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Customer Reviews

Analog Classics Pro Bundle

Overall Rating

201-220 of 4484 Results

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G. Berry

November 13, 2023

The Collection

I purchased the collection a little while back.
Love all 3 of them.
Cheers UAD.

P. Toth

November 13, 2023

Classic color!

It's quite amazing, so far the best recreation of this hardware, hands down. Lots of times I just put on any of the track to have that fine coloration and saturation, even without limiting.

H. Nagayoshi

November 12, 2023

It's the best plugin!!

I have many 1176 compressor plugins. But UAD's one is the best 1176 compressor in our 1176 compressor plugins I owns.

p. rabinovich

November 12, 2023

If you are looking for a great voice sound, nothing better than an LA2A

I have been a Teletronix LA2A (hardware) user for many years, and I can assure you that the UAD modeling has impressive realism! Congratulations on this masterpiece!

E. Starzhynskiy

November 11, 2023

1176 Classic Limiter Collection

Wonderful! The design of the plugins, and especially their sound, simply has no equal!

S. Lopez

November 10, 2023

Grab It!!

Great addition to the arsenal. UA has the best plugins in the Industry, can’t wait to see what this company does moving forward!!

S. Lopez

November 10, 2023

It Sounds to itself.

Great addition to the arsenal,

S. Lopez

November 10, 2023

Grab It!!!

Big Difference, from using other eq plugins to this… yeah!! Watch a few videos from UA in case you might not know at first how to use this, after that Enjoy!!

E. Lopes

November 9, 2023

Fairchild é incrivel nos grupos de voz

Uso o Fairchild 670 e Fairchild 660 principalmente na voz, o primeiro geralmente nos grupos e o segundo no processamento pesado paralelo da voz, ele faz a voz ficar atuante, bem definida mas ao mesmo tempo, macia. Suas características de tubo permite uma compressão pesadíssima sem fazer a track parecer dura.

E. Lopes

November 9, 2023

Sutileza passiva

O Pultec Passive Eq vem sendo parte das minhas mixagens a muito tempo, gosto do caracter que ele tras para o audio, principalmente para os grupos de voz, violões e mix bus. Acho prático girar alguns botões e rapidamente o som ganhar ganhar personalidade.

F. Hasan

November 9, 2023

best compressor

you need it!

J. Bjoersvik

November 8, 2023

A great plugin, easy to use and a fantastiv sound .

J. REams

November 7, 2023

Easy to Make Sound Good

I had other emulations of these guys, including the free versions that came with my Apollo. I figured that all of the hype about these things was...well, just that; hype. I mean how many compressors do we all have at this point, and how many friggin' compressors does a guy need? They had the stupid deal on them, so I bit; glad I was a hungry fish. My other compressors are rather quickly becoming wasted space on my hard drive.

m. lane

November 7, 2023

Great but..

its awesome and everything but gives some kind of color sound a bit but yeah this one is probably specific one and should be used on instruments that need color or warmth.

A. Escribano

November 7, 2023

A must

Very nice bundle. It's really usefull to have these three versions with the attack and release times differences between them

D. Productions

November 7, 2023


I just want to say I´ve had no experience with UAD before a student of mine told me about your Free Offer for the LA.-2A Tube Compressor. I downloaded it, and tried it out on a snare, and the sound was Amazing!!! I then bought the LA-2A Leveler Collection for 29€ or something. Incredible price!!! I then saw that the entire UAD Mixing Edition was on sale as an upgrade from the Free LA-2A for 215€. For that price I had to buy it, and I´m glad I did. So many amazing plugins in that bundle. Especially the 1176, and LA-2A, but the API, and Pultec are great as well. I´m a VERY happy customer!!!

m. fritsch

November 7, 2023

Pultec Passive EQ Collection

great to have it in my toolchain

J. Salcedo

November 7, 2023

Love it!

This is the best sounding 1176 IMO! Love the extra features like the all-button mode, Slo, etc.

J. Walton

November 6, 2023

Like Butter

These sound amazing. Brings out whatever I am running through it with superior clarity. Great plug ins.

R. Solomon

November 6, 2023

La-2a collection

Great plugins, warm sound and rich. I loved them

201-220 of 4484 Results