A/DA® Flanger

A/DA® Flanger

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A/DA® Flanger

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E. Pensa

September 18, 2018

Pretty sweet !

Beats having an actual pedal, sounds awesome, obviously digital is just as good and way easier, thanks to UAD!

P. Degen

July 24, 2018

Flanging delight

First off let me state, I got almost all the modulation plugins, and every one of them sounds amazing. the "Roland" chorus, MXR flanger etc. This A/DA is no exception. I tried all the presets first, and everyone one of them is useful on about everything. I am very pleased with this flanger, and I know I will make great use of it!

M. Cartwright

July 16, 2018

pretty cool

love the fullness and richness of this plugin. good vibe and like the drive function.

J. Santos

June 18, 2018

Typical UAD greatness!

Not only another great UA emulation, but it covers some bases previously uncovered. Love on guitar of course.

C. Persaud

May 7, 2018

Horribly distorted in a non good way

This is a real review, I don't know about the others. Listen to the soundcloud demos, if you can't hear any distortion then you need better ears. This thing does a flange but its horrible


May 2, 2018

Great sound

Plenty of sound choices with vintage and modern version!

S. Park

April 27, 2018

So real!!

And so 3dimensional!

UAD User

April 22, 2018

The best of the bunch

I have all the UAD flanger/chorus plug-ins as well as a vintage MXR chorus. This A/DA flanger is my favorite.

M. Reeves

April 19, 2018

A/DA Flanger

Loe this plug-in. Been using it since I got it.

M. O'Flynn

March 16, 2018

A/DA Flanger

A lovely mix of traditional and wacky flanging/chorus/phasing effects.

J. Manzella

March 10, 2018

Almost perfect

I added the A/DA Flanger to my UAD plugins this week. I am an original owner of a '79 A/DA Flanger so I was eager to a/b my pedal to this plugin. The Brainwork reproduction really does a great job of emulating the various controls of the hardware pedal but I found it not to be an exact reproduction, tonally, at least as far as when compared to my original pedal. It seems to add some mid range and is missing a bit of the high end sheen of my pedal. Still, this can be easily compensated for in your DAW and on it's own, it pretty much nails the vibe of the pedal.

D. Gallucci

March 1, 2018

There's nothing that sounds like this

Somewhere between chorus, phase, vibrato and flanger. Truly unique. I love it. I just used it on a dry vibraphone and it sounded so lush and unlike anything I've used before.

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