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Apollo Solo USB

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Apollo Solo USB

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F. Budhram

April 16, 2021


The windows integration is by far absolutely trash. Pure trash. Did a bunch of things to get it to work properly. It does heat up as well. It's a great interface with amazing quality tho. Wish it came with the cord. But honestly. Stick to the focusrite.

A. Hibbert

April 13, 2021


I’m so disappointed. I bought this device believing it’s the best for young producers coming up like me. Come to think of it, it’s not better than the Focusrite I had. So disappointed. Can you believe this device doesn’t even come with the cable that works with it. I have to be importing cables from all over the world to test on this shit like I’m on some lab-rat experiment. So disappointed. As I write this review right now I’m currently waiting on cables to further my testing because none I purchased thus for works

I. Villareal

April 2, 2021

Awesome little interface

I love this thing. It works well and I have very little issues besides running out of DSP trying to mix which is a double edge sword as it forces you to commit. (This saves a lot of time believe it or not.) Preamps are so clean, especially in the lower range. A couple of the UAD plugins are fantastic and in my opinion have no equal.

S. Giulianti

March 29, 2021

Rock Solid and Sounds Fantastic

I use this on Windows (make sure to get a superspeed USB 3.x cable) and it's incredible. I can literally use compression, EQ, distortion, and everything else on the incoming signal, just like hardware. Offloading the CPU pressure to this box speeds everything up and gives me zero noticeable latency when tracking. Even when mixing, the speed and assistance provided by these incredible plug ins is simply top notch. The unit is metal and travel ready (this is my travel interface) and works easily with my headphones for monitoring. No complaints at all. Amazing interface!

A. Marić

March 23, 2021

Great sound card for windows .

After a short learning how to use Apollo solo usb and notebook and windows optimizations I can say that I am satisfied with the functionality and sound. Unison preamplifiers sound inspiring and now I can happily do what I love most - play the guitar I am grateful to the Apollo team

H. Alonso

March 23, 2021


very good product, in excellent condition, easy to install, I am very happy and satisfied

H. Alonso

March 23, 2021


very good product, in excellent condition, easy to install, I am very happy and satisfied

M. Fathi

March 21, 2021

Student out of budget

Would you like to support a motivated student who doesn't have money by offering a Auto tune please ?

V. Trukhin

March 17, 2021

Goods and Bads.

Goods: Sound. Sound is actually great. UI is pretty comfortable. Low latency on console using.
Bads: Windows integration. This is just a nightmare. All the UAD software on windows os add extra lattency to the whole system response, even with no plugins usage. Daw integration the same situation. Adding a new(some times even the first plugin in a project, dsp load at the moment is 0) plugin to the chain just kicks out sound card from DAW. It looses connection with card with a message "Too much load on DSP". There is no enough single DSP resources for connecting a plugin "on the way"? Seriously?

The next bad point about integration with DAW: I can't work in any DAW with a buffer, lower then 2048 samples. It just loose connection when you starting\opening a project. Heavy or empty, doesn't matter.

And the last bad thing, i've found. There is a LOT conflicts with Nvidia video card drivers. Saying a lot, i mean that i've to power off the card to get my videocard (GeForce 1080 TI) works without bugs. Works normal for a while(only for a while) with stock drivers(2 years old version), but in this way i can't receive any updates or bug fixes.

The conclusion: The feelings of using this device are really complicated. If there was no such a good sound, it's a bad buy. The usage process is terrible, installation and integrations with other software is terrible. But the sound is good. Seriously, good.

W. Maxem

March 2, 2021


So a cheap version on Marshall plexi and a to buy version on Marshall plexi Lead...... not mentioned before? Same with all the plugins (free version and the real to buy?) .And the missing USB 3.0 cable and the missing Luna software... what are you thinking? Profits for ever!!!!

O. Robitaille

March 1, 2021

Still a scam/10

After finally getting the usb cable to make the thing work, turns out it sounds like shit. The audio is crackling and glitchy and trying to play a youtube video just make the video stop. I've tried all the many solutions proposed online and none of them worked. Buy that if you're a mac user but otherwise just get a good old Focursite.

O. Robitaille

February 23, 2021


This is fucking bullshit to not have included the usb cable. I had to order one at Henry's because I didn't want to pay 80$ of exportation fees and I live in Canada. Of course it makes a month I've ordered the cable and it hasn't even been shipped yet. The reason why I am complaining here and not at Henry's is mostly because the cable that you need is extremely specific, very hard to find and Hosa seems to be the only one making it. If the cable needed is so specific, why not just including the damns cable in the package? I feel like most of the budget for this thing was putted in the packaging. I mean for fuck sake guys, even the ur12 by steinberg includes a cable. Don't buy it unless you really have alot of time to loose to acquire a 3.0 superspeed A to C usb cable. I'd like to return mine but I've been patient for too long and now it's too late. Buyers beware!

J. Cosgrove

February 14, 2021

Very happy overall!

Audio on PCs is never easy but I’ve found that this little unit is perfect for my needs, even with its quirks.

k. nakamura

February 12, 2021



I. Jang

February 12, 2021

it's Good~ Again!!

I aleady have two UAD hardwares For my mac.
And I have mac also Win10 PC too.
I Choose interface Usb Solo
It's Good too!!

D. Smashblob

February 10, 2021

This shouldn’t exist

Why use a higher latency (usb 3) and market it so similarly to the thunderbolt? Absolute poo. Makes zero sense- you don’t even include a usb 3 cord. Ever tried to find a usb 3 cable?

A. Kozachenko

February 3, 2021

Apollo Solo USB

Я уже давно мечтал о такой звуковой карте , но не было средств приобрести её . И вот я купил этот девайс и это превосходно , качество звука очень хорошее , я пишу вокал в домашней студии , шума нету , детализация звука на высоком уровне.
Я всем буду рекомендовать и рекламировать эту звуковую карту так как она в этом ценовом сегменте самая лучшая , она вне конкуренции . А ещё на борту у неё плагины аналоги железных приборов которые так же вне конкуренции ,покупкой очень доволен , рекомендую всем !!!

Г. Солодкий

January 28, 2021

don't regret a drop.take it.ApolloSolo

BEST audiointerface over the MotherPlanet)! Sound of this I was waiting for all my life!My Beyer's 250 Ohm is full)Simple console,delicious plugins,unison preamps like 2 monsters in the BOX! I fell in love with this audio interface,and at the same time with Universal Audio) God Bless this Guys!Peace to you & to your Houses! It is Love For all the time!Peace!

D. Ivanchenkov

January 21, 2021

Apollo SOLO USB it's my new possibilities

This is a great device! It sounds great, it looks great, the relays snap great. The controls are well thought out, this is a real high-end, at the same time it is easy to take with you, it looks very reliable, and this is USB-C, finally! I can put together the studio sound of my bass guitar and take it with me to rehearsal. UAD is always with me now, I went to this for a long time! I'm taking the long awaited next step in my creativity!
I'm a concert sound engineer and this is a great start for my studio practice! I immediately supplemented the system with a DUO satellite, since the DSP resource in SOLO is very limited. I love the way UAD sounds and works. Thank you!

S. Davidson

January 17, 2021

Great on Windows 10

Took a bit to get setup - have an older (2011) Windows 10 machine that I built myself. Didn't work at first (I think my USB 3.0 ports / drivers were not supported.) Worked through it with UAD support, who were great. Everything they said made sense; eventually we added a Rosewill USB 3 PCI card, and that fixed the final issue. Was able to get that next-day from Amazon.

Now that it's running, and I've optimized this PC, it's just a game changer for me. Recording vox in my second room into REAPER is so great with realtime DSP. Zoom calls with "Original Sound" turned on, using DSP in realtime... just really a better experience for conference calls or recording sessions with work clients.

Took some time to get configured, but I'm impressed.

1-20 of 68 Results

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