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UA 610 Tube Preamp & EQ Collection

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C. Laroche

November 11, 2022

Great plugin! Incredible sound! A must have for all enthusiasts!!!

Great plugin! Incredible sound! A must have for all enthusiasts!!! Thanks to the whole Universal Audio team for offering us all these products!

M. Di Girolamo

October 8, 2022

UA 610 Tube Preamp & EQ Collection

Beautiful, really beautiful!

T. Kingen

October 6, 2022

UA 610 Collection

Great having both the 610A and 610B in the arsenal. These two, along with Neve 1073 and 88RS are providing a lot of versatility in tracking options.

A. Brown

September 23, 2022

Beautiful Plugins

Im enjoying these 2 Plugins everyday !!

P. Wallin

September 10, 2022

Can't live without this

I use this for drums, especially for snare. It has something I can't get with other plugins I have used or tried over the years.

I. Finney

September 6, 2022

1960s Heaven

The 610A gives you 'that' sound. It is unmistakably that 60's American sound you hear from The Beach Boys, The Doors, or any other record from that era. This is the holy grail of tube sounds. If you know that sound and want that sound it is simply breathtaking. I've never heard a tube emulation sound as great as this and the V76.

M. Park

September 1, 2022


Dope preamp also

C. Ghazizadeh

August 28, 2022

Pretty good

This plugin is definitely a good one. Does make your sound better and is very easy to use. There's a huge difference btw before and after.

P. Diaz

August 28, 2022

Pretty good

Not sure I would buy these, especially with UA’s crazy prices (even on sale). Got them with the heritage bundle. They sound nice and give you options and help add some weight. At a good price ($30-$50) I’d recommend.

A. Mujic

August 24, 2022

Nice preamps

Love that saturation

C. Preston

July 15, 2022


Very impressed with this, been using it for tracking.

J. ter Borg

May 7, 2022

Used a lot

I see many different opinions about this one, some like/hate the sound for being either transparent, or characteristic :P
I really like the 610A for adding warmth and a pleasant bass boost to just about anything.

R. Pulley

April 17, 2022

Sounds amazing

Compared to my previous interface, which was a highly rated one, this sounds amazing with the UA 610 in the unison position. Didn’t know my vocals could sound that good doing recording at home. Worth the switch to UA.

A. Hombach

April 15, 2022

I had to buy it, didn't want it.

This was part of the Apollo Heritage edition. I haven't tried it because I wasn't interested in it. And because I didn't know I bought it. UA is so annoying. It lists you all of the ca. 200 plugins, and you have no idea of which of them are demos and which you own. And scroll 200 plugins. Are you kidding me??? All I wanted to have, was C-Vox. The rest I cannot recommend. And I don't need the rest for what I record with my fantastic Sound Devices MixPre-3 II.

J. Dearness

March 7, 2022

So pleasing

The tone is so pleasing to the ear and easy to dial in

J. Wallstén

January 19, 2022

Great engineering

Well, what should u say! Just a big smile in my face

C. Lessmann

January 17, 2022

UA 610 B

Vocals never sounded better...awesome!

I. Sumenkov

January 17, 2022

Where is a bypass button on 610B?

When you created a new design for both 610, the bypass button on 610B disappeared.

V. Vlodarchyk

January 13, 2022

UA 610 Tube Preamp & EQ Collection

This is crazy plug-inReally

M. Ferreira

January 13, 2022

Great Tool!

Amazing Tube Preamps!! and Great EQ.

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