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Customer Reviews

Apollo Twin MkII

Overall Rating

301-320 of 1245 Results

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T. Ponomarev

March 25, 2020

Great hardware

I bought an Apollo Twin device. It is really great stuff. I like this Unison feature so much in connection with my Rode K2 microphone. Very clean and warm sound on the output.

D. Edge

March 18, 2020

This product is crazy

Worth every dollar just wish demos lasted longer

J. Oliveira

March 18, 2020

Perfect solution

Whether or not you are on a budget this audio interface matches your needs for most recording and mixing situations. As a podcaster and EDM producer I'm very satisfied with it.

b. foirier

March 17, 2020


easy to use and very effective

C. Bone

March 15, 2020

Two years on from purchase....still blown away.

Don’t hesitate to buy, I thought my old Apog** system was the best on the market until I worked with this. Inspiring and exciting to use the UA workflow and plugins, dynamic and almost three dimensional sound definition, alive, vibrant. I recently finished recording an album entirely with this system and could not be more pleased with the results and comments received. Very much looking forward to Luna for totally immersive UA experience.

y. lee

March 10, 2020

Best interface for home-recorders


R. Dickson

March 9, 2020

Simply incredible

Easy to use, well built, great sound, great plugins. Very happy I pulled the trigger.

M. Azmin

March 9, 2020

UAD rules!

Its my first time with UAD, and i can say WOW!!

P. Graue

March 8, 2020

Best converter!

One of the best mobile converters ever! Transparent!

l. maxon

March 7, 2020

Apollo Twin is the best!

Easy to use and understand with the highest quality components out there. Professional results guaranteed!

b. village

March 2, 2020

I didn’t know what I was getting into

When I jumped over from a Scarlett it was for the claimed conversion and preamps, I just wanted cleaner sound. Once I got rolling and familiar with console and started understanding the concept, along with the outstanding sound quality and emulations, well I took all my guitar gear and traded it for an Apollo 8 like a few days later..... and I’ll probably get another one when the taxes roll in. The products are just amazing thank you guys for dedication.

G. Garcia

February 27, 2020

Apollo Twin MK II is perfect!

Accessible interface, pre amplifiers and plugins that make a difference and give as a result an incredible audio quality in studio and because of its practical size also for live performances!

e. Ducellier

February 22, 2020

LE top du top

Vraiment une très très bonne qualité

M. Durket

February 19, 2020

A Huge Difference in Quality for a Good Price

I was hesitant to make the change from what I had before, but my tech at Sweetwater did not steer me wrong. This unit makes a HUGE difference in the sound quality. It is super easy to use, so there was very little down taking away from playing actual music. The plug-ins that came with it are far superior to what I had before. FAR SUPERIOR! I can't say that enough. Thanks UA! (and Charlie Davis at Sweetwater!)

P. Irving

February 18, 2020

Releases creativity

After reading and watching reviews online i didn't believe the hype, until i purchassed one that is :). This is such an amazing piece of gear, no more latency issues, no more issues changing sample rates, this box does it without you even knowing.
The mic preamps are clean and good on their own, hence i am selling my collection of outboard gear (including Universal Audio). The icing on the cake is the unison modelling, it truly is awesome, just stop watching comparisons with outboard gear, this is studio quality without all the hassles of waiting for tubes to warm up.
I am more than satisfied with this purchase, the buttons and knob are very tactile and very intuitive.
I highly recommend universal Audio gear

G. Amodei

February 17, 2020

Best Desk Top Interface for a QUAD

Very pleased with the Apollo Twin Mark 2 Quad coming from all lines of Focusrite's, ( Pro, Scarlett,Clarett 8 Pre...RED 4PRE, which was always just ok but felt I was missing something.I do feel I’ve stepped up my gear, especially the difference in sound quality!, which I noted immediately. The only CON which is not so bad is that it's a new learning Curve, but once you understand the routing, its all GOOD! :)

S. Bruinsma

February 17, 2020

So much power!!

My macbook runs smooth like butter now this apollo twin took over the audio . And the sound is amazing. The design is epic... i think in 20 years i nail it to my wall as a trophy!


February 16, 2020

Just Great

What I needed, when I needed. Enough DSP for my mastering chain and great as a portable interface

A. Dunaev

February 16, 2020


Excellent quality of the sound, excellent plug-ins, excellent interface! The best quality of the world!

J. Hart

February 14, 2020


I was a long time Motu user and analog to the core meaning an analog mixing board and various external sound modules. As time goes on so does the change with technology and I have never been so concerned with change. I love the analog sound and I don’t think it can be ever replaced but the best form of flattery in my opinion is the emulation of. I purchased an Apollo Twin MKI Duo Core and so far so good. Needless to say I had to purchase a new Mac. Got a Mac Mini 3.6 GHz Intel core i3, 8 gigs of ram using Logic Pro X and Reason 10. I believe what I am experiencing is clarity I don’t think I’ve heard out of my system before. The flexibility, the control, the options and connectivity despite the size of the unit to me is incredible because you can do it in the software. Thank you Universial Audio I am looking forward to a healthy musical relationship.

301-320 of 1245 Results