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Customer Reviews

Apollo Solo USB

Overall Rating

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A. Phi

November 16, 2023

conversion is useless

i had the thunder bolt version of the apollo solo and it was so unreliable on windows but had amazing conversion it was so easy to make recording fit in the mix so i got the usb version then realised that the conversion is so bad sounds so unnatural compared to the tb version but it is reliable idk if its a driver issue but im very disappointed ended up spending £840 and still not satisfied I DO NOT RECOMEND PLEASE DO YOURSELF A FAVOUR AND DO NOT MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE I DID

M. Dellit

September 27, 2023

Unison u bet!

I find it so easy to use. What a game changer having world class plugs to record through on the way in!

P. Capasso

September 22, 2023

Paolo C.

Cavo usb, non fornito, i plugin offerti con la scheda audio, erano già in mio possesso, senza la possibilità di sceglierne altri, la configurazione su PC con Windows 11 è andata a buon fine, mentre su Mac non ci sono riuscito.

G. Czakó

September 10, 2023


The audio quality is decent enough. The quality of the interface is good, except the Big Knob. There is no USB cable in the box for the USB version. And it's really sensitive about that, so I had to try like 15 cables before it didn't say that I don't have 3.0 SS port. So big minus for that. The one dsp core that I didn't really wanted to use anyway is just laying there using 20% with nothing loaded on to it. I don't understand the purpose of this device in the scene. Atleast it's working. I would love to change that one dsp core to an ADAT io.

M. Mellinger

August 31, 2023

Great Interface - i love it !

Great Interface - i love it !
okay - 1 DSP is for something too less... but it works for me until now .
Great Sound (in and out) / good driver (ASIO Win10)
... only the "ilok-thing" and always being online is really not good...

J. Yancey

August 11, 2023

Apollo solo

Great performance so far and loving the plugin selection.

E. Toussaint

August 3, 2023


Works as advertised. Mini Apollo basically

N. Sawyer

July 14, 2023


I was debating on buying a new computer or an interface, and damn Im glad I upgraded my interface to the Apollo Solo USB! It has such a great sound and I didn't believe it would actually sound better, but it absolutely upgraded my sound!! I also have been getting a solid 15 to 20% freed up on my projects that have heavy processing! If this is considered an "introductory" interface, I cannot imagine what a mid level or better will be like!! Can't suggest this enough


June 21, 2023

Could be amazing

The apollo solo coild be amazing but the software lack of efficient virtual audio routing is a problem and the ios (ipad devices) missing compatibility reduce the stars a lot

Y. Dong Cheng

June 10, 2023

nice sound

nice sound and easy to use
I love it


April 2, 2023

Good investment

I have been playing around with buying some low-cost (each around 500 USD) analog gears for a while. My goal is to have good audio with zero latency. However, the problem with my analog gear is I cannot save and recall the setting. Apollo Solo USB is my complete solution. Now I can focus on my practice and performance.


March 17, 2023

I bought an audio interface or a tank???

Wow!!! Stunning build quality, as well as incredible sound. Unit is bigger than what it looks in pictures and have an incredible touch to my hand. Really beautiful and versatil. The plugins included sound really good. Just lack DSP power IMO, but I was aware of it. Still great to be able to use the Avalon emulation with it.

M. Alexandru-George

February 16, 2023

Best Audio Interface for Windows usb3! 10 stars for UAD!

Console,.unison preamp,quality converters,low latency etc,. All you need in one interface audio for Vocals and Instruments. Easy to install and use, if you have good pc with 3.0 usb cables and hosts! I wait the day when LUNA will coming for Windows because we need her....


February 6, 2023



s. han

February 1, 2023


My idea becomes a reality with this one small, light device.
I hope there will be more types of electric guitar effect pedals.
The preamp plug-in is very good.

M. Brahimi

January 23, 2023

Great Gear

One of the best in the market ? Unison preamp sound great !!

H. Wagner

January 9, 2023

Keine deutsche Bedienungsanleitung

Leider keine deutsche Bedienungsanleitung, sodass es sehr mühsam ist, mit diesem Produkt zu arbeiten.

D. Hamilton

December 26, 2022

Great little introduction interface

Bought to replace an aging interface and this has done an amazing job. The sound quality of the DACs/ADCs is incredible, the build quality is bar none, the hardware interface is intuitive and well thought out and it's just generally a really neat little package. Looks great on my desk.

I really love the concept of the unison preamps and plugging into a Fender amp feels like nothing I've ever quite experienced when plugging directly into an interface. And that's not to mention the wealth of other preamps at your disposal.

My only disappointment, which is on me, I should have researched more, is that I was immediately surprised by how far one core would go. Especially when using the more CPU intensive plug ins, like that Fender amp, which pushes it almost to capacity and leaves me with few other options in the chain. I mean, I couldn't have afforded the twin anyway, but I would definitely say if you're worried about that kinda thing, to look into what you'll be wanting to use first and their core utilisation.

Otherwise an incredible product, which I'm certain will not be my last.

L. De Caro

December 15, 2022


Conversão excelente, facilidade de uso e instalação , muito feliz com essa aquisição.

F. Denaro

November 24, 2022

Good sound, but working bad on my licensed windows

Had some issues on windows, knobs in console isn’t smooth.
No input signal from microphone in obs programm.
And for these money I want plug and go don’t wanna contact support and wait for answers couple days.
Yes sound good and dsp cpu I like it but first of all for work I want stability, so I decided return Apollo after week back to the shop. It’s sad cause I really fall in love with design and sound but I don’t have enough time and nerves for this problem solvings I’m just customer with 500$ And want for them be calm when I’m creating, maybe only my interface was broken

1-20 of 136 Results

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