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Customer Reviews

API Vision Channel Strip Collection

Overall Rating

841-860 of 1341 Results

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April 11, 2018

Everything you need for any sonic situation!!

You can be broad like a painter.....or laser focused like a surgeon with the power of this plug in. Could never afford the hardware versions....this is the next best thing - I don't think most people can tell the difference!!

J. Toifl

April 10, 2018

Good job

Very good channel strip.

h. YU

April 10, 2018


내가 가지고 있는 채널 스트립 중에 이게 최고야~ 도저히 어떤 플러그인도 이걸 따라올순 없어!

진짜야 너도 써봐

S. Long

April 9, 2018

Top Notch!

Great for tracking with Unison or in straight in your DAW. Amazing on guitars!

K. Smith

April 8, 2018

Very good, love to record through it

They really nailed the 2520 API op-amp and transformer tones, and the Vision's mic preamp. Very warm and clear, pretty good compressor too. I love it while mixing just sitting on the channel insert doing nothing but color. Not crazy about the eq though.


April 7, 2018


These plugins are so realistic to the old school analog units it's impossible to tell the difference!

M. Buracchi

April 2, 2018


Good plug in

M. Silverman

March 20, 2018

API Vission

Combine this with any UAD tape and you're as close as you can get to analogue. It's that simple. My tracks never sounded so 3D. Brilliant. Love you UAD!

K. Smith

March 17, 2018

I bought it for the pre-amp

...and keep it for the pre-amp. I think their 550A eq sounds a lot better, but just putting the Vision strip on some key tracks and the output buss adds some nice transormery tone I really like sometimes. Also a sweet color as a Unison pre-amp, which I use for most everything I record through the Twin interface.

M. Fletcher

March 15, 2018

Sounds wonderful

Another great channel strip/pre with all the tools in one place. Sounds awesome with my Pearlman TM-47. My Martin D15 never sounded so fine!

C. Paschall

March 14, 2018

API... Enough said

So great to have a full API channel strip available. Love the EQ on its own but having the rest at your fingertips really takes things to the next level.

D. Kuvalin

March 13, 2018


This channel strip gorgeous for solo tracks, as well as for buses. Compression and EQ are great. And Unison Technology raises to a new level. Great recreation of legendary console!

R. Gagl

March 12, 2018

This one changed my mind...

I never really was a fan of channel strips for different reasons. But this one definitely changed my mind. Whenever I need colour, this is my first choice.

P. Miro

February 2, 2018

A bit special

The hardware AP has always been one of my favourite channels. The eq is unique and works so well on just about every sound source. Having had the time to compare all aspects of the software v the hardware, this is about as close as it gets. Truly amazing emulations. One of the things I love most is what happens when you drive the preamp, softening the high end like nothing else.

K. Price

January 24, 2018

Awesome Api

I love the color it adds to singing vocals, one of my go to plugins

K. Price

January 24, 2018

Awesome Api

I love the color it adds to singing vocals, one of my go to plugins

A. Thebault

January 20, 2018

Killer sound

Sounds great on everything I've used it on and is great to use as a Unison plug-in when recording. Really happy with this plug-in!

J. Mack

January 11, 2018

Toolbox magic

Its fair to say I have a pre-standing love and ear for the 'API sound'. I absolutely love tracking with this through the unison pres. For acoustic guitar and vocals this is my favourite tracking tool, rich, full, dynamic and really flavourful when pushed a little. The compressor has a great punch and suits heavy strummed guitar, snares and drums generally. DSP usage is much lower than some other unison channel strips too. Thank you UA!

A. Iliev

January 11, 2018


Great emulation of the compressor and EQ sections.

J. Ueland

January 8, 2018

Sounds Beautiful

Such a musical plugin, It's warm, punchy and sounds amazing. I love having a Comp, Gate, Filter and EQ all in one great sounding place.

841-860 of 1341 Results