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Exclusively for LUNA Recording System

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Customer Reviews

LUNA API Vision Console Emulation Bundle

Overall Rating

1181-1200 of 2145 Results

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J. Kynoch

December 19, 2020

Depth, Punch, Width and Clarity!

Great tool for adding amazing depth and punch to drums and the mixbus!

S. Dufour

December 18, 2020

The sunset sound ... wow !

When I saw a video on YouTube saying that you’ve modelled the chip in the sunset sound console , I was interested to say the least !!
The gain knob , the EQ , the compressor ... everything sounds great and precise ! I’m new with the unit but so far , i love it ! Great job UA !!

F. Pittenger

December 18, 2020

Current Favorite

I've enjoyed using this channel strip in Unison to record both acoustic and electric guitars. I've found that increasing the GAIN to the edge adds a pleasing hint of distortion, and employing the HI-PASS filter on the acoustic reduces boominess without losing body.

P. Konbang

December 17, 2020



E. Carlsson

December 17, 2020

Great sounding

Great sounding with many options. Works great on the master bus as well as on individual tracks. It boosts quite a bit of presence which works great on some mixes, and not so well on others. But when it works, it works wonderfully.

J. Robinson

December 15, 2020

Favorite channel strip

Punchy, flexible, clear. Love the API sound and UA nailed it!

J. Robinson

December 15, 2020

Favorite channel strip

Punchy, flexible, clear. Love the API sound and UA nailed it!

R. Hörnfeldt

December 15, 2020

Magic bus

This is it.

A. Parker

December 14, 2020

Best Drum Comp

This is a must have if you're searching for a fast drum mix glue and transient enhancer. The parallel compression feature is very useful if you only want a hint of the API. Works great on 70' and 80's stuff, especially on real drums or hybrid combinations between drum machines and real drums.
It's also great on the master chain if you're mixing EDM.

h. oshima

December 14, 2020



s. junho

December 14, 2020

너무좋다 이거

최고의 플러그인이다

s. junho

December 13, 2020

very nice plug in

very nice plug in

B. Ward

December 13, 2020

API 2500 comp

Nothing else does what this unit can do. It is magical on drums and in so many many other applications.


December 12, 2020

API Vision Channel Strip

Incroyable, tout simplement

s. azevedo

December 12, 2020

Wow, Punchy Drums

Finally broke down and bought this after reading all the reviews and got to say I’m loving this on the drum kit already. The gate is very smooth on the kick and snare. Even the preset sound good from the get go. Definitely worth every penny.

r. parrish

December 11, 2020

Perfect for mix bus

Great experience so far, glues mix together in a nice way

d. perez

December 11, 2020

Todo lo que esperaba del 2500

No te podes equivocar. En el Drum Bus funciona muy bien!

S. Shaw

December 10, 2020

Clear and vivid!

I'm surprised there hasn't been a review yet. Think it somewhat like the API Vision channel strip. It's not as colored as the Neve summing, but gives extra bit of clarity and definition that really helps shape a mix (or even make a demo!) Love it on acoustic materials.

A great bundle sale in the Analog Essentials bundle. Thanks UA!

R. Souza

December 9, 2020

Subtle but awesome!

I found the API more subtle than Neve, but with more strength and I liked the bass more. Less colorful than Neve. The treble is also more detailed and I really liked the details and the way the transients have more punch. I took advantage of the year-end sale and bought the API equalizers, which together with the Vision channel strip and the 2500 compressor are doing a good job of emulating a perfect analog chain for my favorite style, which is rock. This thing can help for a solid and punchy mix for sure.

P. Johnson

December 8, 2020

Didn’t know I needed this......

Was (and still am) in love with the SSL E channel. Did a bundle purchase, and figured I’d like this channel strip for kick and snare. This has quickly become my “go to” on drums. Punchy, tight, big, everything you’d expect from an API piece of hardware. It’s receiving 5 stars across the board for a reason. Well done UA!!

1181-1200 of 2145 Results