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Get the sounds of the greatest mics ever made.

Capture the best recordings of your life with Sphere DLX, the world’s most powerful mic modeling system that combines our flagship dual-capsule condenser with the Sphere Mic Collection plug-in to give you the sound of classic mics used by everyone from The Beatles to Beyoncé.

Record Through 38 Classic Models

With the included Sphere Mic Collection software — allowing you to instantly pull up 38 legendary mic models from Neumann, Telefunken, AKG, Sony, and more — Sphere DLX puts the world-famous sound of classic condenser, dynamic, and ribbon microphones at the ready.* See included mic models ›

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See it in Action

Find Your Perfect Sound in Realtime

Sphere DLX is the only dual-capsule mic modeling system that lets you audition mics before, during, and after recording. You can do this with any audio interface in any DAW. But with an Apollo, you unlock realtime workflows so it all happens with immediacy and precision, and doesn’t affect your performance.

Combine Two Mics Like Never Before

In Dual Mode, the Sphere mic modeling system allows you to blend any two mics, perfectly in-phase. This means you can start with a classic-sounding mic combination, then tailor it to find sounds that have never been heard before, all while only setting up a single microphone.

Capture Instruments in Stereo

Thanks to its dual-capsule design, the Sphere DLX lets you easily record piano, drums, strings, and more in stereo. You can even use different mic models on the left and right channels for a more colorful stereo image.

Remove the Room for Clear Recordings

With Sphere DLX’s Off-Axis Correction and IsoSphereTM technology, you can easily tame room sounds and reflections for cleaner, more professional recordings. With its expert presets tailored for the toughest acoustic spaces like bedrooms or project studios, Sphere DLX comes ready to use alongside popular iso filters from sE Reflexion Filters, Aston Halo, Kaotica Eyeball, and more.*

Get Ready to Record

Sphere DLX includes a professional shockmount, 25' dual-output XLR cable, mic stand mount, and carrying case — so you'll be ready to create with the sound of legendary mics the minute you unpack the box.

Featured Mic Models



Based on the classic 1950’s Japanese tube condenser used by icons like Jimi Hendrix, Nat King Cole, and The Beach Boys, the LD-37A model delivers warm, smooth sound. It’s great for taming vocal sibilance or harsh top-end, and is favored by pro engineers for drum overheads and toms. It also excels on vocals and guitars thanks to its upper midrange peak.**



The classic 47-style mic is the ultimate studio workhorse. Its thick “sit in the mix” sound has been used by everyone from The Beatles and Frank Sinatra to countless modern artists. A go-to choice for vocals, this mic sounds equally amazing on acoustic guitars, bass, and drums.**



This dual-diaphragm tube condenser was the first studio mic to feature a continuously variable polar pattern. Our LD-49 model is based on a vintage 49c, and we dialed in its "best" cardioid position to bring out the richness in nearly any source. This mic is particularly great on female vocals, having been used by artists such as Norah Jones and Aretha Franklin.**



This coveted mic was famously used for lead vocals on classics like “Hey Jude” and "Sympathy for the Devil” along with Nirvana’s Nevermind album. Our model is based on a custom 67 mic using new-old-stock parts offering a smooth and musical sound, useful on almost anything.**

LD-87 Vintage

LD-87 Vintage

A mid-'70s solid-state mic that would come to define the midrange-forward sound of 80’s pop vocals. We modeled the low-cut and pad, giving you the ability to tailor the mic’s response to your source and environment.



Built upon the coveted CK12 brass capsule and 6072 tube, the 251 is widely considered one of the greatest mics ever made. Its huge, smooth sound has allowed artists from Dolly Parton to Celine Dion to capture incredible vocal recordings for decades.**

LD-414 US

LD-414 US

This nylon capsule condenser delivers clear, transparent sound. One of the greatest “all around” mics ever made, it excels at everything from intimate vocals and voice overs to high-impact toms and percussion.



With its gorgeous top-end sparkle, this iconic '50s mic is often used for lush, breathy vocals. Its sound has elevated amazing performances from Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder to Cyndi Lauper, Tina Turner, and many others. It is also commonly used for piano and drum overheads.**



The LD-BV1 is based on a boutique German-made tube condenser mic that has been the centerpiece of countless modern vocal recordings. The particular mic we modeled was used to record The World Is Not Enough theme song for the Pierce Brosnan-era James Bond movie. Of course, the serial number of the mic is 007.



Renowned for its use on high-profile records by everyone from Michael Jackson to Metallica, this ubiquitous cardioid dynamic mic can also be found in radio and broadcasting studios around the world. By adjusting the AXIS control, you can get the sound of the mic without a windscreen — a “studio secret” favored by pro engineers.**



Based on a rare early 421 with script logo, this model has slightly more vintage character, making it useful for warming up your guitar amplifiers, drums, or even vocals.



This industry-standard broadcasting mic has applications ranging from vocals to kick drums. Its presence boost and high frequency dip minimize sibilance, and with the filter switch you can get additional tone shaping by cutting below 400 Hz.



The R-121 set the standard for modern ribbon mics, and has become a classic in its own right. Featuring a figure-8 pattern, this mic is unique in that the rear side is brighter than the front. Thus, our RB-121 model is a good option for A/B’ing on sources that you’re not sure about — using the Axis control to quickly hear a brighter or darker sound.



Our RB-4038 model is based on a ribbon mic originally developed in the mid-1950’s by the BBC. It has a detailed sound that’s slightly darker due to its large magnet, and excels on drum overheads and bright instruments. Despite its high-frequency roll-off and exaggerated proximity effect, it works well on close sources or backed off room sounds.



This model is based on a vintage 1960’s ribbon microphone with rich mid-forward character — notably used on famous rock recordings, from Jimi Hendrix’s screaming guitar amp to a pair used to record drums for "When the Levee Breaks” by Led Zeppelin.**



The SD-416 is based on an industry standard shotgun microphone, commonly used in voice-over studios — it’s a go-to for that big Hollywood sound. Our SD-416 model has a super-cardioid pattern, which is less directional at higher frequencies, meaning it’s more forgiving when the talent moves off-axis.

All included models

Large Diaphragm Condensers
LD-87 Vintage
LD-87 Modern
LD-87 TK
LD-414 Brass
LD-414 Nylon
LD-414 US
LD-414 T2


RB-77DX Satin
RB-77DX Umber

Small Diaphragm Condensers

Custom Mics
Sphere Linear
Sphere Diffuse
Sphere Direct


Microphone Type Dual-Diaphragm Condenser
Polar Pattern Variable Dual Output
Frequency Range 20Hz — 20kHz
Sensitivity -33dB (22mV/Pa)
Output Impedance 200 Ω
Recommended Load Impedance > 2000 Ω
Power Source 48V Phantom Power
Adjustable Controls Pad Switch (20dB)
Connector 5-Pin XLRM
Included Accessories 25' dual-output XLR cable, Shockmount, Mic Stand Mount, Carrying Case
Dimensions 8.9" (225 mm) length, 2.5" (63 mm) diameter
Weight 1.7 lb (770 g)

FAQ User Guide

*All trademarks are property of their respective owners and used only to represent the microphones modeled as part of the Sphere microphone software.

**Use of artist names does not constitute an official endorsement of Sphere DLX Modeling Microphone.

Customer Reviews

UA Sphere DLX Modeling Microphone

Overall Rating


M. Fagnoul

July 10, 2024

Universal Audio

3 words : Mobile-Mic-Locker or Sounds-Really-GrrrRRrrrrreeAaat

D. Ho

July 4, 2024

The best microphone I’ve ever used

I’ve been recording with an excellent tube mic for decades. I was getting ready to change the tube (for the 4th time), but instead got the Sphere DLX. The versatility of this mic is unbelievable. In addition to the incredible mic selection, being able to adjust proximity (after the fact) is invaluable. Best of all, it is the quietest tube mic I’ve ever used!

A. Bose

May 16, 2024

One stop solution!

Wow!! Just what I was looking for! I've tried it on multiple instruments and vocals for various recording sessions, it's incredible and detailed! The software is really easy to use as well!

J. Metzger

November 14, 2023

The led

This mic is pretty cool , minus the light show and the fact that you have to place the mic 90 degrees from the actual source seems rather peculiar . I havnt tried every modeled mic as of yet , but notice that the sensitivity seems to be consistent between models . This mic is really quiet which is a plus and set up was a breeze . Sound quality is a solid 8 out of 10 , 9 if the light was removed and 10 if it could capture stereo without having to turn the mic away from the source .

M. Pardalos

October 19, 2023

Good but waiting on V2

UA have done a well job making the originally Townsend microphone, and Sphere GUI look sexy. At its core it is a good microphone. Personally I didn’t use it like a Swiss knife, I just found a sound profile I liked and stuck with it. Sadly the sound profiles don’t change the build of the microphone, so whatever Mic-sound I chose, it still had that Sphere artifact highs. Being able to change settings from the control room is very handy! (Pad, polar pattern, lowcut, profile)

If there ever is released a version 2 where the overall quality of the mic is raised, I can’t wait to jump back on it.

R. Miller II

September 27, 2023


everything top notch I sild my 1084 rack after using the plugin

P. Singh

April 10, 2023

This Mic makes my decision simple.

Awesome Product! Sweet Stereo! I was in the market for a new vocal microphone and this one hit it out of the park! Find the model best suited and the color is there, simplest decision instead of grabbing different mics I can just click a new one and backup vox are separated instantaneously, recording an acoustic? Then just click which one fits the rest of the palate and your mix is clear just from the emulations alone. I’ll use this DLX for life! You can spend your money on the real microphones and I’ll have the audience not know the difference. SWEET DEAL!!!!!

E. Peterson

April 6, 2023


I am an owner of the Townsend Labs L22 which is the same as the sphere DLx. It has been the most amazing and versatile mic I’ve ever used. The software is the stuff of science fiction and lets you use the right mic every time and fix it if you didn’t setup properly. I will get more in future and convert all my mics to the l22/ dlx. Thank you to UA for making the best products that help me make my best music.

J. Aponte

February 17, 2023

Incredible value for the money

I work as a professional musician and voice-over artist and for me, this mic kills it on everything! I've auditioned for tons of major VO jobs with it, many of which were for some of the biggest companies and projects out there, and I've not had any complaints. And what gigs I've booked with it, it's aced it. Having access to a number of the industry standard mics plus extra features to be able to optimize their sound is a big deal, especially at its price point.

By far, my current favorite VO pairing is doing a 50-50 blend of the TLM-103 emulation with the Brauner VM1 emulation. Absolutely fantastic, production-ready sound with very little need to do anything to it. Add onto that the UAD emulation of the Helios Type 69, and you've got a combo that works with just about every kind of VO imaginable.

And that's not even getting into the musical applications either; this has been my go-to mic for recording acoustic guitar and vocals and it aces both of those! Having a massive amount of choices means i can have mics for just about every single style of music. Its' flexibility cannot be overstated. This is a good mic to have in the arsenal.

L. van Laer

January 13, 2023


I’ve been using a Neumann U87 for vocals for several years. On first listen out of the box using a classic vocal preset, the transparency and presence on the DLX surpass the Neumann. Wow.

D. Marais

January 12, 2023

Still my go-to mic years later

I am an owner of one of the early Townsend L22 mics (essentially the rebranded UA LDX) and I am still blown away by the quality and sonic textures of these mic emulations. The UA software updates make it even better. Highly recommended!