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Exclusively for LUNA Recording System

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Customer Reviews

LUNA API Vision Console Emulation Bundle

Overall Rating

201-220 of 2207 Results

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T. Ollivierra

December 11, 2023

Very handy channel strip

I put this on every channel in my project template and it really speeds up my workflow tremendously. I highly recommend it. Pay attention to the sales though because I bought this on sale for $149 and little over a week later it was $49. Sad faced clown about that but it is what it is.

C. Chapman

December 11, 2023

Great products but a nightmare when you send me UAD Connect and it doesn't install correctly

I am presently trying to uninstall and reinstall the UAD Connect that came along with my recent plug-in purchases. UAD Connect has obviously not installed correctly and is preventing me from the Presets on ANY of plug ins. Your tech dept is sending instructions referring to options I do not see in my Finder menus. Why did you send UAD Connect, I didn't ask for it, now I am trying to carry out my work with ALL my plug-ins in manual mode. Very annoyed !!

j. roe

December 10, 2023


This 2500 is a great compressor

M. Martinez

December 10, 2023


I have been using it on drums and bass and the result has been fantastic.

M. Martínez García

December 9, 2023


Amé el carácter que le aporta a mis mezclas, ojalá pudiéramos usarlo en otros DAW's

M. Martínez García

December 9, 2023


Amé el el carácter que le aporta a mis mezclas, ojalá pudiéramos usarlo en más DAW's

r. wicher

December 9, 2023


I used this plugin on guitar, piano, vocals, bass, and drums in some fashion or another, and found to be a must have in my workflows. Clean, warmth, color, punch, and versatility is unmatched in my book. Thank you UA!

J. Smalls

December 8, 2023

Great all around compressor

I use the API 2500 in multiple ways, in the mix or for post mastering. I love it more for mastering its glues everything together and with the tone section really adds depth. I say for the sale price you shouldn’t need a review to help with the purchase JUST BUY IT. Otherwise this is an amazing plugin and I highly recommend it!

R. Thibodeau

December 6, 2023

Can confirm

Sounds great on drums.

R. Thibodeau

December 6, 2023

Can confirm

Sounds great on drums.

E. Bureau

December 6, 2023

Amazing workflow

Anyone who ever had a chance to track and/or mix on a real high quality console will understand how much it means to have everything going through the same type channel strips for both workflow and sound.

The API implementation in Luna really gives you just that - the feel and sound of mixing on a real console! This sets Luna miles apart from any other DAW, when it comes to mixing.

Now I’m just patiently waiting for the Neve 80-series console emulation to roll out..

V. Radomskyi

December 4, 2023


Wonderfull, clear, it’s what you need to do something great

R. Scheepers

December 2, 2023

Best Filters

Great and warm sounding API Filters! Very useful!

S. Shaboutin

December 1, 2023

Awesome! API 2500 Bus Compressor!

I tried the API 2500 Bus Compressor and I really liked it. It takes very nice colors. From now on this will be my permanent mixing tool!

E. Zorgman

November 29, 2023

Open up the harmonics

This little beast is so transparent. Its great and doesn't change anything about the sound. Open up with a nice bright addition of harmonics and adds a great amount of detail to your sound. Using this as a export from soft synths, basses and leads. Love the character this gives.

N. Merrick

November 28, 2023

API 2500 Bus Compressor

Great plugin!

E. Starzhynskiy

November 28, 2023

About UAD

I hope UAD will make all plugins compatible with Windows systems and various DAWs so that everyone can use them and it's your income too! Please take this into consideration. We are really looking forward to it!

B. Highet

November 27, 2023

Love this

Blown away, love the different vocal presets

E. Jul

November 26, 2023

Best of the Bests

I finally was able to purchase the Emulation Console, the main feature I really wanted to try within LUNA. I was amazed with the workflow and the sound quality! I did my first recording within LUNA with the Emulation Console and I would tell the difference it makes immediately!! The nobs are within reach without having to open any plugins!!! I was a Pro Tools user. After my first mix with the Console feature, I immediately stopped my subscription to Pro Tools. I’m never going back!! This Console feature to me makes LUNA is by far DAW I’ve ever used!!

Thank you UAD!!

C. Marulanda

November 25, 2023

Awesome !!!!!

It definitely gives something more to my music , it brings it to life with just by loading the extension, love it .

201-220 of 2207 Results