounds with exacting module‑to‑module interactions

Create otherworldly sounds with Moog’s signature self-oscillation and extreme resonance

Take advantage of custom mods including switchable note priority, legato, extra LFO, and more

An Analog Synth for the People

An Analog Synth for the People

The Moog Minimoog Model D was introduced in 1970, when "synthesizer" meant a giant wall of intimidating knobs, cables, and patch bays. Bob Moog and his team designed the Minimoog as a performance instrument of unrelenting expressiveness for all musicians. Soon, the portable Minimoog was appearing on albums by Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Stevie Wonder, Sun Ra, Bob Marley, and more. Before long, entire genres were being transformed, even created, by the Minimoog and its futuristic sound.

Unmatched Craftsmanship

Unmatched Craftsmanship

Together with Moog Music, Universal Audio's team of DSP engineers undertook meticulous circuit modeling and rigorous listening tests of three vintage Minimoogs, and a single "Golden Unit'' was chosen. Using custom robotics for ultra-precise knob measurements, each Minimoog module was fully emulated, faithfully capturing module-to-module coupling and impedance. The result is an awe-inspiring LUNA Instrument with all the personality of Bob Moog's most famous synthesizer — with near‑zero latency.

Incredible Realism to Fuel Creativity

Incredible Realism to Fuel Creativity

Simply open the Minimoog inside LUNA Recording System and prepare to be inspired with the unmistakable growl, fatness, and rich distortion of Moog's iconic ladder filters and oscillators, as well as detailed modeling of the Minimoog's pitch tracking anomalies. Even the "feedback" effect of looping the Minimoog's output to the input for varying degrees of distortion is faithfully reproduced. And by capturing the midrange punch, high-end presence, and sumptuous low end, the Minimoog LUNA Instrument effortlessly blends into any mix — just like the original.

Custom Moog Mods

Custom Moog Mods

The Moog Minimoog LUNA Instrument sports many of the custom mods that power users utilized on their hardware units, greatly expanding the Minimoog's palette. From switchable note priority and legato, to sample and hold, extra LFO, and more, these appointments make the Minimoog LUNA Instrument a jaw-dropping, detailed emulation that raises the bar for virtual instruments!

Key Features:

Painstaking circuit emulation of Moog's most famous analog synthesizer used by Kraftwerk, Stevie Wonder, Yes, Dr. Dre, and hundreds more

Fully endorsed by Moog Music

Faithfully captures all module-to-module coupling, impedance matching, and nonlinearities of the original Minimoog Model D

Exacting capture of iconic Moog oscillators, ladder filters, pitch tracking/stability anomalies, and more

Discrete transistor VCA modeling

Custom Moog mods, including switchable note priority, legato, sample and hold, extra LFO, and more

Customer Reviews

Moog Minimoog

Overall Rating

(10 reviews)

G. Selan

May 30, 2020

Ne fonctionne qu'avec Luna, dommage !

Quel dommage !
Pourquoi ?
Y a ura t il une version compatible avec d'autres DAW ?

G. Cockram

May 28, 2020

Nothing else comes close

Nothing else I've tried comes close to the warmth, grit and analog feel of the UA Minimoog. The sound palette, coupled with the responsive interactive controls, are so inspiring that I think my guitars are starting to feel neglected!

L. Steiner

May 27, 2020

crisp, smooth & juicy

Tried it for a baseline and was very satisfyed with its sound. Midi remote control allows twiddle mayham like with a real one. Nice!

A. Losev

May 22, 2020


I would love to purchase this synthesizer if it could be used with other DAW

C. Du

April 23, 2020

sound is so so

Nothing special compared to all the other plugins I own. too few presets. too expensive.

J. Roecker

April 13, 2020


Currently demoing the Mini Moog and it is hands down the best emulation of the classic there is. This thing blows away every other emulation of the Mini and actually sounds better than my hardware clones / synths inspired by the original! Keep up the great work!

R. Cosh

April 12, 2020

Amazing Moog

This is hands down the most vibrant analog synth emu I've heard. Just feels immediate and punchy. I'm super impressed.

D. Brown

April 12, 2020

love this

happy to be the owner of this cool stuff. Sounds and feels great.

T. Mcdonald

April 11, 2020

In demo mode in LUNA. Will purchase for sure!

Sounds awesome! not to mention the amazing preset browser in LUNA. It makes auditioning presets and switching virtual instruments so fast and intuitive. Nicely Done UA! Don't listen to the other negative douche canoe whining about it only being for LUNA.

C. Carroll

April 11, 2020


Quality VST's are super hard to come by, but this, this is insane. Ive never heard anything sound more Moog than a Moog before. 12/10 a must have for sound design and production!!!