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Exclusively for LUNA Recording System

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Customer Reviews

LUNA API Vision Console Emulation Bundle

Overall Rating

921-940 of 2165 Results

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July 7, 2021

Mac niff

This is definitely my go to mic pre superb


July 7, 2021

Mac niff

This is definitely my go to mic pre superb

L. Naffin

July 6, 2021

how often should you pay for the "same"

i can not buy any more uad plugins. if you pay much for a plugin updating should be free.

J. Mckenzie

July 3, 2021

Got to learn

Gotta learn more overall great


July 3, 2021

Tone on Top

Great character sound, love in tracking and also adding color and saturation into my mixing duty's.

A. Aubry Carlson

July 3, 2021

No Way.

Thanks UAD. A 150$ upgrade for legacy clients. I know i have a plugin written "Legacy" all over it. I even had a remark from a clients. "Oh, you are using an old plugin..."
Try to explain that to your client...
A nice stab in the back, thanks UAD.

D. Murphy

July 1, 2021


I guess I'm lucky time-wise, as for me it's a new purchase and not an update, so the sale price is good value. I'm very happy with it.

V. Garcia

June 30, 2021

Cálidez inigualable en tus grabaciones

excelente emulación de carácter analógico, estoy muy satisfecho con esta adquisición, felicidades equipo UAD.

C. Uquillas

June 30, 2021

Great !

Great plugin

D. Healey

June 29, 2021

Absolutely superb

Amazing workflow for Luna - it’s never been so easy to get a mix to come together. From the channelstrip right through to the summing and the API 2500, the character adds up. So easy to deal with hard transients now itb.

I owned most API plugins but it’s been well worth the jump to Luna for production and mixing just to have the entire console path and also the tape emulations, plus UAD dsp, all at low latency - incredible!

P. Inder

June 29, 2021

Not updating to 9.14 after reading the 1 star reviews here.

So relieved that I came here and read these reviews first. I own the API Vision Channel Strip and I'm not about to "update" to 9.14 just so UAD can slap a "Legacy" sticker on my already bought-and-paid-for-with-my-hard-earned-cash product. I'll stay on V 9.13. For good. And in case UAD are reading this, you should reverse this API Vision shenanigan on your next update. This is bad business practice. And to back up my claim, I'm running a 1TB external SSD on my laptop rig (not my Mac Pro Tower rig which already contains 1 UAD Octo card and 1 UAD Quad card - yep I'm a loyal veteran UAD user ever since the UAD-1 came out in 2001) so it makes no odds to me to stay on Mac OS High Sierra on said external SSD Thunderbolt, using my UAD Apollo Twin and my UAD Apollo X8P for chiefly hardware I/O purposes. I can always boot my laptop from it's internal drive for general purpose laptop use using Mojave (currently) or whatever OS. Makes no odds to me. But this looks like the end of the road for me regarding UAD - if this kind of activity continues to be their new "business" model. Not impressed at all. And for the record, I also own a UAD 2-610 and a UAD 2-1176. I'll just leave it there. The ball's in UAD's court. It's up to them now to restore the currently damaged faith and trust to their loyal customers. UAD, give your customers back their API Vision Channel Strip on the next update. Remove the "legacy" badge. Revoke the charge for the Vision update. It's not a good look and doesn't suit you. I'll just go all in with Fabfilter and other native plugins should UAD continue down this road. I already own enough UAD plugins (and some nice creamy analog hardware to boot, to get by just fine). Do the right thing, guys.

P. Hoier

June 28, 2021

I finally jumped on this.... but only because I was after a bundle anyway.

Otherwise I would'nt have done it. I still think the upgrade price is a disgrace. But as part of a bundle I got it for around $80. That is a very fair price.
With that said, yes I believe I can hear a tiny bit more fatness than the Legacy. When switching to the 560L the volume raises a tiny bit, and I hear an extra layer of 2520 Op Amp sizzling (when you crank a heavy hi shelf eq on the output). I guess that was part of the original 560L module and not just the 560B code reused ;), though the 550L seems to be driven by the 212L's 2520 Op Amp. Anyways more color when switching on the 560L. Not a bad thing in punching a mix up.

But I did a post in the forum, about the sliders on the 560L jumping when you click them, making fine adjustments rather difficult. The API 560 EQ sliders does not jump. I'd really love to see this 'corrected' in a future update.

But yeah. 3 stars is all I can give, as the close past still rests heavy on my memory.

H. Way

June 27, 2021

API Vision Channel Strip & Disappointed With UA and This So called upgrade

Let me first say I have always liked the UA API plugins and the UA Company but I’m really disappointed with the new direction UA is going with theses API new/old releases. Currently I have the now legacy API Vision Channel Strip the 550,560, and the 2500 plugins and why would they ask for so much for basically the same plugins just rapped up in a new GUI just for a few less mouse clicks. This is out of character for the company I held in such high regard. I’m really puzzled by this change of direction. Can we please have our old Universal Audio Company back? I honestly think with all the API plugins I already purchased from them with basically the same sound, this should be a free upgrade or at least a small fee.

K. Lasaine

June 27, 2021

Great investment!

Disregard the negative reviews as they have absolutely zero to do with sound quality and functionality. The bottom line is this; if you like the sound of an API console you can have it native on all tracks (in Luna) for the price of one hardware 500 series EQ ... or less if you already own the UAd Vision ch. strip and/or bus comp and summing. The more you own already, the less it is. It integrates elegantly in Luna and makes it all just that more quick and cohesive.

R. Saunders

June 26, 2021

Extortionate price for an update

Like other disgruntled UAD customers have stated this is an OBSCENE upgrade price for loyal customers who bought the original vision channel strip. Sample it right and completely the first time please and don’t try to sugar coat with the option of a graphic eq substitute in the strip when users have already purchased the api eq bundle as well!

F. zakariya

June 24, 2021

Great bus compressor with caractere

I love it in drum bus very clean and powerful

F. zakariya

June 24, 2021


Nice preamp clean and very enjoyable

R. Rütte

June 24, 2021


UA Plugins sind leider keine gute Geldanlage! Gerade erst den APIChannel Strip bezahlt und schon alter Kram! Kundenverachtend.
Ich kaufe mir vorerst keine UA Plugins mehr.

M. Horneman

June 24, 2021

API Goodness

Great plug-in and frees up dsp to track across multiple channels for drums.

I. Turner

June 23, 2021

inconsequential update for $150? think I'll pass.

First, let me say that I've been using the API Vision Channel strip for years and I have always loved it, especially on drums and synths. It is awesome to track through, and excellent for mixing. It has a very authentic API sound. My one star rating is for the update, which absolutely should have been given to owners of the original API Vision Channel strip, since it is barely an improvement. The only noticeable addition is an alternate Graphic EQ (personally I prefer the semi parametric EQ), and modeling of the fader output. In all of my experimenting with the demo it sounds the same to my ears as the original Vision CS. They already had made this channel strip well. I already paid for it. now I have the option of paying an additional $150 for basically nothing that I want, or continuing to use the channel strip I already bought, which has now been labeled "Legacy", which feels abstractly like a demotion. Whats the matter UAD? Its not like you have run out of cool gear to model. I normally never write bad revues, but this $150 update just stinks of bad business. I happily join the chorus of complainers who say, "Innovate!!! don't just put a new name on something I already own and expect me to pay $150 bucks for it." Also, it is a "collection" of one plugin with two eq options.

921-940 of 2165 Results