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G. Myers

June 3, 2023

Grand Canyon Piano

There needs to be a dry setting on any virtual instrument. Sadly few of them do.

H. Lundberg

May 30, 2023

Too much room

The Ravel Grand Piano is way too roomy for my taste. Even if it's set to only close mics it still sounds like it's in a foyer or a back room or something. If you are looking for that kind of thing, I guess it is useful. For me - not so much.

G. Schwab

May 25, 2023

Good-sounding virtual grand piano

There are other virtual grand pianos that have more setting options, features. Nevertheless: the Ravel from UAD sounds very fine and works perfectly!

A. Andrievskiy

May 21, 2023

Way too roomy

This piano is way too roomy to be useful for any project.

E. Brahm

April 18, 2023

A plugin that makes you play the piano for hours.

During the time I studied music, I played on many pianos from different builders.
When I play through this plugin, it reminds me of big concert halls with Steinway & Sons pianos! The sound is so beautiful that it makes me play for hours and hours.

I know, it's expensive! Maybe you should wait for the discount season :)

P. Lindblom

March 30, 2023


Works great in many mixes, cuts through nicely. great feel, very dynamic. Recommended!

I. Lesmana

March 21, 2023

Way too roomy and need options to adjust mic placements

I always admire the sound of Steinway B and I think Ravel did a great job on getting the feel, the sound, the warmth of the piano. I just wish I have the option to manually adjust the mic placements, on/off of all the six mics or even choices of different mics. The piano sound is way too roomy even with only the close mics. Need to updates with these options then you will have a winner.. meanwhile I just wait and see

m. young

March 21, 2023

Ravel piano

The sound is realy nice, the playability on my Mac is awful, I can’t use it it does this weird thing when you try and change chords it sort of plays a reverse note, very glitchy , pops & crackles. I’ve tried every option with buffer size etc but no good, ultimately I end up using my UVI C7 samples which plays fine. Very disappointed after big expectations from all the UA ads I’ve been getting after also buying a Volt interface . So £200.00 + spent I’m a bit miffed TBH , I hope they get it sorted.

P. Saunders

March 8, 2023

OK but not outstanding

Sounds pretty good for a sampled Steinway, but there are some funky artificial sounds as notes decay. I hit a C below middle C, and thought there was a speaker rub with my monitors. Nope, it was in the sample.

J. Carnes

March 2, 2023

Really like it

I've used a variety of piano's from Native Instruments. I like their Noir, but I am not a fan of their plugin interface (Kontact). I thought I would give Ravel a try (got a good sale on it). I am really happy with it. I find myself using it more now than native instruments.

E. Morgan

January 30, 2023


Ravel sounds huge, responds really well, is easy to use, and the mic placement ratio is brilliant for sound shaping.
I dig it.

J. Vierra

January 14, 2023

Great sound! Cuts through the mix.

Great instrument. Have several piano instruments, but Ravel sounds authentic and maintains its place in the mix better than others I have tried.

A. Portillo

January 9, 2023


This is the best Grand piano VST I have tried. It sounds natural and big as it should.

V. József

January 7, 2023

Piano sound on request

A piano tone tailored to the light music genre, nothing more, nothing less.Don't substitute it for a real instrument when comparing.

J. Maasakkers

January 1, 2023

Ravel Piano

Best sounding piano VST I have ever heard, very rich and natural sound, nice response and action & dynamics, play's smooth and with inspiration.

L. Spilger

December 25, 2022


Since I got the Ravel it‘s my goto piano. I have the impression it reacts more responsive than other Pianos when playing. And it‘s easier to get it sitting in busy mixes.

B. Salazar

December 21, 2022


sounds too good!!

M. Fagnoul

December 7, 2022

UA does it again!

The adjustable mic positions for room life, the reverse verb sound design possibilities and what a piano sound, smooth and natural. Don't need anything else for a good recording environment. Thanks UA! Way to go, thanks to keep the good work done Mr. Putnam.
Found my last piano to work with for playing, recording and mixing. Ouffff!!! ...

J. Bostwick

December 1, 2022

Not Good

Sounds like somebody made a perfect recording of a Steinway with a down comforter thrown over it.

C. Özdemir

September 28, 2022

Not variable

Every single plugin i own from ua is outstanding. unfortunately not this plugin. if you want exactly that one sound, it's good. otherwise it is not so variable.

1-20 of 67 Results

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