AMS DMX Digital Delay & Pitch Shifter

AMS DMX Digital Delay & Pitch Shifter


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AMS DMX Digital Delay & Pitch Shifter

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C. Ranjard

November 27, 2021


ça à l'air vraiment super tout ça mais je ne trouve pas AMS DMX dans mes plug ins alors que j'ai tout autorisé etc. après l'avoir acheté, quelqu'un pourrait m'aider ?
merci !! :)

S. Heaphy

November 25, 2021

It's a Yes but with a few comments of lament

I remember these units from over 40 years ago! Fully optioned up with dual pitch shifters and maximum delay memory they were amazing for their time. They were always eye wateringly expensive so only the top studios and wealthy artists could buy them. So the plugins are a treat for those of us that hankered after these machines in our own environments. It was the same era as the Lexicon Prime Time which evolved from two versions into the Super variant. The AMS and Prime Times ability to sample loop and mangle (for want of a better term) by the lock or hold function was a really key feature. It was one the first things I looked for in the UAD plugin but sadly it isn't there! Some of the DMX's had control voltage options so that a keyboard could control the harmoniser. Obviously a MIDI connection to allow that would have been a nice addition. I see others have made similar comments so hopefully these features might get added at a future point.
On a positive note the DMX does sound very good and it's unique quirks and features plus the chorus controller (which was almost beyond rare back in the day!)make it quite a special offering. The possibility of using multiple DMX's is also reminder of the liberating aspects of plug-ins and UAD GUI of the DMX is very pleasing!

K. Kouchian

November 18, 2021

Ok but not like the real deal

It's nice but it's not as crazy as the real machine. No feedback OD craziness with aliasing artefacts (some may consider that a problem but I use it a lot). Plus no LOCK option /sampler mode which is really dumb not to implement and really fun to use to go full martin hannett. One big drawback is the lack of midi to control le delay. I control it with a keyboard either on LOCK mode (playing it like a sampler) or normal mode and it can create crazy live arrangements, hopefully, they will fix that as it was done for the H910. Otherwise it sounds good and the delay reacts approximatively like the unit (the unit is not as stable clockwise). I think the price is too expensive for that many of missing features. I would say for less money you can go fot a H910 or H949 native with dual mode and it might be more usefull.

D. Fries

November 16, 2021

AMS Digital Delay & Pitch Shifter

I’ve been considering purchasing the AMS reverb and UA just released this delay... I’ve been demo’ing for less than a week and just purchased both! This is an excellent digital delay for widening mono tracks and much more artistic uses/features. Also, I'm getting good results using this with the Ocean Way Studios plug-in - Use the delay to widen mono tracks without taking up a bunch of space, then use the Ocean Way plug-in for room reverb/mic’s.

K. Smith

November 14, 2021

This thing sounds great

It may not do all the same tricks that some other products offer, but the tone of the DMX is unrivaled. Big, clear, and deep. I remember when the hardware first arrived—everybody had to have it, but the gear rental companies often ran out! —Kevin

H. Summers

November 13, 2021

At last! But… where’s the ‘lock in’? We all love a lock in!

For decades, I’ve loved the sound of the hardware AMS DMX 1580S and having the hardware in my rack is great… however, I’ve always felt it would be great as a plugin. The hardware is a little unreliable these days and they’re getting difficult to service. I didn’t even bother demoing this but bought it straight away in the day of release. After a few hours of playing, I’m thrilled to find all of that great mojo and character that makes the hardware so desirable, is present and sounding as good as ever in UA’s rendering. My only comments on the negative are that the harmoniser introduces an extra latency/delay just like the original. This can make the tempo sync’d delays sound out of time. If possible, I’d love the option to turn this authentic latency on or off. My other question is where has the ‘lock-in’ switch gone? I can’t seem to find it anywhere. Being able to lock in a loop and alter the pitch manually is one of my favourite ‘tricks’ on the AMS. In a future revision, it would be a wonderful thing if a feature could be added to allow midi control of the pitch shifting from a keyboard, so we could lock in a loop and ‘play’ it from a midi keyboard. The tonality of the pitch shifting (when pitching down) is gorgeous. It would be amazing if we could get better access to this aspect as described above.
I’m summary, thank you UA for bringing this unmatched piece of legendary hardware into the software realm. Even with my small points above, this is still a five star plugin and will be in most of my mixes from now on!

W. Shanks

November 11, 2021

Prince's muse, Brian Eno's enabler, Radiohead's sixth member (and you thought it was Nigel!)

Perhaps a bit of an overstatement, but the DMX 1580 definitely had a direct influence and impact on these artist’s creative direction, and might be considered fundamental to periods of their recorded sound. Once you begin to explore the DMX, you’ll recognize its distinctive sound and sheer prevalence. I think with the release of this plugin, we will see just how much more it has to give to artists and their music in the world. The DMX may not be as intuitive as other gear, but once understood, pays off in a huge way—and does things no other design can. DMX units are difficult to procure and even more difficult to maintain; There are only a few people on the planet that know how to keep them running as they should. It is a joy to be part of the curation and preservation of the design pinnacles of recorded history through Universal Audio’s plugin platform, and the DMX is yet another perfect example of this. Congratulations to AMS and UA.

C. Pittori

November 11, 2021

Sweet digital delay

Really spot on with this one. Adds just as much dimension as the original.

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