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The most expressive and realistic software piano ever made.

Ravel is a breathtaking emulation of a Steinway Model B grand piano.* Building upon UA's industry‑leading physical modeling techniques, Ravel goes far beyond other piano plug-ins and sample libraries with its unprecedented realism, giving you album-ready sonics and inspiring playability — perfect for modern music productions from pop to rock, R&B to hip‑hop.

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UAD Native
Runs on your Mac or PC without UA hardware.

UAD Native plug-ins run on both macOS 10.15 Catalina or newer and Windows 10 and 11. Go to our UA Support page for system requirements.

  • Play and record the most organic, responsive, and expressive software piano ever made
  • Harness UltraResonance™ technology for unparalleled realism, dynamic sensitivity, and timbral characters
  • Easily mix between close and room mics, expertly placed by Allen Sides at United Recording
  • Animate your tracks with unique reversed-piano sounds that can add thrilling textures and haunting atmospheres

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The Ultimate Model of a Model B

The Ultimate Model of a Model B

The 6' 11" Steinway Model B is the most recorded studio piano for a reason, delivering the ideal, mixable studio grand sound as heard on countless modern hits, across every genre. Its rich tones blend perfectly with drums, bass, electric guitar, and other surrounding instruments — never muddying up mixes and instead giving you a balanced, mix-ready piano track every time.

Introducing UltraResonance<sup>™</sup> Technology

Introducing UltraResonance Technology

Sympathetic string resonance — or the phenomenon of undamped strings and the soundboard vibrating in response to other strings being played — is often the Achilles’ heel of virtual pianos. Using proprietary modeling and sampling techniques, UA's exclusive UltraResonance technology exactingly recreates these complex interactions, giving you the airy, evolving palette of harmonics that allows notes to melt into each other. From soft muted notes to languid, pillowy nuances, UltraResonance sets a new benchmark in resonance and realism.

Simple Control of Perfectly Placed Mics

Simple Control of Perfectly Placed Mics

Designed to give you a professional, record-ready sound right out of the gate, Ravel's easy-to-use interface lets you sculpt your piano sounds with three pairs of hand-chosen vintage mics from famed engineer Allen Sides' mic locker. Featuring only the controls you need, Ravel ensures you'll never get lost in confusing menus. Easily tweak Ravel's Volume, Tone, and a microphone Close/Room slider, letting you go from intimate tones to a lush room sound, and everywhere in between.

More Modern Textures

More Modern Textures

Looking to add drama, suspense, or other left-of-center timbres? Ravel's Reverse feature lets you easily add unique atmospheric piano sounds. Use the Mix control to add in subtle reverse textures to your normal piano playing, or go completely "backwards" for all kinds of fun. You can even “play the control” for surprising real-time performance changes.

*All trademarks are property of their respective owners, and used only to represent the instruments modeled as part of LUNA software.

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      Key Features:

      Exacting model of the legendary studio grand piano, the Steinway Model B

      All-new UltraResonance™ technology captures all of the complexity, overtones, and sonic beauty of true "damper pedal down" and "soft pedal" behaviors

      Recorded at United Recording Studio by multi-Grammy winning engineer Allen Sides using his personal collection of mics and preamps

      Flexibly adjust between close mics sound and a beautiful room sound

      Reverse feature for easily adding atmospheric backwards piano sounds to your creative palette

      Customer Reviews


      Overall Rating



      April 13, 2024

      Unique and Nice! Reverse Sound

      Reverse Piano is very unique sound. I feel tricky and illusional when playing that .

      d. martins

      April 13, 2024

      Incredibly good piano sounds

      Sounds incredibly good and the app is very easy to navigate

      M. Leždík

      February 5, 2024

      Perfect sound

      Very nice sound!!!

      R. Leal

      January 15, 2024

      Raver. PlugIn de piano

      Es un piano correcto y útil. Dispongo de otros pianos de sampler pero este es más sencillo y sobre todo no me atasca el Logic ya que los DSPs de mi Apollo6 se ocupan de él. Como soy guitarrista es posible que haya cosas que se me escapen; pero mi valoración es positiva.

      M. Braziel

      January 10, 2024

      Nice Sounding Piano

      It Sounds Great. Great job on the quality it self . I just thought it would have more to it than it does. It feels limited but it does have a excellent playing response. Hopefully they add to it. At least more options and tweaks.

      S. Jones

      January 8, 2024

      Not Close

      The piano itself sounds great and realistic. The rating is because I can not get it play all the notes. Some of the notes cut off when it feels like it I guess. Not many piano parameters and being an advanced piano play, I need those extra parameters to shape the sound I'm looking for when it comes to a piano.

      f. Baude

      January 8, 2024

      simple and efficient

      Nice sounding piano. No more and it’s perfect like this. They focused on the piano in a good way. You set your own good dynamic and eq tools after the mics. A dream would to get new piano (Fazzioli !) in the same way. :)

      J. Anderson

      January 7, 2024

      Best piano plugin

      I've tried a ton of other piano plugins, and this is by far the best, most realistic of them all!

      W. May

      January 2, 2024

      It’s ok.

      For UAD to create this piano library is great, I just wish it was more tweakable features than the standard options it comes with. First low rating ever when it comes to this company.

      M. Cook

      December 28, 2023

      Great piano!!

      Really like this piano. It’s not my main instrument but it’s definitely the best piano plugin I’ve tried . I would recommend !!

      J. Campbell

      December 25, 2023

      Almost there

      This piano is just slightly underwhelming on its own. However, layered with my Ketron piano sound, it adds a level of dynamics and realism that works really well. Also, layering with other pads etc, it really shines, especially when pushed. I feel like one of these days, a software update will put this one over the top.

      y. hideya

      December 13, 2023


      First of all, the greatest advantage of this RAVEL piano is its quick response. I'm not talking about your DAW's buffer size or other latency settings. The software itself reacts super quick. * i.e. It reads out the samples very fast. That's why you feel so good playing on it and it sounds so natural; It's almost like playing a real Steinway. Steinway is known being particularly “direct” and “quick” among many pianos.

      In parallel, the quality of the recording / sampling is also worth mentioning. It captures the subtle nuances of the hammering attack, the presence of the ultra-low (no longer “sound”, but rather kinetic energy) that only pianists can feel. And you even have the resonances of the “bell” resonator, unique to the Steinway piano.

      However, alas, to be honest, I have some frustrations, too ;
      1 - algorithmically added / controlled resonances, such of strings, casting frame or resonance board are too much and there is no parameters to decrease the level….. (no, no. It’s not “room echo” you’re talking about, mate !!)
      Those too remaining resonances are disturbing when you need subtil half pedal expressions, in particular.
      Of course such sounding piano does exists. But if me, I might say “well, the damper is tired. We need to call a piano tuner (!)….”

      2 - strange dull rumbling and persisting noises added intentionally as long as the damper pedal is engaged. It is obvious this was added for more “realistic” pedal resonance but too much and “too long”. And still no control for its duration or for it’s level………

      In spite of such not-so-appreciable points, and though I am quite sure that our Universal Audio’s perfectionist pals will give us great news soon, I stay one of happy users of this remarkable software piano, yes, quite surely.

      M. Szymanski

      December 12, 2023

      Sounds brilliant

      Wanted a simple, beautiful sounding piano in the box with minimal interface and this is it...

      D. Austin

      December 11, 2023

      Love it

      Not totally perfect in tuning/sampling, but that's why I love this, that's why it sounds real! it's a superb solo instrument, truly realistic. Reverse stuff probably will fade after it gets done to death, but as a truly convincing piano it has few peers (coming from an avid Ivory fan). The top end in particular is just gorgeous..

      J. Gorszczyk

      December 8, 2023

      Really average - too bad

      Honestly, this is the only UAD plugin that I'm going to rate low. All of their products are fantastic. Just not this one.
      Compared to Alicia's Keys, Noire and a couple of Spitfire libraries that are 29usd... it sounds muffled, too roomy and not a lot of settings to tweak to make it sounds to my liking.
      In the end it's 9GB on my hard drive for very little use. I'm going to keep using my other VSTs.

      A. Sulok

      November 13, 2023


      True to the sound. Deep and transparent. (I changed the piano) It's literally poetry.

      A. Poleo

      November 7, 2023

      My Favorite ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

      relentless phase! beautiful spectrum! outstanding settings! dizzying sensitivity! inspiration from C1 to C8... . I love this work, the timbre of this piano is for everything and its amazing precision leaves it for many more instruments and of course for vocals. UA is always at the top

      D. De Pauw

      November 7, 2023

      Wonderful sound!

      This is just great. I love it and prefer it over the Native Instruments piano's (have 'm all). It just sounds wonderful. I love the room sound and wouldn't know why anyone would want to turn it off. It's such a big part of the sound and this fits like a glove.

      J. Keen

      October 26, 2023

      Astounding piano!

      Best sounding piano sampling I've ever heard, bar none. The added effects are just great too.

      昌. 室田

      October 11, 2023

      Rich resonance!

      The sound quality is very good, plus the plug-ins are stable and do not run out of control.
      If I had to say something, I would say that there are not enough setting items. I would have liked at least a velocity setting.