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Customer Reviews

Analog Classics Pro Bundle

Overall Rating

201-220 of 5226 Results

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N. Antonio

October 19, 2023


Siempre quise ésta emulación de pultec y sobre todo de Universal Audio, y ahora es mi arma secreta para dar esa musicalidad a mis pistas. Grandioso!!!

C. Doud

October 19, 2023

Classic, Smooth EQ. Fall in love with a classic!

Accent, notch, or remove frequencies without collapsing, screeching, or having to rework an entire mix to adjust one track. Quirky at first, but once you get to understand this EQ pack, it may very well become one of your favorites.

N. Antonio

October 19, 2023


Una vez que los insertas tan solo tienes que nivelar. Ahí tienes el sonido perfecto del aparato analógico. Una maravilla.

T. Mai

October 18, 2023

The real deal

to many fakes out there, if you want the real thing what out buying the physical hardware, this is the one.

R. Rasiński

October 17, 2023

Another compressor with a different character

I already have a lot of different compressors from UA and I thought that was enough. However, when I started playing the LA2A demo, I immediately wanted to buy it. Works very well with 1176 or Fairchild

S. Taji

October 17, 2023

Great EQ

This is really great EQ. I am not good at mixing, however this plugin made my music better sound. I can recommend!

M. Schisler

October 17, 2023

Sounds great

Like most everything UAD, this sounds great with very little effort. And when you run it thru a battery of technical tests it confirms on graphs the same high quality already heard by the ears.

G. N

October 17, 2023

Classic Limiters

So cool warm sound . Looking forward to try the APIs one day

G. N

October 17, 2023

EQ Pultec

There are no words to describe these awesome plugins. I love analog, just hope they could work also whenever I am going offline

G. N

October 17, 2023

Fairchild Tube

Awesome plugins, the analog world on my laptop!

T. Valosek

October 17, 2023

Malý zázrak

Zatím ještě objevuji všechny možnosti, ale už teď jsem nadšený :)


October 16, 2023

Beautiful sound

Makes absolutely beautiful any instrument

U. Juhl

October 16, 2023

Can be used for anything.

Always good sound. Ad Oumph, remove Oumph. Ad treble, remove treble. Ad focus to Low, Mid or High.

G. Corben

October 16, 2023

I have 5 other Fairchilds but only use this one

Have a whole bunch of these, one of them is very good, but this one is awesome, plus like most of the other plugins comes with a lesser modelled bonus in this case the mono 660.
I hate the iLok but this review is for the plugins themselves and these are fantastic

G. Corben

October 16, 2023

The Pultec Trick

Am loving these Pultec EQs. I had not see emulations of the other two models and they really complement the EQP 1A. Once again the iLok is very annoying, feels like the constant calling home slows my DAW, but the actual plugins are wonderful

G. Corben

October 16, 2023

These 1176s are the real deal

Loving the 1176s - I really like these bundles of different models UAD does. The GUIs are spot on too unlike some other brands.

N. Jeremic

October 16, 2023

Vintage vibes FTW!!!

I love it on my orchestral bus, also great on percussion.
660 version is great for solo stringed instruments, and mono bass synths.

D. Savastyanov

October 16, 2023

my first plugin which became really must have

incredible plugin. incredible sound quality
no trash in my sound like in another compressors like waves)) thx uad for your job

D. Vazquez

October 16, 2023

A must have!

Great product, fell in love with the sound and it doesn't disappoint. Gives that instant color with vintage vibes. Love it!!

R. Studio

October 15, 2023

Muy buen compresor

perfecto compresor

201-220 of 5226 Results