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Unison Enabled

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API Preamp

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C. Williams

May 17, 2023


Happy I purchased this channel strip and will be purchasing more

P. Farber

May 6, 2023

Keep it simple

The API pre has been great as a unison pre. Personally I prefer to add eq and compression after I record . This pre is super quiet and allows me to get a good level for acoustic guitar

M. Le Borgne

April 19, 2023


Avec le Neve Preamp ce sont les deux plugins indispensables, notamment avec le Sphere DLX.
Placés dans l'insert Unisson de l'Apollo, ils fonctionnent parfaitement bien avec tous les types de micros ou les émulations Sphère. Ces deux préamp avec chacun des caractéristiques différentes, valorisent et restituent fidèlement la personnalité de chaque micro.
Un régal.

J. Browne

March 29, 2023

API Preamp

Adds a layer of fluidity and transparency to recordings. Fantastic product

A. Rosario

March 5, 2023

Thumbs up

Good preamp with low DSP usage.

c. rosario

February 26, 2023

Love Pre-amps

Great preamp for different applications

R. Bradish

February 2, 2023

Nice Preamp

kick snare we go

K. Didvalis

January 28, 2023

Great preamp!

Great color.

D. Amatori

January 28, 2023

No other plugin can't compete

wonderful .. ijust like the real one bit at affordable price .. bring life to every signal that pass through it... Can't live without it

L. Brown

January 26, 2023



D. P.

January 24, 2023

very impressive

the api preamp is a real salvation for fast and precise recording. Adjust gain, adjust output and record your setting from crystal clear over analog to saturated sound. For me the perfect different pre to the Neve 1290. simple but essenziell

J. Tornay

January 16, 2023

Great preamp

I use this preamp on all my Unison slots in Console, brings a punchy mid forward sound a bit less colored than a Neve. Love it!

T. Stankiewicz

January 10, 2023

Sounds perfect

It's perfect for vocals and sound incredible on acoustic guitar.

Š. Kominko

January 9, 2023

Excellent preamp

Excellent character on drums, vocals and bass. I recommend.

UAD User

January 7, 2023

Vale la pena

UAD User

January 7, 2023


Maravilloso producto

G. Goodwin III

January 5, 2023

UAD Killed it on this one!

I have a lot of UAD stuff. I like all of it, some of it I absolutely love. All the API stuff is among the 'I love it' crowd. It is really, really well done. Good work UAD!!!!

J. Berthier

December 27, 2022

Perfect to be used on multiple tracks for an API console emulation

I had the API Vision channel strip which sounds great but is too dsp intensive to be used on multiple tracks with my little Apollo Duo. This preamp only version allows me to put it on every tracks and to recreate a great sounding API Console (it uses just 9% of dsp per instance).

L. Spilger

December 24, 2022

Great sounding preamp

For a long time I always preferred the neve tones as they are more coloring to my ears. But I recently tend to opt to the several API emulation for it‘s more subtle coloration paired with clarity and punch. This is what this preamp delivers if you ask me!

N. Hassling-Offrell

December 23, 2022

Great preamp!

Really nice punchy sound!

1-20 of 151 Results

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