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S. Joseph

June 13, 2024

Simply fantastic!

UA did it again! Great plug in

M. Wagner

June 9, 2024

Exquisite piano

This piano sounds beautiful and plays perfectly! I think it's the best I've ever used

S. Arce

June 7, 2024


if you want a piano that sounds great but stops playing lush chords whenever. I have ten fingers, this works if you have three

S. Arce

June 7, 2024


if you want a piano that sounds great but stops playing lush chords whenever. I have ten fingers, this works if you have three

K. Marshall

June 4, 2024

Brilliant steinway emulation

Piano plugins really stretch DAW processing, but having this plugin through the UA Apollo is a dream - no lag or processor slowdown, really responsive, and subtle, the micing is terrific - so much possibility and a great tool in composition.

J. Leslie

June 1, 2024


My MIDI control setup is a bit different from most. I use Midi Guitar 2, which doesn't require any hardware. It picks up polyphonic guitar notes and converts them to MIDI in real-time with very low latency. While there are touch sensitivity issues with this plugin, the Ravel instrument handles them better than any other I've used. Its sound character is exceptional, capturing the wooden key and pedal sounds beautifully. This instrument leaves me excited about the future of modeled instruments.

C. Alexander

May 31, 2024

Very natural sound

A lot of pianos have excessive reverb giving a false sense of nice but the ravel is quite natural sounding and the tones are great. I haven’t seen a preset saying 80’s reggae yet So that’s something to look forward to in a piano preset menu.

L. Romero

May 27, 2024

Sencillamente el mejor

he probado muchos instrumentos virtuales de piano y este definitivamente es el mejor, sonido increíble, repuesta a la sensibilidad insuperable. no hay nada como este sonido de piano...

K. Marshall

May 26, 2024

Stunning piano

A stunning reproduction of this, feels right and authentic, sounds beautiful, the only piano emulator I need

A. Goncharov

May 25, 2024

Sounds authentic

It does sound like an authentic grand piano, which allows you to confidently use it in solo mode, not only in a busy mix. The controls are straightforward, I mainly use the room/close mike ratio and volume control.
One of the best virtual grand pianos I’ve used!

S. Sason

May 24, 2024

Perfect Piano !

Perfect Piano ! Amazing Sound ! UA , You Are Champions !

N. Joy

May 13, 2024

Simple and beautiful

Absolutely stunning instrument, very realistic and well made, not a lot of flexibility but what it does it does great.

M. Konneh

May 11, 2024

Classic vibe

Analog Aunthentic

M. Max

May 8, 2024

Love it.

Love it. Finally I have a real piano emulation in my arsenal. Thank you.

C. Nguyen

May 6, 2024

Ravel plug-ins

Ravel plug-ins was not working for me. I was told that I need a DAW to lauch the Ravel . It's my bad that I didn't read the instructions carefully.

P. Motyczak

May 4, 2024


Using the demo now. Love it so far. Nice features. The reverse feature is really cool.

D. Phillips

May 2, 2024

It's Decent

Honestly, I love almost everything from UA, But this one misses the mark a bit.
It's very basic. Totally usable, but basic. I did really like the reverse piano pre set and will probably use that on something, but overall I have others I will probably create with first.

K. Kaspersen

April 30, 2024

Game changer!

This one is a game changer, i got more opportunities sound wise when i bought this, high quality piano plug-in, whether you want it to sound modern or 50s-ish then this is good piano!

R. Foster

April 30, 2024

Missing the mark as a Piano

Because of the company name most people would think that this item would blow your mind, but this item is missing the mark of what it should look like. No real body for a piano

A. pc

April 20, 2024

encantado del sonido

Un Sonido de Piano limpio , con mucha dinamica , bastante util

1-20 of 128 Results

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