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Customer Reviews

Analog Classics Pro Bundle

Overall Rating

361-380 of 4562 Results

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Y. Fujiwara

October 15, 2023



T. Kottis

October 15, 2023




October 15, 2023

Incredible Additions to Anyone's Collection

The Fairchild Tube Limiter is an amazing emulator of the hardware, already highly renowned in the music industry. These plugins with their full mono/stereo features makes them seem a bit better than the hardware. The ability to mix between wet and dry signals is also a plus, as well as the ability to link the left/right channels. I know this is not something new, but certainly nice to have. The results of this incredible plugin speak for themselves. Ever tried pricing the actual hardware versions? Combined with the pure quality of these plugins, the price is just a very special bonus.


October 15, 2023

Très efficace

Je l'utilise principalement sur le bus batterie et en mastering. Très efficace.

C. Jensen

October 14, 2023


I rarely use any other brand

S. Friedrich

October 13, 2023

Analog Mojo

Nothing beats this on drums.

D. Senior

October 13, 2023


Util para todo!! Infaltable en todos los procesos

L. Weisz

October 13, 2023


Ez egy klasszikus plugin. Nem lehet hibázni vele.

P. Czaczkowski

October 13, 2023

Best la2a

Best la2a plugin! I tried them all! Well done Universal Audio!

J. Hallstrom

October 12, 2023

UA Fairchild

The Fairchild 660 and 670 operate in a much more realistic and natural way, to my tastes, than other emulations. I really enjoy how they work and the finished results I’m getting. I hope that UA will bring the rest of their catalog as well to native platforms: I’ll happily snap them up.


October 12, 2023


Je n'ai pa s de quoi le comparer vraiment mais j'aime le grain qu'il apporte.

T. Don

October 12, 2023

Power & Color Full

It's really a nice Plugin even when u don't set up, it make a nice warm color on the the channel

M. Rafael

October 12, 2023

1 reason you should get this EQ

Reason NO.1 - Its Simply The Best
Universal Audio, just does some audio magic. Like the Fairchild, before I even knew what this plugin was I fell in love with it (from another company from the Jurassic period). This EQ has always been and will always be my favourite EQ, and UAD have managed to get my expectations, fold it many times and shove it back in my face like "ANother One" (Like Khaled) thus making this the best rediont of this plugin...its Simply The Best (like Tina Turner).

M. Rafael

October 12, 2023

670 or 660 reasons why you should buy the Fairchild Tube Limiter Collection.

Reason No. 660 - Smooth response at a controlled pace.
Reason NO. 670 - Clibration to fit any instance.

Now I fell in love with this compressor back in the day (not that far back) when I got another companies version of the Fairchild, this made everything sound MASSIVE (T Rex big), but there was a layer of mud I didn't like once I got the hang of mixing. Also, without that added calibration control, I could never get that needle to move ( I thought I needed a doctorate) That being said (like spoken word) this version of that tube compressor from Universal (not the film studio) Audio is actually the best rendition I have used to date.

M. Rafael

October 12, 2023

2 Amazing reasons why you should get the Teletronix LA 2A

Reason No 2. Ease of use
I have tried so many LA 2A plugins, but this one (plus you get 3 versions) sounds the sweetest, warmest and less harsh than others. I compared it to the previous LA 2A plugin I had on the vocal / bass chain and the difference was Stella (like the drink). Don't think twice pick this up and enhance your mixes with the smooth sounds of the Teletronix, super bionic, ultrasonic, LA (not the place) 2 A. 3 thumbs up!

V. Cuartero

October 12, 2023


Can't say much about this. It works really well. You have to try it and hear for yourself. Works very well with 1176 and Fairchild. Triple crown!

a. falesi

October 12, 2023

THE compressor

i already said too much.

a. falesi

October 12, 2023

No words

Take it.

A. Borges

October 11, 2023

Plugin incrível

Plugin com sonoridade incrível
muito bom!!!

M. Ramalho Neto

October 11, 2023


Excelente compressor, uso ele na compressão Paralela de voz, uso na Baterias,e deixa som com a aquele toque aveludado

361-380 of 4562 Results