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Customer Reviews

Analog Classics Pro Bundle

Overall Rating

681-700 of 4527 Results

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L. Hongbo

June 4, 2023

Very Good!!!

This is the best Fairchild modeling compression I have ever used!

S. Huntley

June 4, 2023

Love Love Love It

Used the real thing for 30+ Years. Always had at least 4 of them in my effects rack. Never used meters to tune them, always just relied on my ears. Still have 2 of them that are pretty well matched. But they both have their own distinctive sound. This plug-in doesn’t have that. It always sounds the same. I turn the same knobs the same way and still use my ears. I took good care of them and hope to be able to use them for a few more years…

R. Wittmann

June 4, 2023

Die besten 1176 Plugins!

Ich habe in den letzten Jahren unzählige 1176 Plugins unterschiedlicher Anbieter ausprobiert und mit einigen auch lange gearbeitet. Seit ich die UAD-Versionen zum ersten Mal getestet habe, gibt es für mich keine anderen mehr. Exzellent !

P. Fiore

June 4, 2023

mi primera opcion

suena al hardware almenos para mi, muchos complementos dicen que se acercan, este no, este iguala al hardware y es mi primera opcion en todos mis trabajos de ecualizacion musical, un sonido unico y caracteristico, sin palabras una completa belleza

P. Fiore

June 4, 2023

Belleza de una reliquia

Si buscas esa compresión con ese color hermoso analógico este es el camino, lo utilizo en mi bus master la mayoria de los casos, pero la alternativa 660 cabe muy bien en muchisimos instrumentos individuales, es simplemente hermoso

m. moncada

June 4, 2023

es la mejor emulación de todas las marcas

su caracter, su sonido sus graficos me encantaa :)

S. Jedrek

June 4, 2023

Validation is a nightmare

For some reason these plugins don’t just activate once, they need to activate every time you open them, which means if you have no internet you can’t use them. Why they don’t have the ilok license on the hardware like every other plug-in company I’ve used I’ll never know. Extremely bad user experience, I used for 10 minutes then because it want to re validate again and I had no internet they locked up and I had to go through support to learn a process to get them unlocked again. Now i can’t use them in any projects because if I don’t have internet they won’t run….even though they’ve been validated over and over again, could understand if I was subscribing but I have a perpetual license. It should validate once and never again. If I had spare usb slots I’d get an ilok usb stick but that’s not an option for everyone & we don’t all have 24:7 internet.

D. Hogan

June 4, 2023

Better than Waves Audio

Better than Waves Audio


June 3, 2023

Marvelous !!

Amazing !!


June 3, 2023

Excellent plugins

There are many simulation plugins for 1176, but this is my favorite

g. parenti

June 3, 2023

El mejor

El mejor plugin de PULTEC qué he probado y tengo, solo ponerlo y dar 1 db es suficiente para cambiar todo! Es excelente

I. Bigel

June 3, 2023


This is the BEST emulation (!!!!)
I love the whole 3 components, anyone just saves me in a different scenarios when I need an Opto compressor.

Really nice ♥️

I. Bigel

June 3, 2023

Really smooth compression and saturation.

Great job from UA as always!
I find UA’s 670 the most useful when I need a tube Fairchild style compressor.
When the sides aren’t linked there is a real
Magic the is happening.

I do find the Output is before the mix a bit weird, also a tooltip may be very useful for the tiny knobs ;)

Thanks guys,
Idan B.

f. Lopez

June 3, 2023


10/10 the best

E. Gonzales Talledo

June 3, 2023

Excelente Producto

Hace tiempo ya estaba x comprarlo ahora que salió nativo me siento muy bien con el encanta, la compresion es super buena y agradable al oido

d. ruiz

June 3, 2023

los mejores complementos de toda la industria

Siempre veía a muchos en YouTube usarlos y decir que eran los mejores, y la verdad que a mi me molestaba un poco y concluía como muchos en que solo trataban de vendernos estos complementos, y que con otras emulaciones inclusive gratuitos era exactamente lo mismo, hasta que use la prueba gratuita y sin dudas los compre luego, son los mejores y le aportan mucho a las fuente en las que se los aplica (siempre que esas fuentes estén bien grabadas) ojala pronto pueda volver a comprar, los 1176 y el Fairchild serán los próximos

R. Baharsyah

June 3, 2023

versatile and classy

This plugin will make your tracks sound better just by putting it on a channel.

R. Barreto

June 3, 2023


Ces compresseurs font vraiment la différence!!!!!!!!!!

D. van der Leeden

June 3, 2023

Analog in the box

First tried it as an insert on the master bus, neutral eq settings. I hardly recognized my mix work before. Such an enriching analog sound. Simply amazing

B. Rodriguez

June 3, 2023


Best sounding 1176 plugin ive tried

681-700 of 4527 Results