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Customer Reviews

API Vision Channel Strip Collection

Overall Rating

781-800 of 1343 Results

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C. Moore

April 12, 2019

Best Unison Preamp EVER!!!

AMAZING!!!! The sound quality is immaculate! The API sound is at my fingertips in a compact form factor via my Apollo Twin. Can’t believe I didn’t invested in this technology sooner!

C. Kuffner

April 8, 2019

The go to channel strip.

Sounds API! Gate works great! Comp is good for subtle moves. Eq rules. All the thumbs up!

S. Jacobsen

April 6, 2019

I have never used a real API but this makes me wish I have!

I love having this in my arsenal. I've had the waves version for years which is great but these UAD plugs just seem to have so much more realism! The sound is amazing and what better way to add an API console to your system with out spending THOUSANDS of dollars!

B. Gfeller

April 2, 2019

simply to use

simply to use, sounds good

J. Poole

March 30, 2019

One of the better channel strips

If the source is a tad harsh, the API is perfect, if it needs a little drive, SSL. If I could only have two channel strips, this is one of them.

G. Erna

March 19, 2019

its great !!!

the sound is very good ..... I love the compressor .... end the super fast gate !!! the eq have smooth sound wel done...UA

A. Ferguson'

March 19, 2019

Just amazing!

After using real API’s in many of the studios I work in. I had to pull the trigger on getting one myself. I was considering the 500 series version and then I tried the demo of the API Vision Channel strip. Wow! It sounded amazing! It honestly made my guitars come alive! And the best thing was I could save my settings and also us other engineers presets! UA you have knocked it out of the park again!

A. Fusini

March 15, 2019

Come l'analogico

Stupendo, nessun altro aggettivo possibile.

M. Leys

March 12, 2019


I love that punch, each time i use this on my kick and i feel so so good every single time :-p
If you send the right signal level to it then those presets amazingly could work.
i would like to say it "i love that punch and color <3"

P. Calabria

March 7, 2019


I own 3 Rack API 3124 and using this plugin really shocked me! I find it a great alternative to the SSL Channel Strip, this adds even more punch and "sound in the face" of SSL! Really special on Drums !!!

T. Paul

March 7, 2019

Nice flavour

I love having different channel strips to choose from. So this is a welcome addition to my plug in arsenal.

L. Lammert

February 11, 2019

Digging it

Don’t have the hardware, so I can’t compare, but I do like this strip a lot

C. Bandini

February 7, 2019

Great plugin!!

The preamp in unison mode adds tons of API character to the tracks.
I love it even if i never use the eq and dynamics!

B. Unis

January 28, 2019

Didn't know I needed this, until i tried it.

Having already had the SSL strip and Neve Strip, I felt satisfied in my options. Until I demo'd it knowing it was coming as a freebie with my octo purchase. WOW. game changer on drums for me (as a mainly pop / hip hop mixer and producer). The EQ is stellar, the compressor and side chain capabilities just make everything feel fatter and better. Instant juice :) Sometimes I feel like the step input options are too much or too little with no in between but I compensate with plugins before or after when needed. love it!

B. Thorpe

January 27, 2019

Wicked Punch warm harmonics

Punchy and warm is what I would use to describe this channel strip. Solid on drum busses and even killer on overall mix busses. I love it. The EQ does a fantastic job of cutting crazy unwanted frequencies. Rich sounding UAD plugin to my ears.

h. hyakkoku

January 24, 2019

It is a very silky sound, I feel the real machine of the API. This might be a problem only for me, but there was a slight sense of incongruity in the degree of the compressor's application. It is a point that the degree of caught of the threshold is sometimes not smooth with the sound of the Pad system. It may be due to my poor operation, so I will try to master it a bit more.

B. Willems

January 16, 2019

Lots of tools in one

Eq, compressor, gate, preamp all in one plugin!

J. Torres

January 15, 2019

Perfect Channel Strip

This channel strip does exactly what UAD says it does. It give you that sweet API vibe. I mostly got it for the purpose of tracking since it's very common for people to track anything from pianos to vocals through some sort of api console or mic pre. I love it!

D. Gianesello

January 12, 2019

Simply wonderful

A really wonderful channel-strip, classic API sound, with the advantage of weighing much less on the dsp compared to the other UAD-2 channel-strips (like SSL, Neve, UA, Helios,...)

A. Plier

January 6, 2019

Voice and Music

This is a really good plug-in for recording the voice ! User Friendly. It has a Very fast gate, expander and the EQ is very musical. Thank You.

781-800 of 1343 Results