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Customer Reviews

Apollo Twin MkII

Overall Rating

241-260 of 1245 Results

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M. Song

June 22, 2020

Awesome Audio Interface

I’m satisfied with the quality.

S. Wessel

June 22, 2020

Changed my life

I bought into the Uaudio Eco System about 3 years ago and have to say it completed my setup perfectly making it possible to have a portable system with a macbook pro and a satellite. I never regretted it. It's just perfect for the musician/producer/mixer personality.

D. Torres

June 19, 2020

Must have !!!!

Awesome gear . From the console app , no latency , plugins , unison technology , preamps . A must have

A. Pashka

June 18, 2020


I had the Apollo quad but downsized everything after I moved to a really small place to finish school. Not being able to track drums, this twin works perfectly. Mine is still a quad core, so I have the same DSP as my silver face Quad, just two less unison plugins. Now that I will be moving to a larger space, will have rack space and be able to start tracking drums again I will upgrade to the X series and get back some unison preamps that I will need. If you aren't tracking drums or live music, the twins are wonderful. I recommend highly that you get the quad core!

N. Degtyarev

June 18, 2020

thanks for audio interface

I have long dreamed of an audio interface. Very happy thank you very much! Now I can work in real time.

T. Akdeniz

June 15, 2020


The Apollo Twin is a huge step up for any interface I have previously used. The Unison capabilities and large selection of UAD plugins transform how I record and have resulted in much better results. My only comment on this specific model is that the DSP resources are limited. In retrospect I would have gone for a more powerful processing unit like the quad.

J. Ortiz

June 9, 2020

Apollo Twin

Have bean working with Apollo twin Interface and Luna and having a blast learning all the works very easy to use and great sound. High-end Quality Sound Absolutely Love it.

f. thompson

June 7, 2020

My thoughts on the Apollo twin Mk11

It’s everything I thought it would be. Easy to use and a great sound. I’m happy I made the purchase. Keep up the good work UAD

K. Cardona Pellot

June 4, 2020

Great Sound!

I have been using the Apollo Twin interface to record at home and to mix and master and it give amazing results!

D. Miller

June 4, 2020

Totally boss.

I came to UAD from my focusrite 2i2. The main reason being that I wanted access to the UAD plugins. However, the Apollo unit itself is amazing. The console app and using plugins in unison has completely changed the way I record now. The plugins are an added bonus. Ocean Ways Studio is incredible as well as the API 2500 and the Neve 1073. I love them all!

N. Outhuijse

May 31, 2020



L. Mastrocinque

May 30, 2020

Great Performance

Provides high-end recording quality for both line and mic. Also you get to save some cpu from the interna plugin processing.

J. Lee

May 27, 2020


I'm so safisfied with it.

K. in

May 27, 2020


Very Good Gear


May 27, 2020

Game changer !

Game changer !

N. Outhuijse

May 24, 2020

super sound!

Super sound!

J. Sutherland

May 22, 2020


I did plenty of research before buying this product and it stands up to its reputation. I saw the Apollo making cameos in so many videos featuring music industry giants that I figured it had to be good. There are plenty of other units out there that are great but I would have been wondering what I was missing, so I bought the best. Very happy with the sound and build quality.

G. Lotcu

May 19, 2020

Awesome audio interface

I do not have enough words to describe the quality of the product. The best audio interface on the market.

A. Nonogaki

May 18, 2020


ギター演奏環境のデジタル化でオーディオインターフェイスの導入を検討しはじめたのですが、オーディオ関係の仕事をしていたこともあり、音には妥協できず、BABYFACE PROやElement、iD22あたりも候補に入れて、予算も含めて検討しました。実際にサンプル音源を聞いた結果ではAPOLLOは解像度の面で、候補に上げた他の機種の中では、やや劣る感じは受けたものの、UADプラグインに魅力を感じ、APOLLOを購入させて頂きました。結果は大正解でした。UADプラグインの影響がどれほど大きいのかは、はじめてのオーディオインターフェイスなので分かりませんが、ギターの音の良さ(アナログ的な質感)は絶品だと思います。楽器や音声の音を密度高く(特に中域の表現)、暖かく、生々しく表現できるのはプラグインも含めたオーディオインターフェイスの機器のような感じを受けました。私にとっては、これしかなかったのかなと思っています。

S. Hendrickson

May 17, 2020


Okay I've been using and happy with my old interface for years. Served me well. So when I friend and Apollo user told me how much better my setup would be with the Apollo I didn't believe him. If it's not broke, why fix it. Then I started researching how the UA plugins work in conjunction with the unit and how it takes the strain off the CPU. That got my attention. So after weeks and weeks of research, talking to people, watching videos, I decided to take the leap. The Apollo turned out to be a great purchase. First of all the sound is better. Simple as that. And I didn't have a cheap interface before, it was near the top of the heap. Having the unit do a lot of the heavy lifting as far as UA plugins was a no brainer. Everything ran smoother. And as a stanch Pro Tools user I'm actually starting to use the Luna software as much or more than PT. This company has it figured out. My whole recording process has become more efficient and that's what it's all about. Worth the investment.

241-260 of 1245 Results