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Includes Hemisphere mic modeling plug-in.

Get the perfect sound every time with Hemisphere mic modeling.

With the SD-1 dynamic microphone and Hemisphere mic modeling, you can capture vocals, instruments, livestreams, and podcasts like a pro, quickly giving you polished studio sound that’s broadcast-ready.

Get Pro Vocals, Anywhere

The SD‑1 delivers studio-grade sound and style, no matter where you record. It’s tailor‑made for close-miked speech and vocals, with a simple design that rejects background noises like fans, refrigerators, and noisy bandmates.

Get the Sound of Classic Dynamic Mics with Hemisphere

Using the same award-winning tech as our UA Sphere modeling microphones, the free Hemisphere mic modeling plug-in gives you the authentic sound of iconic dynamic mics from RCA, Sony, Sennheiser, and more — in realtime with Apollo or natively in your DAW.* You can also shape the sound of your recordings using filter, proximity effect, and axis controls — even after tracking.

Own the SD-1 Standard Dynamic? Click here to register your mic and get Hemisphere mic modeling software.

Shape your Sound with Quick Controls

Reduce rumble and mud from your recordings with the SD‑1’s selectable low cut filter. And with its enhanced articulation boost, vocals and instruments will instantly stand out with added presence.

Deck Out your Desktop Studio

With a sleek modern design and rear-mounted XLR jack for easy cable runs, the SD‑1 will instantly level-up your production space. Whether it’s music, podcasts, livestreams, or Zoom meetings, your new go-to home studio mic has arrived.

Dynamic studio vocal microphone with low cut and articulation boost

Get the sounds of iconic dynamic mics with Hemisphere mic modeling

Cardioid polar pattern rejects off‑axis sounds and room noise

Flat frequency response (50 Hz–16 kHz) for natural‑sounding recordings

Shape vocals and instruments with SD‑1 Apollo Channel Strip Presets

Internal shockmount reduces low‑end rumble and mechanical noise

Rear-mounted XLR jack for easy cable management

Built-in windscreen reduces plosives and breath noise

Quality UA craftsmanship and stylish, rugged build

*Hemisphere plug-in available upon product registration. All trademarks are property of their respective owners and used only to represent the microphones and sound treatment modeled as part of the Hemisphere software

Customer Reviews

SD-1 Microphone

Overall Rating


R. Burgos

April 28, 2023

Is this what you expected?

From the moment I made my purchase of this product, there was that fear, is this what I expected? After seeing many reviews, comments and multimedia files, I have come to the conclusion. It is not the same to see it, to listen to it through speakers, than to already have it in person and carry out tests. If it is everything I expected, even more I would say. such a versatile sound, so friendly to work with, 10/10 quality. I am a user of a UA VOLT 2 interface and they behave together in an unexpected way. It's a dynamic duo. In general terms, it is a product that you know from the first instance that you are facing a high quality product and premium materials. Without a doubt, a great ally for my future productions and with an exclusive flavor.

All this is my humble opinion about this excellent product. Undoubtedly. It is my favorite dynamic microphone for a long time.

R. Belculfine

April 26, 2023

Seriously impressive.

Bought this to compare with its clear competitor the Shure SM-7b and I'm very satisfied with the quality this thing delivers. Using it for voiceover, podcast, and vocal recording. Blown away by the versatility and overall aesthetic of this microphone. My new go-to dynamic mic!

a. jin

April 5, 2023

Not good as my imagination

I just directly plug it with Apollo twin x interface, and noise is shocking! I don't know how to deal with that so I decided to ask a refunding.