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Exclusively for LUNA Recording System

Regular Price: $699.00


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Customer Reviews

LUNA API Vision Console Emulation Bundle

Overall Rating

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m. meli

May 21, 2021

Sounds so good

I've never gotten to work on a vision console. But the first studio I worked at had a 32ch 1608 in each room. 550's and 560's on every channel. I really liked the sound of those boards. this feels familiar, but even better, more refined. What a deal. I see lot's of whining in these reviews about nothing other than the price. Which is less than a single 550 eq... so ??? I would imagine everyone whining is a weekend warrior/hobbyist. Everyone just seems mad at the price and feels entitled to the upgrade for some reason, as if software grew on trees. The summing is dope, the processing is dope, the ability to change position in the insert chain is dope. The sound of the pres is amazing. First project I did through it I was sold. Client was thrilled. Get it. If you can't afford it , you don't need it.

Z. Orr

May 21, 2021

Should be free for Vision / 2500 owners

I would absolutely love to use this. BUT, I’m not going to spend $350 for an upgrade of two plug-ins. I know it includes the summing …. But too many other companies now offer something similar to charge this premium. Studio One has “mix level” effects. PA has TMT and with them you could literally get EVERY single plug-in they make for a year for the cost of what this upgrade would cost. I’ve been saying what all of the reviewers are saying for years now… I love your plug ins but your business model is similar to record labels still trying to force CDs on the public who all own IPhones.

R. Razafindrakoto

May 21, 2021

Un bon produit mais ...

Super produit mais pas très respectueux de taxer 150$ pour la mise à jour !!!!
On attend toujours la compatibilité totale avec Apple Silicon M1 , c'est pour quand ?

M. Verschelden

May 21, 2021

Update? Never. Cheating your clients

You changed the name to legacy, so that it is useless in other applications like Softube Console? Then you ask €150,- for a new cosmetic changed version? Shame on you.
Gonna wait a long time for investing more in UAD.

C. Sublette

May 21, 2021

please make this more affordable

$150 when I already bought every API plugin is ridiculous!


May 20, 2021

Unfair upgrade pricing

I used to rate always with 5 stars because I like the quality of your products. What happened now? I have the API Vision channel strip. I also have the API EQ collection (which includes the 560 EQ). Why I have to pay 149 € for this upgrade?
UA, why you push me away after 20 years of buying and using your products? (2xuad-1, 1 satellite quad, 1xuad2 quad, 2x2uad octo, LA610, 80 UAD plugins)
As you see, MONEY IS NOT THE PROBLEM. It's a matter of RESPECT and FAIRNESS for the professionals (or not) who support your company .

D. Baird

May 20, 2021

I'm confused.

D. Reichley posted that " I already owned the (now legacy version) Vision channel strip and 2500 bus compressor — so UA’s offer was $180 for the API console emulation. But that also included the upgrade to the Vision channel strip, so $180 got me console emulation and a channel strip upgrade".
I own the same Vision channel strip and 2500 bus compressor plugins and I'm being told my price is $349.00. Why?

c. niculescu

May 20, 2021


Not good, not good at all...

A. Allsopp

May 20, 2021

Your making us pay for an update??

Wow Your charging Legacy owners $150 for something they already bought. Updates from a company such as UA, in this COVID Economic climate really makes you look like we are asking for more coal on the fire Mr Scrooge.

p. magklis

May 20, 2021

Absolute Disgrace

Bought not long ago and now I am only having it on Legacy version!!! No more purchases from you guys ! Read all our comments !! Only the 560 eq was added and you want 149 euros to update ! Shame , shame

R. Klamm

May 19, 2021

API Vision Console Emulation Bundle

Does this Bundle work only in Luna, of also in other DAW‘s?

b. kuehn

May 19, 2021

Not cool

UA, You lost your focus Dont forget what was your strength in the last years. High quality plugins for all, not only for some Luna user... Stay creative for all of us !

K. Gold

May 19, 2021

This upgrade is an insult and doesn’t represent the UA I know,what happened?

What a bad move this is.Long term UA customers who have been loyal for years and already bought the API VISION should not have to pay $149 for this upgrade. It’s a shallow greedy money-grab.
UA might not realize that many people are unemployed or making less money due to the pandemic.
Do you want more of my money? Make new innovative plugins don’t play your user base for fools.

T. Defiance

May 19, 2021

Questionable business practice.

Recently purchased The API Vision Channel only for it to become a "legacy" product a few months later?

Charging £150 for an added fader emulation - really??

There's a valid reason many customers are complaining about this one!

After 12 years, I won't be investing in any more of your plugins as UA clearly have little regard for their loyal customers anymore.

c. niculescu

May 19, 2021

Really, really not!

Sorry UAD, this time you went too far. I already own all API modules and you're asking me to buy them again? Had you at least thrown in a 525, I would have considered updating. Loong time user, but this was the last straw for me.

C. Simpson

May 19, 2021

Don’t Buy !

If you previously bought the API channel strip you’re being bamboozled out of your money ($150 usd) just to upgrade. (something that should be free)

S. Roth

May 19, 2021

Love the new concept, but…

I totally appreciate the new concept of hybrid native processing. But what I don’t understand is that you concentrate completely on acoustic and rock, while if you listen to the charts there is none of that. How about offering something modern for the new generation of producers who don’t want an emulation of a classic console? A new modern sounding workflow?
Also I find the upgrade price too high for existing Api owner customers

A. Brown

May 19, 2021


so I'm thinking to up grade to Big Sur with my Luna DAW I've picked up for FREE when I buy Apollo X4 almost 11 months ago . But now because I don't want to upgrade my API Channel Strip I own ,there is no way to get back into my Luna . now its I'ether Play for the upgrade or you can't use Luna !!!! What Ship is this ????? I thought UAD was Great but Now looking to Studio One Subcribe Package for 14.99 per month with Great Plugins !! Wow in less then one year Charging for upgrade and now because I'm not into that I can't get back to Recording in Luna because they have me stuck on Quit or Download newest API Console ! Ship Going under fast

J. Pedersen

May 19, 2021

Money grab!

$149 for a basically a cosmetic upgrade is insulting. I own 82 UAD plugins, two satellites, an Apollo X6 and a X16. I'm done buying from you guys. Never in my 30 years in the music biz have I witness such a blatant money grab. Shame on Universal Audio.

J. Shannon

May 19, 2021

This is a blunder.

In my case, I've had the now "legacy" API Vision strip for awhile. I don't mind paying something extra to gain something new and significant, but to buy a more accurate version of my supposedly already accurate emulation at this price us a bit much. It almost feels like you're remarking the plugin to us to offset the development costs spent to make it work correctly with LUNA. For customers who purchased the original Vision in the last six months, this should be a free upgrade. For the rest of us we should be getting a voucher to help offset the upgrade, and the upgrade cost shouldn't be $150. I still love UAD, but I will doing a hard pass on the API Vision upgrade for anytime in the immediate future.

1061-1080 of 2165 Results