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Customer Reviews

Analog Classics Pro Bundle

Overall Rating

121-140 of 4536 Results

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E. Sedrick

March 15, 2024

UAD > competition

There are a million competing Pultec emulations out there. Most of them will get the job done as far as EQing things goes. But as far as using them like one uses the hardware, for their extra special sauce and gentle shaping, the UAD's are leader of the pack. You'll notice it within seconds of playing with it. They are also a pleasure to use, don't wreck the integrity of my signal, and the GUI is the best Pultec GUI out there. I use these all the time, for every mix.

E. Sedrick

March 11, 2024

If you find yourself asking, "where's the beef?"

Then this will do you nicely. This thing is phat in tone, with a lot of vibe. Aside from the tone, it has very interesting compression characteristics that are hard to describe. Some sources sort of "bloom" out when you strap this thing on, it's nifty.

S. Inwards

March 10, 2024

Audio icing

A great collection for adding analog warmth. As with all UAD plugins, they are easy to operate with excellent preset starting points. And if you need help dialling in the sound you want, the manual is comprehensive and clear.

D. Jackson

March 10, 2024


I upgraded from the legacy modelled version. It’s well worth the upgrade.

E. Sedrick

March 9, 2024

Still the best 1176 plugins!

These are almost as good as the hardware, and more authentic in the short attack time behavior than competing emulations. Great stuff!

E. Sedrick

March 9, 2024

Best ITB LA-2A

Unlike other plugins trying to emulate this hardware, the UAD version is very close. Very smooth. The 3 different revisions all have quite different attack times, meaning this collection is a lot more flexible than it seems with just the two knobs.

r. wormmeester

February 29, 2024

It just Delivers!!! Great and warm sound!

What a beautiful product to Add to your sonic arsenal for a tiny bit of warmth on a bus or a blast of Bass and Air that will make you smile.
The presets are a great start but these are very easy to dial in plugins the.
I really like the Meq-5 on guitars and use both to give a final touch on my master channel.
Just a bit of boost and cut can go can make a big difference and even with our any boost or cut it’ll add that bit of analog sound inside your digital workspace! At first I was like cool a new plug-in but it just delivered with a few clicks I was amazed at how this made me smile!

G. Smith

February 22, 2024

Takes it to another level

You can drop this on a 2 bus or even a tracking situation and it definitely increases the vibe!

R. Hoffman

February 16, 2024


As incredible as you'd expect. In any given situation, with any given instrument - this is one of if not the first EQs I reach for, every time.

P. Wyer

February 15, 2024

Smooth and reliable tones

Excellent compressor, nice to have the set to mix and match for Vox and guitars,

J. Cheek

February 15, 2024

Cannot imagine mixing without this plugin

The classic Pultec sound. This plugin just makes everything that passes through it so much more musical. It’s incredible the way it can give a source so much more vibe, depth and sense of a creating a 3D image from something 2D. Indispensable.

Thank you!


M. Carmona

February 11, 2024

Great sound!

The king of the compressors!

M. Morrise

February 8, 2024

Great workhorse for vocal leveling

I purchased the LA-2A Leveler Collection in October 2023 through Plugin Boutique. License registration to my UA account was quick and easy. It's been lovely to have access to sweet, sweet optoelectrical compression. The LA-2A is considered a studio staple with good reason, and UA have delivered a fine set of emulations.

D. MK Autêntico

February 7, 2024

muito bom!

UAD confiança 100% em qualidade

D. MK Autêntico

February 7, 2024

mt fooooooood4!

UAD só entrega produto de qualidade, confiança 100%

B. Wright

February 6, 2024

1176 Classic Limiter Collection

Love them, a must have

B. Wright

February 6, 2024

Get it

Awesome plugin

V. Stepanski

February 1, 2024

1176 Classic Limiter Collection

Classic great & excellents compressors collection

B. Polajnar

February 1, 2024

Uad Pultec is king of EQs

Pultec was allways my favorite eq and still in 2024! Thank you UAD and my Respect for what you create for us musicians.

L. Motta

February 1, 2024

Good stuff!!

very creamy

121-140 of 4536 Results