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Customer Reviews

API Vision Channel Strip Collection

Overall Rating

701-720 of 1361 Results

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R. Hutcheson

June 24, 2020

Track guitars with this

I cant get past using this when tracking guitars. I reach for the e channel or the neve, but it just doesnt quite do what the API can with fast transients.


June 21, 2020

the best for acoustic

I use the 1084 as a pre to record and mix if Api CS always. Simply the best!!!

D. Roesberg

June 20, 2020

Perfect for recording drums

The API Channel Strip has everything I need for Drum Recordings. The sound is very nice.

S. Parikh

June 18, 2020

API Vision Channel Strip

Nice Plugin for voiceover

h. thiono

June 18, 2020

Irreplaceable, must have..

Love this so much..
Almost use it in every part of the mix, great unison preamp for tracking as well.
Will not trade this for other channel strip.
Function as swiss army knive.. All in one!
I choose API vision over SSL4000 because of strong API character in preamp, compressor and EQ.
Great job UAD!

T. Rice

June 12, 2020

Probably my most used UAD plugin

the thing sounds great, the EQ is amazing, the compression can be really subtle or really not subtle. The breakup on the preamp can get a bit out of hand, but shines really nicely in it's sweet spot on everything. It sounds awesome on everything.

S. Shaw

June 12, 2020

Great on acoustic instruments

The API vision channel strip has a special color that is really suited for tracking or processing acoustic instruments. It just makes things sound more organic and natural, to the extent that I don't realize there's any coloring.

S. Rowe

June 12, 2020


Enough said!

M. dePaula

June 9, 2020

Hands down my favorite channel strip

There's a reason why so many studios here in Nashville have API consoles. This channel strip is why. Sounds great on everything! Pristine clarity with just enough color when you need it. Worth every penny!

J. Lukomski

May 31, 2020

Very musical

very musical, love it

L. Nagy

May 28, 2020

Favorite Channel Strip

My favorite channel strip plugin without a question!

M. Eriksson

May 26, 2020


One of the best!

M. Del Bene

May 25, 2020

API please bring me to rock!

If You want to rock, you need an API. I don't know who told me this so I decided to try it on my new Apollo X6 that i bought in lockdown working at home. I plugged my kemper and was simply a pleasure. I never used the Api's HD but we are in the SW age so...

N. Ibañez

May 22, 2020

Amazing Channel Strip

I wanted to get a new channel strip that would give me the flexibility to use gates, compressors and equalizers at the same time. After trying this and the SSL I opted for the API cause I found the work it does for Rock and Pop very good. It also has a very low DSP consumption.

M. Dekytspotter

May 21, 2020

API make me Happy ??

Yes very good filter...more presets... »efficace » !

R. Pressman

May 15, 2020

Excellent strip

Versatile tool that is great for adding punch when you need it.

W. Shepherd

May 13, 2020

Plugin ruined by UA abysmal authorization process

I bought the plugin a few weeks ago and authorization never worked, I decided to use the demo version hoping it it just took a few days to propagate through their system. As of today, the demo has expired and redoing the authorization process has no effect. Either I want my money back or UA better fix their terrible device registration process. You seriously can't give us a fracking form I can fill out? Why do I have to re-install a 3GB file, restart my computer, and pray your installer can open anything on my system after I've logged in (hint: you can't with any degree of consistency).

As for my actual review of the product, the demo is great.

C. Killian

May 9, 2020

Excellent Plug In

I started using this one as my main go-to for my live drum recordings. Very easy to use and make quick adjustments to some already nice presets. Lets me quickly dial in what I need. Using Logic Pro on a Mac6.1 Catalina with no issues.

J. Meade

May 8, 2020

Downward Expansion is Superb

I knew nothing about the plug-in until I took Tim Tippets' course on audio production. This box, in tandem with other ingredients in Tim's "secret sauce," handles downward expansion like a dream when set up properly. The quiet that shows up between phrases is just the right amount. It's a quiet, smooth transition from phrasing to the noise floor.

K. Tankersley

May 4, 2020

After using a real API Legacy...

I'm in school at CRAS. We had to mix down a project on the API Legacy console. After that, I needed to have the punch and coloration in my plugin collection. It is spot on. The kind of thing I've come to expect from UA!

701-720 of 1361 Results