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Apollo Solo USB

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Apollo Solo USB

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R. Turner

June 13, 2022

Not a good fit for Windows users latency still an issue with windows, over heats often

I wouldn't recommend it for windows users but if you have a mac get it, If you have Windows you will still have latency issues, it also over heats even when it is not under a load. It should come with a USB cable but doesn't, bad management because if the user has a crap USB cable it will make the product perform bad. Fix these three things and I would say it is the best on the market. top quality hardware. Why they have not ingirted their recording software with windows is also a sign of bad management making the product look bad when it could be the best on the market.

s. rigby

May 6, 2022

Love this Apollo USB thing

So….I was in the process of upgrading my ten year old and ultra reliable RME Babyface and 2012 MacBook Pro …
I was looking at buying a Thunderbolt Twin due to the conflicting views on the UA USB support and driver for the Apollo units -I picked up a Dell Latitude 5490 laptop for a great price and decided to “take a chance” and see if I could save the cost of buying a new Mac…ordered the Apollo Solo USB heritage edition.
I’m pretty Mac an PC “literate” so set up the Dell as per all the usual Windows tweaks -processor scheduling,USB hub power etc…setup the Apollo Solo with a decent USB cable -initial tests,amazed at the quality of playback (the RME is no slouch,but this was like night and day sonically …)

Crackle in playback …oh no …

Checked the console sample rate matched the Cubase project sample rate …

Amazing.Rock solid,crackle free,amazing sound…unison preamps ?What can you say ?

Bought the Avalon 737 and Neve preamps on a deal.Just sound incredible with my AT 4047 mic.The Heritage plug-in are just superb,the quality of the Unison plug ins are a revelation-so much so most of my hardware is now up for sale!

I love this thing.It’s literally as good as the “real” stuff to my jaded ears.

What I would say is that it helps if you know a little about configuring PC’s- the setup advice that’s out there is good,do a bit of research and use a “quality” USB cable…

C. Yeo

April 26, 2022

So nice to recording!

Finally, I find the best of recording system. It's absolutely necessary for the guitar player

R. Pulley

April 17, 2022

Apollo Solo USB Believer

Using this with PC and it is running very smoothly. I was worried after reading some reviews on UA not working well with PC, but wanted to try Universal Audio DSP and plugins and am extremely happy with the results! Great sounding vocals come easy using Unison and Avalon plugin with just a touch of LA2A compression and recording direct. I find that I have to add very little eq to the initial recording, which is what I’ve been looking for over the years. It just has “that” sound going in. The sound quality, headroom and quality of UA plugins has made this a game changer for my sound and ease of mixing. Wish I had made this decision before now!


March 25, 2022



R. town

March 11, 2022

preamplificador de audifonos

Buen día UAD, realmente me encanto el preamplificador de audifonos. es lo mejor que he probado hasta el momento. en un futuro planeo actualizar a un apollo twin X.

A. Levin

March 4, 2022

Just what I wanted

Great for recording vocals, perfect choice for singers

M. Gomez Mejia

February 2, 2022


Hasta el momento todo perfecto, a excepcion de la compatibilidad con el juego Valorant, que no reconoce la interfaz para poder hablar in-game

M. Sirovatskis

January 21, 2022

Apollo Solo usb

I red a lot of comments that this device will not work stable with Windows pc - this is not true , all running smooth without any issues on my i7 . Increased my work flow drastically !

ö. sert

January 18, 2022

Birkaç yanlış anlaşılmayı düzeltmek için yazılmıştır!

Öncelikle solo ve twin ve diğer üst modeller arasındaki kıyaslamalar yanlış bir mantıkla yapılıyor.
1. Apollo solo endüstriyel kalitede dönüştürücülere sahipken diğer üst modeller dünya standartlarında ( endüstriyel kalite ile dünya kalitesi arasındaki fark nedir ? Birkaç DB ses aralığı ve minimal fark derecesinde dinamik aralık çünkü dünya standartları endüstriyel standartlara Parelel şekilde belirlenir.)
Bu demek oluyor ki solo aldığınızda bu konuda birşey kaçırmış olmazsınız.
2.DSP farkları ; Solo ve diğer büyük ürünlerde çekirdek farkı bulunmakta .
Sesinizi temiz bir şekilde kaydedip daw üzerinde karışım ve master yapacaksanız bunun bir önemi yoktur .İşte mesele tam olarak burada .Solo aynı preamp( unison preamps) kullanır ve size vokal ve enstrüman kayıdında büyük abileriyle aynı ses kalitesini sunar ve endüstriyel kalitede dönüştürücü ile size aradığınız kaliteyi sunar .
Önemli olan mesele ,siz ne için bakıyorsunuz , ihtiyacınız nedir ?
Dünya kalitesi mi? ( Mix ve master ile bunu zaten yakalarsınız)
Ayrık kulaklık amfileri zaten tarafsız , güvenli ve güçlü bir izleme olanağı sunar .
Solo ile örneğin temiz ve kaliteli bir vokal ve gitar kaydı alır ve bunu harika şekilde mix ve master yapabilirsiniz.Gereksiz kıyaslama ve bilgi kirliliğinden uzak durun . İhtiyacınız minimal ve üst düzey bir ses kartı ise buyrun doğru ürün budur !

c. sunwoo

January 10, 2022


The sound and manipulation of the great product.
And I'm satisfied with all the use of the program.
I became a supporter of UAD.
I compliment you.

t. an

January 9, 2022


Very good

J. Rivas

January 8, 2022


The apollo solo is my first UAD interface and is awesome, very useful and professional also the unison plugins are the best nothing more to say.

Thanks UAD!

P. Isachenka

December 23, 2021

Incredible interface

Great audio interface, and great plugins. Anyone who writes about unstable work, just follow all the requirements for setting up Windows.

j. Vita

December 16, 2021


Home studio guy using for demos. Moved up from audient id4, which was good, but glitchy. Apollo has been smooth sailing and sounds great. Plugins sound great, but are pricey.

C. Hoskins

December 14, 2021

Just the right interface for the right person

I give the Apollo Solo USB interface 5 stars because I have found that it meets every true need I have as someone doing simple recording tasks. I recently embarked on a second home studio transformation, and the Apollo Solo USB is at the center. The simplification of equipment has helped create a neat and uncluttered workspace in which I have become more productive. The Solo has been fundamental to the improved quality of my tracks.
Here are some of the things I like most about my Solo. Its diminutive size makes it unobtrusive, and the styling and color lend a futuristic elegance. I like that you can control it with either the controls on the device or with the mouse. The built-in mic preamps sound just fine – I would not be unhappy or ashamed to work with them at all. Still, no matter what UA Apollo device you purchase, you’re going to get some plugins that will include some preamps that sound even better. The latency free monitoring is sensational. The whole system is easier to set up and learn than I expected. Works with Reaper perfectly. Sound quality is great. Works great and sounds great – I could not be happier with it.
Nothing’s perfect, right? There are some additional features (mainly of convenience) I wish it had, but the cost would have to go up and it would have to get bigger. Let me get those shortcomings out of the way. #1) I wish it had at least one more set of inputs so that I could leave a second stereo source connected. Now if I want to record that source, I have to physically disconnect from the HiZ input and XLRs (which I keep connected the rest of the time). If you simply must have more physical inputs, this is not the right model of interface – you need to step up. #2) I wish it had a second headphone jack and volume control for convenience. However, the device is called “Solo” because I believe it was intended to be used alone or personally most of the time. Buy a little stereo cord splitter to run a second set of phones. A headphone amp would work also. #3) I wish it had gobs more DSP, but it has enough to do just about anything within reason…given the design and what I believe to be the intent of the designer. If you want to be able to never even think about DSP limitations, this is not the interface you want because you have to pay attention to what you’re using so that you don’t run out of DSP. UA’s website gives good info on how much DSP plugins use. I am going to be reviewing/rating some of the plugins I have accumulated, so I will save any additional details until then. Just learn the DSP figures for the plugins you like and prefer to use. So far my favorite preamp is the simple Neve preamp – sounds great and not too expensive on the DSP. I will probably use it most of the time regardless of source.
Hope some of this helps someone.

B. Lynn

November 30, 2021

Little workhorse

Sound quality is phenomenal, compact. Really glad I pulled the trigger on an Apollo. Only cons are the fact it came with no cord and the limited dsp

I. Raynard

November 24, 2021

Unreal Interface

I have used apollos in the past and had magor trouble with windows. This Apollo Solo Usb works perfectly with my ryzen cpu and came with its weight in free plugins. 10/10 if you have a satelite quad core but if you only have a solo core you will run out of dsp quick.

e. sattall

November 19, 2021


Ok so I spent almost $800 for the Apollo solo USB Version for windows and I have to buy a Usb c 3
SUPERSPEED cable !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I went to best buy ,target ,Walmart ,cvs,
Gutair center and except for Gutair center no one has even heard of this cable !!! Everyone keeps telling me it's the same thing as a USB c cord but it's not. I stayed up for 8 hours trying to figure out why my focusrite cable won't work with my Apollo. Someone anyone please help me I don't want a refund I love the idea of this Apollo solo USB for windows but since my old interface is not working I need something
That works now I have 2 albums to record and I am at a stand still Please help me

a. farinazzo

November 11, 2021

Apollo Solo

very good product, easy to install, I am very happy and satisfied!

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