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Moog Minimoog

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J. Castro

May 18, 2023

Great sound, terrible software manager (UA Connect)

I love the plugin itself, really awesome sound, unfortunately I had a nightmare with UA Connect, I don't understand why a software manager is require if we're using iLok. UA Connect should be optional

D. Mad

May 2, 2023

Similar to the original hardware

UA did a great job to emulate the original Mini Moog. A shame however that some important controls can't be accessed by MIDI CC from the DAW (or external MIDI controller). No MIDI learn function either. Only fixed CC numbers.... Apart from that, I don't regret my purchase.

F. Verjux

April 18, 2023

I love my Moog

I love my real Moog, a sub37, and when they play with this one together all is fine, no doubt about quality, it's a real Moog sound ! 5 stars

C. Arias

April 8, 2023

The best miniMoog in the box, but…

I’ve tested many moog model D software emulations and this the best out there, sounds amazing, but it’s not finished, it’s now native but we can’t use the “external” mode, will you enable this in the future? Thanks guys.

G. Nikolay

April 4, 2023

My Love Mooggy

I won’t say that this is the best emulation, just a different sound, softer than, for example, synapse audio The Legend. Personally, I like it and at the moment I use it in my work.

V. Cardinale

April 3, 2023

The Best!

If you know the sound of hardware you know that this software is the best one!!! Please... add learn midi function!!!!

R. Nemeth

April 2, 2023


I have tried many Moog plug ins ,but this is the best ! Om very happy !! Thank you UA !

A. Tsirliagos

April 1, 2023

Not even close to a moog.

I have some great mono synths(one of them is the se 1x) amd i ve played a minimoog amd tested in my studio the behringer moog.
I also ve tested many plugin emulations. I didn't like the ua's moog. Legend is much better and ua moog sounds like a joke next to se 1x.

M. Řehák

March 29, 2023

Moog Minimoog

The Moog Minimoog is simple and perfect in every way!

UAD User

March 15, 2023

Just beautiful

I was amazed how great this thing sounds. Being the proud owner of an original vintage Minimoog, I had the chance to compare and it does sound authentic.

D. Trebicky

March 11, 2023

Instant purchase

So today I tried the demo of this plugin and immediately had to purchase as the sound is just so warm and beautiful. I am happy to have that Moog sound in my new tracks. A nice discount was a bonus!

J. K

February 28, 2023

Keine Bewertung, da ich es nicht nutzen kann.

Because it was under UAD Plugins, where I all my plugins ordered, I ordered it, but over read, that is only usable for Luna. Luna may be a very good DAW, but I use an other DAW and will not change.

K. Jackson

January 30, 2023

The best bass

The best moog vst

c. maskell

January 15, 2023


Realistic, full miss and lows, pkeasu g highs. Very groovy.

K. Haritatos

January 9, 2023


The best analog sound!

K. Haritatos

January 9, 2023

My love!

What a sound!! Wonderfull analog sound!

V. József

January 7, 2023

Currently closest to the legend

Currently the best Minimoog modelling. It is one category more advanced than the various models.

К. Данилов

January 6, 2023

amazing Moog , but strange demo mode

A wonderful tool , appeared after the upgrade to version 11 . but for some reason, along with the ravel plugin, It switched to demo mode. Please help with it

A. Bertók

January 4, 2023

Great stuff!

Raw, rich, beautiful sound. Thank you.

L. Spilger

December 24, 2022

Great emulation

My goto Synth for basses and sweep sounds! Always inspiring!

1-20 of 79 Results

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