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J. Dudley

May 31, 2021

Sounds good...on the notes that are in tune

A beautiful sounding piano...that is slightly out of tune from F#3 to A3 (at least to my ears) which renders it completely useless.

It would be nice to have a bit more mic options too. I've just purchased the Ravenscroft 275 on sale for about $100. Sounds great and has lovely room mics similar to the ones found here as well as close, player, and side mics. Oh, and did I mention it works in most all DAWs.

P. Leisten

May 28, 2021

Fits great into the mix

I am confused about the mixed reviews. To me, the ravel fits nicely into the mix. Yes, its a darker kind of piano, but it has a noticeable distinctive sound that separates it from "already heard" pianos. Very happy I bought it!

J. Cartwright

April 3, 2021

Sounds Incredible

Amazing work.

B. Alvizures

March 31, 2021

Not impressed!

Absolutely overpriced. The free Grand piano plugin that comes with pro tools sounds almost as good.

M. Griffo

March 1, 2021

Truly Incredible

As a professional grand piano player, and an owner of a Korg Kronos, this is one of the best sounding virtual instruments I have ever heard.

I was blown away when I heard it. Truly amazing.

A. Mingolo

February 13, 2021

Alain S 14 fevrier 2021

ca ne marche pas chew moi

M. Pardalos

January 26, 2021

Good but overpriced

This is a nice piano, but it is not worth $299.

N. Mateichenko

January 1, 2021


I thought for a long time whether to buy ravel, when uad offered a discount, I bought it did not even try the demo version. I was a little upset because of the midrange sounding, there is no fullness in the lower register. there are still bugs when pressing chords, clicks and sound dropouts. Arturia with her duties in underwear is head and shoulders but the middle and high plastic ones. I hope the developers improve Ravel

D. Dyer

December 30, 2020


The mechanical noise issue was addressed!
now I can say this is the best VI Piano I've ever had.

G. Claggett

December 24, 2020

Very nice sounds--Very resource intensive

The sounds of the piano are on par with my Nord piano sounds so I am very happy with that aspect of Ravel. When I load the plugin into a mix it runs the Render meter into the red and sounds cut out. So, I have to export the piano track to audio and pull that back into the mix and disable the Ravel plugin to avoid the piano sound cutting out. Hopefully, UA will find a way to make the plugin a little more efficient to make it more functional.

Á. Gústafsson

December 22, 2020

Truly Amazing

I´m blown away by this emulation!

Á. Gústafsson

December 19, 2020


I would have given it 5......! The sound is great, and I´ve been looking for an emulation like this, but I am so disappointed that you make this available ONLY to Luna and Mac. I built my PC around the Apollo X series, you know how much it is to do that?! And I can't even use all your products? It´s so disappointing! You owe it to your customers who pay premium prices, that your products available to them!

I. Pauker

December 19, 2020

Love it!

Just purchased this baby.
Playing it through my Clavinova and I’m telling you - I don't think I can go back to the Clavinova native sound anymore.
The sound and feel of this Steinberg GP emulation is amazing!

S. Roth

December 18, 2020

Why does it not work as a plug-in

Why does it not work as a plug-in in logic X, I have already invested in the UAD platform since over a decade, and I don’t want to learn another daw .... Why do you not make it run outside of Luna with the UAD platform Hardware?

N. Wearne

December 15, 2020

Digging it

I held off buying Ravel until the damping pedal became adjustable. It did, and I took the plunge. I'm really glad I did; a great sounding piano that I quickly forget is midi when mixing. Lots of control over the sound and perfect for my small studio space that can't fit a piano.... I don't feel the need to replace parts when I hit the studio in the coming months. I'm even considering tracking with the band using Ravel. It sounds that good.

The latest update of Luna seems to be working well, no little glitchy things that I encountered on previous updates (jumpy midi notes, editing issues). It seems to be solid now. I feel like the investment I've made using Luna is really starting to pay off. Good job UAD during a tough year.

N. Machado

December 9, 2020

8 out of 10 times I open Ravel, it causes my Luna session to glitch a lot

8 out of 10 times I open Ravel, it causes my session to glitch a lot. It sounds good when it works, but in my opinion not worth it the investment over other options on the market

J. Orr

November 30, 2020

How Freakin Disappointing!!!

I refuse to give Ravel more than one star no matter how it sounds (which is just okay). The piano notes cut out in the middle of playing chords and individual notes. I have purchased the full package for LUNA but I am discouraged to use LUNA when I run into problems such as this. It's like I paid for the problem! UAD please fix this immediately!!!

J. Dallarda

November 13, 2020

The best sounding and most playable

Ravel is in a category of its own and the best sounding, most playable virtual piano I've ever played, and I've played tons of 'em. The strings resonance modeling together with the sampling likely has a good bit to do with that. Sampling single notes and then playing chords etc with individual notes sampled in isolation from every other note only gets one so far. No one only plays one note at a time when they play a piano, which is a fundamental part of why a lot of sample based virtual pianos fall flat and are completely unnatural sounding and totally uninspiring to play. That's not the case with Ravel. Side note: yeah, sure I wouldn't mind using it in any DAW either but that is NOT a valid reason for giving it a low rating.

a. rosas

November 10, 2020

still buggy

sounds amazing in between notes and chords cutting out. i had to use a different midi piano to record with, then swapped with ravel, exported the audio, and then reimported the bounced track. it sounds amazing but it needs a major update still. such a hassle

H. Lundberg

November 7, 2020

Ok but too roomy

It's nice to have a grand piano running off UA DSP power but compared to Keyscape, for instance, the sound is wayyy too roomy for my taste. Even when the mic is set to "close" it still sounds too roomy and distant.

1-20 of 36 Results

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