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Exclusively for LUNA Recording System

Regular Price: $699.00


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Customer Reviews

LUNA API Vision Console Emulation Bundle

Overall Rating

1021-1040 of 2165 Results

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R. Embick

May 26, 2021

the API pre is slamming period!

It MAKES! mixing acoustic Piano (Modern Steinway B) can't wait to use it on drum bus! (live)

S. Ballenden

May 26, 2021

API Vision

I dont own the original API vision channel strip but just demoed the Channel strip with Luna and was pretty floored incredible sound and integration into Luna.

I have owned the UAD API 2500 550 and 560 for years use them all in every mix I do.
Considering you also get the API 2500 bus comp in this deal which alone is $299 I don’t see the fuss in the upgrade price of $150 for existing vision owners.

Your essentially getting the API 2500 for half price if you look at it this way.

Anyhoo will definitely be grabbing this love the sound the integration and workflow into Luna big time saver with no floating windows can’t believe a daw has not done this years ago and with the option to also use in other daw pro tools etc it’s a great option.
Now we just need a dedicated hardware control surface for Luna or at least support for hui avid artist or presonus etc

Great work love this thing


May 26, 2021

Small update, big price

big price, small update

B. Edwards

May 26, 2021

Poor practice

I bought this plugin in January. Now I need to buy it again to get the latest version? Bad customer experience

G. Di Gallo

May 26, 2021

Channel strip to go

This is my bread and butter CS. I use it in almost in every mix. It's now degraded to legacy, but still sounds great. There's not much improvement in the upgrade. Kind of rip off.

J. Fernandez

May 26, 2021

Upgrades should be FREE

Way to rip off your customers. $150 just to add API 560? Crazy.

R. Cosh

May 26, 2021

Console Emulation - The Future is Here

Simply incredible to have the Vision console emulation in LUNA. It sounds and feels amazing and it's a great set of tools! Workflow improvements alone make this worth the price. Nice work UA!

d. oreskovic

May 26, 2021

Rip off

The great product and if a reasonable e price was set that's maybe also tolerable .I'm sorry but making loyal customers pay so much for an upgrade is nothing but a shameful, greedy rip-off,

d. oreskovic

May 26, 2021

Best for the best

The best sim so far.....That shimmering oasis in the distance ,that's the rest of the stuff out there..

F. Mittino

May 26, 2021

150$ to upgrade?

Same story. I bought the API plugin and now it has become 'legacy'.
You can see I'm not the only one complaining.
It is also a really cheap marketing strategy to show only few 5 stars reviews in the product page, ignoring the 99% of the complains. I hope you'll do something about this situation, your products are great and you are still in time to fix this.

l. Svendsen

May 26, 2021

Treat us better

As a super loyal customer, Swearing to your products and happily spending a lot on them - this is very disappointing.
Won’t buy another product one until you’ve corrected this.
Plugin Alliance, Slate and Acoustica are all fine alternatives.
Treat us better. It’s up to you.


May 26, 2021

Absolutely not

I already have the API channel strip I’m definitely not gonna pay €150 to get a new look for it very disappointed to say the least I’ve spent 1000s on your plug-ins and hardware time to look at Avids Carbon

P. Liksza

May 26, 2021


Die Plugins klingen super, aber das geht nicht: Geld Geld Geld, schade.

C. Azarcon

May 26, 2021

Awesome plugin!

Sound quality is incredible!


May 25, 2021

UAD API Channel Strip

Amazing sounding channel strip with the addition of the 560 eq and the pre amp. Very soon I'm gonna get the console version for Luna.

D. Hamric

May 25, 2021

Windows, not so much of a deal.

For Windows, a little on the expensive side for a PreAmp upgrade. Then they want you to buy the PreAmp again, as a separate plugin? It does look like a great plugin, if I could only run LUNA!

M. Jimenez

May 25, 2021


Please upgrade our Vision Channel Strip for free. It's the least you can do for loyal customers.

Z. Martin

May 25, 2021


The original API strip was a recent purchase, and already I’m being asked for $150 for a minor update to keep it current. This should’ve been a free upgrade for owners of the original. Truly disappointed in UA’s customer service on this one.

E. Obreiter

May 25, 2021

I'm done with UAD. Goodbye!!

Since UAD still hasn't restored my license, I've now decided to stop investing in the UAD platform. It is a mystery to me how a company can distribute the trust of the customers like this.

A. Fontaine

May 25, 2021

better workflow gets better sound !

I'm very happy with the Api console emulation bundle. Mixing is much more efficient and I get better results in less time. Sounds awesome and much more dsp free for others Effects This put Luna to an other level !

1021-1040 of 2165 Results