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Customer Reviews

6176 Vintage Channel Strip

Overall Rating

81-98 of 98 Results

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K. Qafoku

November 5, 2012

Perfect Sound

I use this wonderful channel strip, its so cool, I like it very much in my recording

G. Nespoli

May 29, 2012

just amazing! what's in your head comes out through it, with more effort and character, things that you normally don't get from a machine, 'coz the 6176 is a human way of thinking, well I'd say ...of sounding!

D. Skoglund

May 12, 2012

Wow, what sonic joy! I recorded a Strat direct to a track using the 6176. I sent that out to a Rivera Quiana, tweaked the sound at the amp, set up an AT 4033 in the sweet spot, plugged the mic into the 6176 then recorded that to another track. Great sound and so much fun! I would buy it again in a heartbeat. Thanks UA for making great products.

J. Cottini

November 25, 2011

Chaleur / efficacité / Gros sons & qualité sont aux rendez-vous !

Sur voix comme instruments

J'adore le 6176 !!!


P. Stephan

November 1, 2011

This Channel Strip is amazing! Its extremely versatile and sounds incredible. I was able to achieve any sound that I could think of just by tweaking the gain stage and the EQ. The EQ sounds really musical and even though the parameters are limited I couldn't ask for more during recording. What I also really like to do is use the preamp in a mixdown situation to give certain instruments (synths, samples...) that lack warmth, a little bit of life.

The 1176 style compressor sounds just like the 1176 only more transparent and a little more modern. I have used the original 1176 and I must say that I can't say which version I like better (6176 or 1176).

Overall I have to say that this is the most impressive Unit that I have come across. I have tried a lot of preamps and channelstrips (Neve, SSL, Mindprint...) and eventhough Neve and SSL sound amazing the 6176 is a perfect combination of great sound and high usability. It will always have a spot in my rack!

T. Rivers

September 18, 2011

I love it ! Anything i record through it sounds amazing ! Cant wait to buy another 6176
and a 2-1176. Universal Audio makes the best gear ! Also i love my UAD-2 Quad !
Thank you UA.

C. Harris

June 26, 2011

Dear Uaudio,
I purchased the 6176 as part of the deal which included the UAD-2 Quad card. I use a Mindprint DTC and Vintech X73i for audio tracking at present. The 6176 is just better as a single channel. I love the EQs on the Mindprint and the X73i, but the combination of the mic pre and 1176 compressor on the 6176 just is better for a class sound and fast workflow when tracking. That said, I can take the outs from the other strips into the compressor of the 6176 with ease.
The 6176 is top top class sound equipment- a make everything sound better box. A Rolls Royce in my project studio. Result!

D. A.

June 20, 2011

I love this channel strip! The 610 PRE really makes many of my mics shine, whether a LDC Valve, ribbon or condensor, and with gain staging you can vary the color and there's plenty of head room. The 1176LN is just amazing and I have several go to settings I've come to rely on. Being able to pair or split the 610 and 1176LN is a Godsend. I also use the DI frequently for electric bass. There will always be a spot on my rack for the 6176!

C. Anawaty

June 18, 2011

The most flexible and useful box I have! Tracking, mixing, and coloring--it's all here. I especially enjoy being able to "decouple" the devices so I can use the 610 as a tone box for one track while compressing another! Now I just need another one to link!

K. Browne

June 18, 2011

The 610 is a huge sounding pre. If not driven hard it is clean and sparkly, but crank it and it is easily pushed into a musical distortion.
For me this has been a blessing and a curse as being mainly a media composer I
spend most of the time recording myself. This means that I end up having to set the sound using headphones and I have had quite a few mishaps. The good news is that most mistakes have been happy ones with distorted electric guitar being the only thing that doesnt take well to a bit of drive from the pre.
The other problem I have had is that my vocal mic is an SE Gemini which is a valve driven beast that is much more suited to a cleaner pre as there is too much harmonic distortion going on with the 610. The tops become a bit out of control and I have to insert an EQ to calm it down.
It is nice to be able to use the pre and comp independently
The 1176 is a must have. The only drawback of it being matched with the 610 is that
they are both capable of creating a lot of dirt,so things can get a bit out of hand if you
are not paying proper attention.
Overall though I love it and have hopefully got another one on the way.
Now I know not to over valve the chain and watch the gain,everything comes out sounding great

J. Svensson

June 17, 2011

I received my 6176 one week ago. So far I've tested it on El-guitar and Vocals. I use it to record into Logic on my Mac Pro. I think this unit really flexible and versatile. On the Pre-amp section it's a little risky to get to much distortion on the Peaks. I have own a LA-610 for a while and learned to keep the levels down before the signals gets into the Compressor section. Some claims that there is not enough headroom on the Pre-amp, but I believe they set the Level to high out from the Pre-Amp section. It's in the compressor section where this unit really shines! It can really pick out the best bite from the El-guitar, and get your vocal right "in-your-face" in the "All-Button-Mode. I can be quite smooth as well if you want to. But I prefer the LA-610 for "soft" vocals. It's definately worth the time to play around with different settings and test over and over again, because it can really sound wonderful! This unit is really Rock 'n' Roll!

T. Serôdio

June 17, 2011

Oh man!! How I love my 6176. The joy of a 610 and an 1176 together. Smashing combo!

I never expected this box to be such a versatile tone shaping unit. I almost double my mic count with certain type mics, like ribbons and some dynamics thanks to the impedance switch. And slightly compressing going in does absolute wonders to anything I put through it, everything just hits its spot in the mix.

It can be tricky to dial in at first, but once you get the hang of it... WOW !!

Love it !! Cheers UA!

T. Rondini

June 17, 2011

I have owned the UA 6176 since 2008 and, even with a number of other preamps in the rack, this one is used on every project! The joining of the creaminess of the 610 preamp and the transparent (and when you need it, not so transparent sounds from the 1176 make this a must have for any serious studio. SOmetimes I feel as if I should purchase another for back-up...just in case!

R. Wheelock

June 17, 2011

The preamp is quite good for female voices, specially jazz singers. The compressor part has low noise but lacks a bit of the character from the original Urei units.

M. Schober

June 17, 2011

All I have expected and more... pretty flexible. Due to the split function you have two decent pieces of gear in one box. I'm in love.

D. Sarrett

June 16, 2011

I use this unit (I actually have two!) every time I track. Today they were used on acoustic guitars to make them sit in the track right where they needed to be. AND on a wurlitzer track to make it match up with the punch of the electric guitar. I can't imagine not having them available when I need them!

J. Quinn

June 15, 2011

great product.. love the sound. Old school gear is now back.

S. M

January 28, 2011

When I Was Looking For A Channel Strip For My Studio.. Everyone Was Suggesting Me So Many Options. After Buying My Own UA 6176 &. Hearing Ta Sound Quality.. I Believe I Made Ta Best Decision Of My Life. UA 6176 Loving It :)

81-98 of 98 Results

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