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Exclusively for LUNA Recording System

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Customer Reviews

LUNA API Vision Console Emulation Bundle

Overall Rating

1361-1380 of 2135 Results

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C. Horsethief

June 26, 2019

Preserves guitar grit, crunch and clarity ...

I had read reviews of the hardware unit and it’s ability to feed signal back in that helped preserve the nuanced grit and crunch in heavy guitars... So I had high expectations, and what I got was great— exactly what I have come to expect from all UAD plugs. Solid five stars .

T. Rotunno

June 25, 2019

Clear and crispy with a kick in the face!

When I saw how many instruments the API VISION can be used on, I was sold. As far as DSP usage it does eat a lot so, I tried throwing it on a channel strip after using it to track, setting it, then bouncing that track in place and removing it to save DSP power.

Z. Ou

June 25, 2019

Musical EQ

I have uad 550 and 2500, Vision EQ have same API style but less punch than 550, more smooth and musical. Compression is a 2500SE, same style but less dsp less quality.

B. Ullman

June 24, 2019

Powerful Sound Shaper!

I demo-ed in search of help for my drum recordings & had to own shortly thereafter. Be careful with the demo, you won’t want to let it go haha.

B. Cauti

June 24, 2019


I use this almost every time on my drum bus! It just has that glue that everyone is looking for. 10/10 recommend this for every engineer!

B. Busch

June 22, 2019

Great bass channel!

This guy is great for a lot of course - anything that needs that punchy, assertive API vibe. I particularly like this strip for bass. It can get that tight, growly tone that cuts through a mix. Why only 4 stars? I get the whole "real" analog model thing, and limitations can be good, but dang, in the digital world, wouldn't it be nice to have finer steps or continuous control on the EQ? I have the same issue with the Helios. Flat is not enough, one click is too much. Ugh! It's digital. In cases where it doesn't change the functional sound, the option to get in between some of these original steps would be pretty great. The -1 star isn't a knock against the excellent sound of this plug, but for my general gripe.

F. Aquila

June 21, 2019

Great sound for drums and guitar

I use it on each drum piece for recording and mix and it sound amazing especially the EQ section and the compressor is very musical, the same for guitar

F. Aquila

June 21, 2019

Great sound for drums and guitar

I use it on each drum piece for recording and mix and it sound amazing especially the EQ section and the compressor is very musical, the same for guitar

C. Patrick

June 21, 2019

GoTo Tool for Drums

So powerful for Clubkicks!
I use it in every Session
Love it!!

S. Presley

June 21, 2019

Better mixes right away

I just got this and only just started using this on a mix I'm currently doing, so I don't yet have extensive experience to write a comprehensive review. But, as soon as I connected it and called up one of the presets, I could instantly hear a punchier and warmer sound than I've been getting from my UAD SSL G Bus Compressor I've been using for years now. The API has a much bigger set of controls for sound shaping, so this is likely to be my go-to bus compressor from now on!


June 20, 2019


Très efficace

M. Shortanov

June 20, 2019

This beast is a killer machine !

So soft and delicate. So strong and fast. This is must have piece of gear. Thank you UAD team !


June 19, 2019


Put it anywhere you like.
The compressor will immediately feel the difference.
My favorite compressor!!!!

Great work UAD

K. Haritatos

June 18, 2019

API 2500

So match character! It will be my favourite drum buss.

P. Drube

June 18, 2019

THE bus compressor!

Put it on the master bus, just a tiny gain reduction and a lot of the mixing is already done! Awesome...I also have the waves version, but this one sounds for me much more fuller and rounder. Thanks UAD

D. Frankhuizen

June 16, 2019


Huge Bus compressor, apply liberally. Or just use it once. All to taste but this sounds just like the hardware.

N. Jeremic

June 16, 2019

Swiss Army knife for industrial rock!!!

If you're working on stuff in the style of NIN, Rammstein, even electronic synhtpunk like Prodigy, this channel strip will give you everything you need. It also does great job on beefing up hybrid trailer music tracks.

G. Livingston

June 15, 2019

API makes it bang!

It makes my drums pop and brings all of my mixes together! It's the glue that binds us!

R. Holl

June 15, 2019

API 2500

I have the original API 2500 - The UAD Plug-In does not have to hide!
Great ! Thanks UAD !

n. jean-pierre

June 14, 2019

Excellent plugins

Ce compresseur réputé apporte aux mixages stéréo et aux sous-groupes l’énergie, le mouvement et un son comme aucun autre, avec une précision absolue.

1361-1380 of 2135 Results