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With Hemisphere Mic Modeling

Capture the details with impossible precision.

Record instruments and live performances in stereo with pristine fidelity using our SP-1 pair, a classic small-diaphragm condenser set featuring Hemisphere mic modeling — giving you the authentic sound of famous pencil microphones for stage or studio.

Record Through Five Famous Pencil Mics

SP-1s are powered by the same mic modeling technology found in our award-winning UA Sphere microphones. With the included Hemisphere Mic Collection software, it’s the only stereo mic set that gives you the authentic sound of five iconic small-diaphragm condensers from AKG and Neumann.* See included mic models ›

Already own SP-1s? Download the UA Connect app to get your free Hemisphere Mic Collection plug-in today.

      Modeling Mics That Work for You

      The SP-1 pair and included Hemisphere Mic Collection software work with or without UA hardware, and go way beyond subtle EQ curves to give you precise control over filter, proximity, and axis — an industry first. Just set them up in front of your source and use the plug-in to find that “sweet spot” for an acoustic guitar or piano, or tame harsh frequencies on drum overheads and more.

      Your Go-To for Stereo Recording

      SP-1s feature a classic cardioid design, high SPL tolerance, and smooth, clear top-end — delivering consistently clean capture of acoustic guitars, drum overheads, percussion, horns, and more in any environment.

      A Rugged, Dependable Pair

      Engineered to be your everyday choice for stereo recording, SP-1s feature a retro finish and road-worthy build. They’re equally at home on the stage or in the studio, and pack vintage elegance for days.

      Included Hemisphere Mic Models



      This classic small-diaphragm condenser features a thin nickel diaphragm, delivering clear mids and open top end. It is a go-to in pro studios and has been used to record such greats as Larry Carlton, Ry Cooder, Yo Yo Ma, Joe Pass, Kenny Burrel, and Eric Clapton.**



      A side-address condenser featuring a dual nickel diaphragm in cardioid mode, coupled with the legendary AC701 tube. Its silky top end and pillowy lows are useful on anything from guitars and grand piano to vocals.



      This modern cardioid condenser is prized for its detailed top end. It can be found in studios and stages around the globe, and has been used by artists such as Anderson Paak, Mac DeMarco, and Johnny Marr.**



      With its back-to-back KM84 type capsules in cardioid mode, this prized condenser delivers crisp top end and mellow midrange — a sound which you can hear on the countless Motown classics it was used on.



      This modular end-address condenser mic has become an industry mainstay for its forward, bright tone. Its 75 Hz and 150 Hz low-cut filters make it useful for a wide range of sources, from pianos to snare drum bottoms and overheads.

      Capture stringed instruments, drums, and more with a matched condenser pair

      Get the sounds of iconic small-diaphragm condensers from AKG and Neumann*

      Harness smooth top-end for clear, professional stereo recordings in any environment

      Add retro, road-worthy small diaphragm condenser pack to your mic collection


      Microphone Type Small Diaphragm Condenser Pair
      Polar Pattern Cardioid
      Frequency Range 20 Hz – 20 kHz
      Sensitivity -38.0 (12.6 mV) ref 1V at 1 Pa, 1 kHz
      Output Impedance 200 Ohms
      Recommended Load Impedance Greater than 2K Ohms
      Output Connector 3-Pin XLRM
      Maximum SPL 142 dB SPL, 1% THD
      Phantom Power Requirements 48 VDC
      Included Accessories Two Mic Stand Mounts
      Stereo T-bar
      Two Foam Windscreens
      Two ⅝" to ⅜" Thread Adapters
      Dimensions 5" (128 mm) length
      0.93" (23.5 mm) diameter
      Weight .28 lbs (125 g)

      FAQ User Guide

      *Hemisphere Mic Collection plug-in available upon product registration. All trademarks are property of their respective owners and used only to represent the microphones and sound treatment modeled as part of the Hemisphere software.

      **Use of artist names does not constitute an official endorsement of SP-1 Pencil Microphone Pair with Hemisphere Modeling.

      Customer Reviews

      SP-1 Standard Pencil Microphones

      Overall Rating


      M. Fagnoul

      April 8, 2024

      Stereo pair ? ?

      Yes Stereo pair and matched pair ? ? ?
      That's All Folks . . .

      O. Garrell Ferrando

      March 18, 2024

      Sound good, but too noisy

      These mics sound great, they look really cool and if you are going to record loud sounds as drums, guitar amps, loud acoustics, orchestra, etc. they will work fine. In my case, I'm currently using them to record acoustic guitar picking, upright piano and other acoustic instruments. If you need to record very intimate performances, forget about these because the amount of noise they make will mess your recordings up, unless you are searching for this "hiss" effect.

      Good microphones overall, they are just not made for quiet performances.

      D. Frankhuizen

      January 21, 2024

      Good sounding mics, just need a little overhaul (noisy noisy noise)

      I have to use extremely high quality cables (equal to the mic value) when working with these mics as they are so fussy and noisy. When they are working and the sound is clean, they are great.

      J. Persson

      October 5, 2023

      Sp1, both faulty when delivered brand new

      A disappointing first impression of these mics. The quality control isn’t what I expect from UA. I use several of their various units, digital and analogue, and am otherwise very happy with those. Regarding the mics, one was profoundly noisy and scratchy and on the other the XLR connection didn’t want to latch even under force, so these have gone back and it’s unlikely I’ll get another pair as I feel I don’t have much trust in their construction.

      A. Holbert

      June 1, 2023

      These Mic's are incredible

      You can find this quality of Pencil Mic's for This price! They sound amazing!

      B. Sattler

      February 15, 2023

      For the price I love them

      I'm changing my review to 5 star as my Sp-1s were faulty and replaced. I just got done testing them on several different acoustic guitars and they sounded great. Even using just 1 of these to mic an acoustic sounded brilliant. My ear isn't as trained as many here but what I hear I loved.

      B. Sattler

      February 14, 2023

      Tentative 3 star

      I just spent 1 hour with a new pair of these and they are picking up an extreme amount of noise even when the preamp is at 0%. The noise isn't similar as one of the pencil mics is picking up 3 times more than the other one. My studio is treated and these is nothing that a microphone can pick up. I've changed out the cables to several different brands and used two different apollos (the X8 and the MKII) and the issue is on both. I've even plugged in other highly sensitive condenser microphones which are working perfectly. I'll change my review once I hear back and if mine are just faulty.

      P. Angulo

      January 10, 2023

      New overhead mics!

      I just swapped my large condenser mics to the SP-1's and I'm so happy I did, normally I prefer large capsules but these sound amazing. Can't wait to try it on other instruments!

      M. Frey

      October 1, 2022

      Clear, detailed, neutral sound.

      Exactly what I want in an SDC—playback sounds like what I was hearing in the room!

      f. znr

      August 12, 2022


      Unfortunately, there are no usable data sheets or diagrams on the frequency response or directionality of the microphones. Information that should be expected even in this price range.
      UA should definitely provide a reasonable datasheet here as soon as possible.

      N. MARTINI

      July 20, 2022

      cif yo

      Better than Neumann Km184? How many kilotons? No Lab? wtf?