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Moog Minimoog®

Moog Minimoog®

Exclusively for LUNA Recording System

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Regular Price: $299.00


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(38 reviews)

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The holy grail of analog synths, perfectly emulated in software.

Unquestionably the most iconic synthesizer ever made, the Moog Minimoog Model D changed the face of modern music. From Kraftwerk to Parliament-Funkadelic, Yes to Dr. Dre, the Minimoog's fat, musically expressive analog synth sounds are the standard by which all other synths are judged.

Developed in partnership with Moog Music, and available exclusively for LUNA Recording System and Apollo interfaces, the Moog Minimoog LUNA Instrument thoroughly captures every nuance, anomaly, and quirk of the original hardware using Universal Audio's industry-leading expertise in circuit modeling, synthesis, and signal processing.

Now You Can:

Record classic Minimoog textures in real time with near-zero latency with LUNA Recording System

Get ultra-realistic and responsive Minimoog sounds with exacting module‑to‑module interactions

Create otherworldly sounds with Moog’s signature self-oscillation and extreme resonance

Take advantage of custom mods including switchable note priority, legato, extra LFO, and more

An Analog Synth for the People

An Analog Synth for the People

The Moog Minimoog Model D was introduced in 1970, when "synthesizer" meant a giant wall of intimidating knobs, cables, and patch bays. Bob Moog and his team designed the Minimoog as a performance instrument of unrelenting expressiveness for all musicians. Soon, the portable Minimoog was appearing on albums by Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Stevie Wonder, Sun Ra, Bob Marley, and more. Before long, entire genres were being transformed, even created, by the Minimoog and its futuristic sound.

Unmatched Craftsmanship

Unmatched Craftsmanship

Together with Moog Music, Universal Audio's team of DSP engineers undertook meticulous circuit modeling and rigorous listening tests of three vintage Minimoogs, and a single "Golden Unit'' was chosen. Using custom robotics for ultra-precise knob measurements, each Minimoog module was fully emulated, faithfully capturing module-to-module coupling and impedance. The result is an awe-inspiring LUNA Instrument with all the personality of Bob Moog's most famous synthesizer — with near‑zero latency.

Incredible Realism to Fuel Creativity

Incredible Realism to Fuel Creativity

Simply open the Minimoog inside LUNA Recording System and prepare to be inspired with the unmistakable growl, fatness, and rich distortion of Moog's iconic ladder filters and oscillators, as well as detailed modeling of the Minimoog's pitch tracking anomalies. Even the "feedback" effect of looping the Minimoog's output to the input for varying degrees of distortion is faithfully reproduced. And by capturing the midrange punch, high-end presence, and sumptuous low end, the Minimoog LUNA Instrument effortlessly blends into any mix — just like the original.

Custom Moog Mods

Custom Moog Mods

The Moog Minimoog LUNA Instrument sports many of the custom mods that power users utilized on their hardware units, greatly expanding the Minimoog's palette. From switchable note priority and legato, to sample and hold, extra LFO, and more, these appointments make the Minimoog LUNA Instrument a jaw-dropping, detailed emulation that raises the bar for virtual instruments!

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      Key Features:

      Painstaking circuit emulation of Moog's most famous analog synthesizer used by Kraftwerk, Stevie Wonder, Yes, Dr. Dre, and hundreds more

      Fully endorsed by Moog Music

      Faithfully captures all module-to-module coupling, impedance matching, and nonlinearities of the original Minimoog Model D

      Exacting capture of iconic Moog oscillators, ladder filters, pitch tracking/stability anomalies, and more

      Discrete transistor VCA modeling

      Custom Moog mods, including switchable note priority, legato, sample and hold, extra LFO, and more

      Customer Reviews

      Moog Minimoog

      Overall Rating

      (38 reviews)

      W. Holmes

      November 23, 2020

      For Luna only?

      Why would you guys do something as asinine as that? The world does not revolve around you, you know... It sounds good BUT!!!... (news flash) I'm not going to switch DAWs just for that! Make it universal so it will work on the cards and such, like most of your effects processors.

      l. k

      November 17, 2020

      Only for LUNA?

      C'mon guys, what a dumb move.

      J. Dallarda

      November 13, 2020

      Expressive, musical and a joy to hear, play and use, very happy I pulled the trigger on this!

      This Minimoog is something special. No others can compare. People should not be giving it a low rating simply because they want to whine and have a little pouty tantrum because they can't use it outside of Luna or because Luna and its extensions are not yet available for PC. The review and attendant rating should be about its quality or lack thereof, not about that certain people want to cry and stomp their feet about things that are not relevant to rating the actual quality of this Minimoog. Such reviews and the low ratings that go along with them are not legitimate reviews and ratings based on experience with this Minimoog, they are merely tantrums and UA would be totally justified to simply delete these tantrums - and should. Seriously. They artificially and misleadingly lower the rating of a very fine piece of work and are not even actual legitimate reviews. Period.

      J. Ludwig

      November 12, 2020

      luna only

      I tried it out on my mac laptop, it's okay, but not worth the pricetag when moog clones (both software and hardware) are a dime a dozen.
      Main recording software is PC with Reaper, and I've spent 10 years learning that environment and not going to switch to a new DAW or platform for near anything.
      Not sure what UAD is thinking with stuff like that.

      H. Berrabah

      November 2, 2020

      Why only for Luna ???

      I refuse to use Luna only because you try to not let us choice!!

      J. Poole

      October 27, 2020

      Nice BUT...

      UAD instruments need to work with other DAW's...then I will buy it.

      m. meli

      October 19, 2020

      Feels right

      Who cares if it's luna only, whah whah whah. This thing is legit!!! The beauty of a real minimoog is the attack, full bandwidth, and the amazing cutting buzz of the oscillators. It feels like real electricity. I've played the real thing, I have all the copies, this thing more than comes close. It just inspires the same way the thing it's meant to emulate does. Even buying a uad interface plus the plugin is less than half of the price of the original unit so... No brainer!!!

      D. Marais

      October 18, 2020

      Good God Almighty this is a stunner!

      At last, it feels like I'm playing on a real Moog. This is outstanding and the sound is so warm and creamy. Congratulations, UAD, on nailing this. I thought everyone knew it was only for LUNA, so I'm baffled as to why people are slamming this gorgeously accurate emulation for being linked exclusively to the UAD recording system. LUNA is going to be the next gold standard of recording, anyway - it's that good, and it just keeps getting better, so I have no qualms in investing in it and its extensions now. Five stars all round.

      T. Elms

      October 15, 2020

      Incredible plugin but.......

      UA needs to make LUNA compatible with Windows!!

      A. User

      October 12, 2020


      Was getting ready to snap this up. Not a bad price really but not only am I pro tools but Im also PC which makes me Luna incompatable also. Im glad I read the reviews and not just bought it for the sound and fuctionality without checking to see if Im somehow banished/not eligible/no soup for you. Once again UA, stellar job...

      I. Alter

      October 11, 2020

      sound good

      But forcing us to buy Luna for it? it's bad! Very bad!

      T. Duval

      October 11, 2020

      Terrible Idea to make it Luna only.

      Everyone on this review thread is angry at UAD. Listen to your damn customers. If Jeff Bezos was to buy your company, he would fire the people in charge of this category for not being customer centric. Change the damn policy, release it for everyone. Most people *can't* switch to Luna for many reasons, even though it's like a great product. Send this message to your Bill Putnam.

      T. Duval

      October 11, 2020

      Terrible Idea to make it Luna only.

      Everyone on this review thread is angry at UAD. Listen to your damn customers. If Jeff Bezos was to buy your company, he would fire the people in charge of this category for not being customer centric. Change the damn policy, release it for everyone. Most people *can't* switch to Luna for many reasons, even though it's like a great product. Send this message to your Bill Putnam.

      p. jalowiecki

      October 7, 2020

      Only for use in Luna

      Hence the low rate.

      M. Kramer

      October 6, 2020

      ***Sobbing Uncontrollably***

      "You’re going down a path I can’t follow!!!"

      I. Jankovics

      September 29, 2020


      Sounds great !!! But the price is too priced !!!
      Why can it only be used in Luna?
      As a Logic Pro X user, I would be happy but many others would be available in Vst format.
      Until then, I am not willing to give out money for it until the UAD team allows it !!!

      T. Sparks

      September 17, 2020

      Sounds Great!

      This Moog emulation sounds fantastic! Do I wish it would also work in another DAW? Yes, but I'm fine with using it in Luna.

      M. Knutsson

      August 24, 2020

      Why can't MiniMoog be used in other DAW's

      Great sound but needs to work with other DAWs to make this a good buy.

      O. Min

      August 23, 2020

      Very unique sound

      The unique moog sound is very good

      M. Bentel

      August 15, 2020

      Once it's understood it's FIRE

      It took me a while to get to know this one, but once I did it seriously rocks! Its prob not your cup of tea if you want instant gratification as today's world demands, I love it because it not perfect its little untamed, but is really unique and I love the texture it gives, I use it on just about everything!