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Customer Reviews

Apollo Twin MkII

Overall Rating

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O. Scholey

July 4, 2024

Exceeded my expectations

I was expecting a great piece of gear. After using my Apollo Twin for a few days, I was pleasantly surprised by the exceptional capabilities . The sound quality is excellent and the Unison functionality is incredible, producing next to real results.

M. Carrillo

June 28, 2024

Could be better

I love UAD Products and have owned them since the UAD-1 Card... The first twin had a Powersupply problem that seemed to crop up all the time... the powersupply would die or the connector was not robust enough for consistent use. Also these Twin units run hot. They just seem too hot for a piece of gear like this. Anyway, I own the plugins and I needed this unit to replace a Twin that died a second death after repair. Its my away device when I need something small to take on gigs when I can't pack my Apollo x8. Probably age of the gear, but i really wish they didnt break as often as they do.

m. baillot

June 16, 2024

broken down after six year

This sound card is very good but after six years of good operation it stopped on its own for no reason. I changed the power supply but nothing happened. For me, sorry but unreliable product

N. Ninkovic

May 3, 2024

Been Around The Block

It is obvious by the curated choice of features and functionality that has been implemented by UAD into the portable form-factor of the Apollo Twin MkII, that they were designing an interface capable of satisfying the fundamental requirements that experienced engineers seek in an interface (and then some!).

In summary, the Apollo Twin MkII is a classic -- a marvel of engineering and design -- and a piece of HW that the engineering community won't forget.

R. Olmos

April 20, 2024


Me encanta esta interfaz, la calidad de mis grabaciones mejoraron un 100%, sonido super limpio, super potente y todo es facilita la mezcla, ahora mi tiempo para mezclar se ha reducido mucho debido a que puedo grabar con efectos en tiempo real y tengo que pocos ajustes en la mezcla. Excelente.

P. Prince

April 20, 2024

recording an album with the Apollo Twin / Luna software mixer and the UA plug ins

Over a few years I have had a singularly pleasant , at times exciting experience recording my new album with a "vintage" Apollo twin interface, UAD, and the free Luna mixer. Previously used a VS 2400 or a dat, or long ago the 880 so this was a Huge step up in many ways sonically. By not going thru patch bays, mixers etc the sound gains in dimension and accuracy. The preamps and converters are first rate so when I would do stereo acoustic guitar or percussion, with the right mic, it really shined with basically no latency issues. With the included Pultec type eq I learned how to remove low frequency artifacts. Flamenco guitar with stereo mics, external preamp eq, worked better than any studio I have used as long as the room is acoustically fine - it is that level of professional sound. What was also a pleasure is sometimes before a session I would load up a few new plug ins on trial and that would often make exciting audio surprises and really helped me color the music subtly and I found the tube emulations compression, and EQ plugs in very sweet and I actually learned a lot using them but not over using. Electric guitar direct and bass was really nice actually and surprised me -how could be shaped taking advantage of Manley and Neve eq and even the Ocean Way virtual sound subtly enhancing. To me the Apollo is the most important exciting studio invention years for the home recording musician/composer because of the preamps, the extensive plug in you can try, and the quality of the converters and Luna mixer.

A. Hammani

April 14, 2024


Not even compatible with windows, ive been contacting thhe support for 2 months and they cant fix my problem....

D. Kokorsky

March 21, 2024

Simple the best

For almost 30 years with well-known brands, I have now arrived at the best interface so far in terms of haptics, sound quality and design.

b. wilson

March 13, 2024


Step above

b. wilson

March 13, 2024


It’s worth it
Just that simple

O. Bakare

February 25, 2024


It is perfect!

i. mcqueen

February 19, 2024


I recently just purchased a brand new Apollo mk2 twin. It worked the first couple of days and now none of the buttons work except the volume knob. I can use the console only from my Mac mini and tech support won’t even respond

R. Porrello

January 16, 2024

It is just another level!

I was finally able to get my hands on this unit after many years of knowing about it and after using many other brands of interfaces. Let me just say this... There is a reason why every other video reviewing a new brand of interface has to compare them to this unit. Once you hear it, it sets a new standard of sound quality. Also, the "ecosystem" (Console software) around this unit is extremely well thought out as well as design, and in my opinion, elevates the quality of this interface.

R. Johnson

December 20, 2023

Great unit

It’s a great unit, so far so good ….I just wish the process of making ALL the plug-ins native were done . As we know today, the computers can handle anything and I’m running a 12 core Macpro, So only having the plug-ins that work with DSP is limiting my potential.

G. Patro

December 20, 2023

A portable Music Studio

The plugin emulations sounds so accurate that I use it everyday for music production

Z. Simo

December 5, 2023


It is incredible for me in the studio and in live mixing. It makes my work much easier

n. vu

November 29, 2023

Good product

Product quality is good, but the price is still too high compared to the average.

H. Haldane

November 24, 2023

Great product

My Apollo twin quad core has been great so far. Recording and mixing are both sounding better and happening faster.

F. Meng

November 21, 2023



J. Oosthuizen

November 17, 2023

Great unit preamps sound amazing!

Very happy with my purchase! Went from 'n RME and it sounded like my speakers opened up. My analog gear gets noisy sometimes and I recently had a client complain about a vocal session with a slight hiss on it so will switch to unison plugins from now on. Best thing is how good the playback is on this. The converters are so good!

1-20 of 1252 Results

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