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Customer Reviews

Analog Classics Pro Bundle

Overall Rating

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g. salgado

September 4, 2023

the best emulation of 1176

Inevitable in my daw, it is in my top 3 compressors, it is the best 1176 on the market, it is the best emulation of the original, it has no rivals

g. salgado

September 4, 2023

without a doubt the best vari mu emulation from fairchild, I would buy it again

simply perfect for strings, it's in my top 3 compressors

R. Cabanas

September 4, 2023

You need this.

You need this compressors & pre amps in your life.

T. Akitaka

September 3, 2023


LA-2A is the emulation I use all the time for vocals. I can't let it go!

G. Tanaka

September 1, 2023

Sound quality is good but GUI is blurry

The GUI remains blurry in native plug-ins, and there are still problems with nativization in Winsows, so it is always better to check with a demo.

i. Arriola

August 29, 2023

Clean and to the point

Probably the best sounding plug-in compressor I’ve used and now that spark exists. It’s amazing that I can use it almost in every situation!

A. Vlasenko

August 16, 2023

Easy to use, good sound

I use these compressors on my drums, and I prefer the sound over the LA-2A and 1176 plugins. The plugin is easy to use, allowing me to achieve the desired sound.

T. Poe

August 9, 2023

Very good, not essential.

I haven't found a reason to use this in EVERYTHING. However, it's that something different in my arsenal when doing vocal processing. I hit vocals with 1176, then Pultec EQ, then LA-2A....and this thing can really be a weapon. It's a great replica I just don't think it's in my Top 5 best UAD plugins

D. Mallon

August 8, 2023

This one is a beast.

I was messing with it the other night and just A/B ing very subtle to super nasty and it’s a beast. It settles everything into itself very nicely and I will probably find a use for it on every song I record.

R. Sortwell

August 8, 2023

Great limiter

Does what it says


August 7, 2023

Amazing Sound Quality

I have so many plugins, mostly bought as collections. I wondered, as always, do I really need more? I already had some LA-2A plugins by other vendors, and they have been my gotos for a long time. So why would I want another one? But because it was Universal Audio, I thought I would take a look at the demo version. Tried it out on a couple of tracks and within minutes, clicked the BUY button. The sound was just so impressive, I knew I had to have it. Awesome work UA :)

O. Cuellar

August 2, 2023


This preamp makes my guitar comes alive , Uad are the best


August 1, 2023


smooth as fuck

H. Marley

August 1, 2023

Excellent Vibe

Such a great compressor!

Really brings so many of my sources to life

J. Moya

July 31, 2023

Beautiful just beautiful

Get it! This compressor collection is versatile

a. azilazian

July 30, 2023

Love it!


O. Kudin

July 29, 2023

A great classic of all time.

Absolutely universal EQ suitable for everything and giving a good color to the upper frequencies.
The only thing I don't like is the bass boost.

I recommend this legend. She is worth every dollar!

O. Kudin

July 29, 2023

Final search point 1176

Actually, this compressor brought me to the world of UADs and thanks to it I bought my first audio interface)

I've tried many different brands of compressors in the past and they've all been lifeless, unbalanced, or too bright to the point of being extremely uncomfortable.

But having bought 1176, I experienced such a range of emotions that it is impossible to convey.
Imagine! You've been standing all your life and just now sat down! No, you even lay down on the soft bed.)

So, we are talking about these compressors! You will forget about tons of unnecessary plugins from other companies when these 3 great versions do all your work!

I consider it one of the best compressors of the century! 10/10

O. Kudin

July 29, 2023

Classic preamp with good sound.

good sound.
Universal preamp suitable for everything.
On the 610, you can customize any sound you like.
Want a bright sound? Easily!
Thick and warm? Get it!

C. Mcintosh

July 26, 2023

End game in the box 1176

Your search for a 1176 vst ends here.

541-560 of 5192 Results