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SP-1 Standard Pencil Microphones

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A. Holbert

June 1, 2023

These Mic's are incredible

You can find this quality of Pencil Mic's for This price! They sound amazing!

B. Sattler

February 15, 2023

For the price I love them

I'm changing my review to 5 star as my Sp-1s were faulty and replaced. I just got done testing them on several different acoustic guitars and they sounded great. Even using just 1 of these to mic an acoustic sounded brilliant. My ear isn't as trained as many here but what I hear I loved.

B. Sattler

February 14, 2023

Tentative 3 star

I just spent 1 hour with a new pair of these and they are picking up an extreme amount of noise even when the preamp is at 0%. The noise isn't similar as one of the pencil mics is picking up 3 times more than the other one. My studio is treated and these is nothing that a microphone can pick up. I've changed out the cables to several different brands and used two different apollos (the X8 and the MKII) and the issue is on both. I've even plugged in other highly sensitive condenser microphones which are working perfectly. I'll change my review once I hear back and if mine are just faulty.

P. Angulo

January 10, 2023

New overhead mics!

I just swapped my large condenser mics to the SP-1's and I'm so happy I did, normally I prefer large capsules but these sound amazing. Can't wait to try it on other instruments!

M. Frey

October 1, 2022

Clear, detailed, neutral sound.

Exactly what I want in an SDC—playback sounds like what I was hearing in the room!

f. znr

August 12, 2022


Unfortunately, there are no usable data sheets or diagrams on the frequency response or directionality of the microphones. Information that should be expected even in this price range.
UA should definitely provide a reasonable datasheet here as soon as possible.


July 20, 2022

cif yo

Better than Neumann Km184? How many kilotons? No Lab? wtf?

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