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LUNA API Vision Console Emulation Bundle

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D. Hetzel

March 8, 2022

Best console emulation

Oh man, this console emulation sounds absolutely fantastic. It really gives an analog feel that I have not been able to get with any other Chanel strip. I love it.

M. Johnstone

March 2, 2022

Top class

This is far best buss I have ever used

R. Thomas

February 26, 2022

This is great

This makes me want to use Luna. But my question is will we every get a full SSL console emulation like this? You’ve done it with Neve and API. Let’s go SSL

M. Giorgini

February 25, 2022

Excellent Plugin!

As an experienced user of API hardware, I was pleasantly surprised by how well this plugin captures the sound, and more so, the “mojo” of the original equipment.

T. Roager

February 22, 2022

Great Plugin

Great addition to my plugins. Easy to use. I use it for almost everything.

A. Tyler

February 20, 2022

Put in Unison for Guitars and never turn it off :)

When tracking guitar amps via mics or... even if plugging in the output of a modeler like Axe-FX or a Kemper to the UAD. Toss this in the Unison Preamp and hit it just hard enough to hear the magic warmth and analog top-end sizzle take over. Makes real amps through good mics sound like they are going through a real API 312 and running a modeler through it makes those sound less digital. Also works great in the DAW as the first insert before an amp sim plugin at mix.

A. Tyler

February 20, 2022

Another awesome "is it hardware or software" mystery from UAD

I work with the real deal API 2500 analog rack mount often and like others have said here this UAD plugin version is very very close. I have also owned other plugin versions by different brands and the UAD version is by far the best. The analog hardware may be slightly more open in the top end and warmer in the low mids but both sound wide, punchy and huge.

h. mat talip

February 12, 2022

Great plugin ever

This things make my mixes changed 360 upside down like real hardware if you want a modern taste so get this believe me you wont regret.I use this together with Oxide tape on the bus track.

J. Gang

February 9, 2022

Great Sound!

Great Sound! Mixbus or Mastering, also Tracks. Very musical sound. Love it!

A. Lopes dos Santos

February 2, 2022

Game Changing System

The combination of the Summing and Tape Extensions inside Luna represent a game changing solution, I believe. The effect this system has on the final result of my mixes is simply amazing.
If I had the chance to have jsut one of the now available summing options, I’d take the API, which is less “colored” than the Neve - that might work wonders on some recordings, of course. The API has the typical “bite” we all associate with their products, but also provides lots of clarity and, to my taste, has a gorgoeus effect on the low end frequencies of the mix.
I’ve never heard/felt that “velvety” low end on my mixes, before using this combo (API Summing and ATR-102 Tape), inside Luna.
I work exclusively ITB and this setup has just made me yet more confident that, today, it’s absolutely possible to remain ITB, from start to finish of my work, with no regrets. Congrats, folks!


February 1, 2022

Really good from Tracking!

Really good from Tracking!

j. mora castillo

February 1, 2022


Rápido y fácil me gusta

S. Bachell

January 31, 2022

Versatile channel strip

Great addition to my plugins, really versatile with lots of ways to add nuance to the sounds being captured

A. Viola

January 31, 2022

I was skeptical too..

but having bought the 2500+ in hardware.. well, it is very hard for me to tell the difference between the two. The hw might have a bit more of depth (a hair) in the low end, and the transients and hi-mid are also A LITTLE BIT clearer.. but the plug in is stunning, the difference is not ten times the price. I am thinking in returning the hardware and find a more unique tool because the plug in is so close, it behaves practically the same.

J. Weber

January 31, 2022

Just the right flavor

Very happy with my purchase!

P. Christian

January 27, 2022

Quick and Easy

Great plug-in. Easy to set up and low DSP. Great classic API color.

E. Jegu

January 27, 2022


14.2% of (1) DSP ressources used with API Preamp instead of 30% with the API console. Great ! Only If you are short with DSP... minus 1 star because it's not free for the full console user/buyer.

M. God

January 26, 2022


Great Plug-in 5 Star

i. becerril

January 26, 2022



D. Echegorri

January 25, 2022


Compré este plugin fundamentalmente por el gate. Nunca vi un Gate que funcione tan bien como éste. Sé que por ahora estoy desaprovechando el resto de todo lo bueno que proporciona este plugin. Pero solo por el Gate ya vale la pena. Excelente!

301-320 of 1911 Results