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Unison Enabled

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UA 610 Tube Preamp & EQ Collection

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M. Friedmann

April 16, 2014

UA 610 Tube Preamp Plug-In Collection Plug-In

Are very good! Very pleasantly surprised me.Thank you very much!

S. Hlavsa

April 14, 2014

UA 610 Tube Preamp Plug-In Collection

I am very pleased with this plugin, amazing vintage tube sound. It brings a nice warmth to the bass, drums, guitars and vocal.

M. Al-ayash

April 14, 2014

UA 610 Tube Preamp

Ein gelungenes Plug In wie nicht anders zu erwarten von Universal Audio !
Einfach der Hammer!!

S. Casamento

April 13, 2014

UA 610's my favorite pre amps

These two companions, 610A/B make all the difference in the recording quality when used in Unison. The vocal warmth is second to a matter of fact there really isn't a fair comparison in the software world. Vocals, guitar amps and more benefit from these pre amps giving me a true professional studio sound!

Thanks UAD....again.

O. Gale

April 13, 2014

what i said just its really good at picking up all the nuances of my voice that my golden age doesn't. a must for anyone but especially apollo owners...buying the extra 610A was well worth it too.

R. Wydh

April 9, 2014

UA 610 I use almost all the time

UA 610
I use for many tracks like lead vocals backing acoustic guitars bass etc
It just gives me the sound I was looking for
Of course I am more a old school musician and looking for more of that tube sounding sound
It's mmy favourite plug in my collection
Great gear

R. Kunz

April 8, 2014

Instant vibe

Tried this out as a demo for a big band jazz recording. With the right mic and placement, this plug put the performance in a wonderful glow... especially vocals.

T. Munck

April 5, 2014

Another home run for UA!

I got the 610B with my Apollo twin, and was pretty impressed with the plugin. It seemed to add very nice qualities to any recorded signal. But then I demoed the 610A and I'm still blown away by the euphonic sound!

The 610A is quickly becoming a must-have tool for my music projects. I cannot A/B against a real 610 hardware but IMHO these emulations are yet again a "level up" in modelled nonlinear audio processing. The Unison technology has vast potential and no doubt UA will introduce more sonic goodness as Unison pre plugins in the near future.

My only gripe with this plugin is the intense DSP cost (justifiable because of the sound, but still!). Hopefully (solid state?) upcoming pre emus will be possible with a smaller DSP footprint?

M. Brawer

April 4, 2014

great plug - bummer on the voucher

love the plugin, use it lots on di keys/bass - paid full price as i never got the voucher issued to apollo owners - bummer on that.

P. Brown

April 2, 2014

ITB mic pres that rock

I am blown away by both of these. I have 500 series Great River, API and Shadow Hills mic pres and was ready to buy another pair of high end pres, but after hearing these I'm actually choosing these (with the Apollo) over my other pre's. My wife's SG bass sounded superb through both of these (and the API vision as well) using the Hi-Z inputs on the Apollo, and we actually preferred the tone over the other mic pre DI's. Ditto for my Les Paul using the Apollo's Hi-Z and adding some LA-2A was like butter with extra butter. The green one: "sound like a hit record" and the brown one "smooth, baby". At least that's how I've dialed them. Thanks UA!

C. Medina

March 30, 2014

tried the was history

don't try this plugin cause you will somehow scrape up some dollars or barrow it from you're friend to get this plugin

B. Garfinkel

March 30, 2014

Swice Tone 5000!!!

I was using my BAE 1073D for bass bc of the direct input.
bought this plug and started using it on bass. Now, I prefer it over my 1073's for direct bass. Havent really tried it on much else.
If you buy it... make sure you you put it in the preamp slot not the insert slot of the console/interface. (for proper Unison control) although if you apply it to both the preamp and instert, you can get some gnarly swice tones. thanks UA!

A. Joyce

March 30, 2014

Bangin PI but it doesn't drive like the hardware...

You can hear the color and it's a nice addition to any track but it certainly doesn't act like it's hardware counterpart when you drive it hard. Bit of a resource hog as well... I'm sure it will come in handy for something. This is one I should have test drove first... my bad.

J. Raja

March 27, 2014

My Dream Comes True

Since 2012 I Love the LA610 MK2 Pre amp.
I have not that much of money to purchase the Pre.
I would travel 700 kms to Record with LA610 in Professional Studios.
I prayed " Is there any possible way to get this pre amp in my UAD Satellite?"
Now My Dream amp is in my UAD.

So to me
" This is the Best Plugin in the World"

A. Lawson

March 27, 2014


The 610 a is a distortion beast. Chuck it on high gain and enjoy!

B. Nicolas

March 23, 2014

UA 610 B AND U610A

Excellent, very very nice, thanks UAD.

Excellent, very very nice, thanks UAD.

S. Brown

March 22, 2014

610 plugin

We have two LA-610 Mk II's and this plug is spot on!

Thanks UA. Keep the great stuff rolling.

S. Brown

March 22, 2014

610 plugin

We have two LA-610 Mk II's and this plug is spot on!

Thanks UA. Keep the great stuff rolling.

C. Medina

March 21, 2014

buy them stop window shop

lovely plugins I taught about getting the hardware version of the 610 I tried the plugin with my Apollo and my my vintage neumann after i was done in a great room i still used the the ocean way plugin to add more texture ...what a gift from god..........

P. Moshay

March 20, 2014

Can't believe this is so good!

I was kinda skeptical of the preamp modeling claims over the years, but of course knew UA would do something special....... I was just blown away by this one.
Im not sure how they made it react like a real preamp without sounding "linear" and like a simulation. This actually capture the dynamic of a preamp with a mic and is not a "after process".

This plug really changes the possibilities of recording for me and i can't wait till they come out with even more. This is the start of something big for us music creators.

421-440 of 481 Results