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Customer Reviews

API Vision Channel Strip Collection

Overall Rating

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p. sartori

May 16, 2021

An update for 150 bucks?

I own an API Vision Channel (now legacy). An "update" for $150? No, thanks. You need to rethink this.

L. Cordova

May 16, 2021

Una estafa Robo y Ridiculos

Compré la colección de canales de API Vision hace Un mes . Esta versión "mejorada", que es esencialmente la misma, dejó obsoleta mi licencia actual, y ahora tengo que comprar este producto una vez más para mantenerme actualizado. En mi lista de complementos, está claro que soy el propietario de API Vision Strip Collection, ya que muestra la licencia de este complemento, que tiene exactamente el mismo nombre (!) Con un pequeño lavado de cara que es de $ 300.00. Básicamente, rebajaron mi licencia a una especie de "legado", ya que no indica que ya sea propietario de este complemento mientras lo veo en el sitio de la UAD. Estoy decepcionado de tan gran compañía que estafa los artistas que apenas estamos sobreviviendo con esta pandemia porfavor necesitamos una solución rápiday sin costo adicional.

A. Alford

May 15, 2021

Ridiculous price for upgrading!!! How about some loyalty towards your loyal customers UAD!!!!

Ridiculous to have to pay $200 Canadian to upgrade this plugin which I bought recently. More and more people will be looking for other options if this model of fleecing loyal customers continues. A lot of customers like myself have invested many thousands of $$ both in uad hardware and plugins.

Give us a break!!!

R. Rütte

May 15, 2021

habe vor kurzem die API CS gekauft.

Sorry, jetzt fühle ich mich als wollte mann mir das Geld aus der Tasche ziehen!

L. Cordova

May 15, 2021

Una estafa!!!! Un robo Sin Vergüenzas

Francamente UAD hace poco pude adquirir el Api vision Chanel strep ahora para utilizar me dicen de paga 149euros es un robot y es ridiculo porfavor deja de aprovechar de los artistas que apenas estamos sobreviviendo

B. Nicolas

May 15, 2021

Soyez cool

Je suis très dessus et triste, je possède déjà le plug-ins, je demande à UAD d'êtres clément envers ses clients fidèle qui on acheter plus que 100 plug-ins et qui aime UAD, merci de nous offrir le petit sur plus ajouter sur le plug-ins, avec mes meilleures salutations

r. mays

May 15, 2021

6 months later….legacy

Not cool.

P. Hoier

May 15, 2021

Something about fairness.

Well, I have to chime in on the bad reviews on this one, UA. I hope you read these comments. There's a lot of them. And I read them everywhere.

I bought both the (now legacy) API Vision Strip AND the API 500 EQ Collection, not that long ago. The what the new Vision strip brings of new features and sound, apart from integrating the API 560 EQ into the strip, does not at all justify an upgrade fee of 149€.

Generally I'm a huge fan of your products, and all my previous reviews have been 5 stars for very good reasons. I know I'm late in the UAD game, and have been using your products for about a year only. And I think most of us can agree that generally there's a certain steepness to your prices, especially the price of getting into the game investing in the hardware to run the software. And I think most of us agree there's also a fairness to that, with regards to the high quality and modelling and the pleasure it is to work with. Using the sales throughout the last year, I invested a huge amount of money into your ecosystem. And as I'm not some hot shot producer at all, for me it's really a lot of money. At least I'm hoping for longevity and decency when it comes to simple upgrades.

In other words we as customers are indeed willing to pay a bit for that extra quality. But it's got to to be fair. This latest upgrade to the API Vision channel strip is not fair at all. There's simply too little to justify the price. I think it was Will or Drew who wrote on the forum, that the prices was comparable to the Helios upgrade. Well, the Helios upgrade was a serious upgrade, adding transformers, gain stage, interacting EQ's and Unision plus a gorgeous new UI. A completely different upgrade experience that was all worth the price. But this one, gives you nothing in comparison. It already had Unison. The Preamp and compressor and 550L EQ is the same. The 560L is similar to the API 560 EQ that I have also already paid for. There's something new at the output stage. But nothing that justifies the price. Not even close. And I think it's obvious for you too, as it is for everyone.

So what would be a decent upgrade price. Well I'll say if you set the price to 99€, it would still be a bit to the far side, but it would be OK. And then stick in that preamp to the bundle. I would probably buy it right away. Some of us would. You know us well. We're deeply loyal and respect your work, your approach and your great customer support. But I repeat it again; there has to be fairness. With this release there is'nt.

In regards to fairness, It would'nt be unfair to send a 50€ coupon in our direction.


May 15, 2021

Nothing new


B. Furuberg

May 15, 2021

downgrading, so bad!

Thanks, so I now need to buy it again. You guys are too much about money! Do not buy =( Time to move away from UA your getting to similar to Avid.

J. Fomsgaard

May 14, 2021

very disappointed

This should not be a paid update for existing owners.......pure greed...

B. Whitlock

May 13, 2021


I just bought the Vision Channel Strip now it’s an Old Legacy Plug and I’m supposed to paid another $150 for the update! WTF

A. Rivas

May 13, 2021

Please read-UAD

I purchased the Vision Channel Strip Collection API sometime back.
Now UAD decided to downgraded my license to "legacy". To get API Vision I would need to paid $150- I am sorry UAD this is RIDICULOUS!!

S. Pagano

May 13, 2021

Dont upgrade your version

If you were thinking about it before reading this, don't do the latest update. Your "updated" product will now render your previous API as a legacy version. The only upgrade in modern history to downgrade your product. Poor etiquette, UA, we expected better.

L. Naffin

May 13, 2021

updates should be free!

UAD plugins are good but expensive. Premium prices should include updates. From now on i will rather look for native solutions. Especially because the quality differences don't justify the price anymore.

E. Obreiter

May 13, 2021

Buy it Twice! This is a very bad business practice!!! Quite bad character

I also owned the API Vision Channel strip and now, I have to buy it again????
This is a very bad business practice. I expect my purchase to be restored immediately!!!
Does UAD really need to cheat customers?
Isn't it enough to have absolute exorbitant prices for all the plugins?

A. Carr

May 12, 2021

Should have been a free upgrade for existing owners

It is so ridiculous that I already owned this product and am now being asked to pay $150 – essentially just for a new EQ module that is extremely similar to the previous one – in order to stay up to date. UAD make so many incredible plugins that it is so disappointing and frustrating to see you opportunistically embracing this gross paid-minor-upgrade culture like so many other developers. You need to rethink this.

P. Romitelli

May 12, 2021

Api visione legacy

12 days ago I purchased the Vision Channel Strip Collection API. They downgraded my license to "legacy". You can't pay for a full price plugin that becomes legacy after just a few days. I am very disappointed.

a. toth

May 12, 2021

politique désatreuse

Honte à vous Uad de faire passer un channel strip sous le terme legacy et de demander 150 euros ( en remise ) aux anciens détenteurs de ce plugin pour obtenir la mise à a jour. Honteux.... Déjà pour Luna ( windows) et maintenant ça ???

a. toth

May 12, 2021

Quel arnaque..

J'ai acheté le channel strip api vision l'année dernière.
Ils ont sorti une mise a jour de ce plugin et ont fait passer l'ancienne version en Legacy ??????
Honteux si je veux utilisé la nouvelle mise à jour (ajout d'un Eq en plus seulement) je dois dépenser de nouveau 150 euros à .. Sérieusement les mecs vous êtes des escrocs.

601-620 of 1350 Results