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Customer Reviews

Apollo Twin MkII

Overall Rating

421-440 of 1249 Results

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V. Ziogas

August 14, 2019

Awesome product

The Apollo Twin MKII is a top of the line audio interface. Love the preamps. My guitar signal changed to an unexpected point! I’m very happy with my purchase! Also kudos to the UAD support team for their response and professionalism!

P. Harvilahti

August 13, 2019

Makes you sound better.

Even if you don´t have any studio monitors and you plug your headphones in and listen to some music, your listening experience will never be the same. Clear transients and tight bass. This does wonders to the production side aswell.

W. Herndon

August 10, 2019

Bet I ever Had!!!!

I LOVE IT !!!!!!!

R. Taylor

August 10, 2019

Apollo twin

Beautiful interface and so functional. My only regret is buying a single DSP core - hopeless - wish I had purchased the quad. My plan however is to add hex core satellites now so I have the beautiful desktop controller interface and processing power to run all the plugins I need


August 9, 2019


Apollo Twin MkII is my third audio interface. It is way better than the other two regarding AD/DA, pre, etc. I wish I bought it earlier.

F. Coelho

August 7, 2019


Despite its high price in Brazil after all taxes, I can tell you I am very happy. It is really the best Audio interface I could buy for my home studio. The Unison feature is great!

T. Brown

August 7, 2019

Amazing quality

Really fantastic. Totally worth the cost. Takes a a little time to get used to its layout, but once you do it's very intuitive.

D. Rucker

August 6, 2019

Exactly what I needed

I have been in need of an interface upgrade and this is exactly what I was missing. Now I have a mobile rig with a Unison 1073 pre going into a CL1B before it even hits Pro Tools!

J. Crespo

August 5, 2019

Apollo Twin MkII

I am not use to writing reviews on any product but I was compelled to for the Apollo Twin Mkll. A friend of mine owned one and I heard his mixes and recordings, and the clarity and pro sounds he was achieving piqued my curiosity. The first chance I got I purchased my Apollo Twin MkII and have not looked back since, it has been one of my best purchases in my recording career, only wished I was aware of such a fine product sooner. The console app along with the UA plugins make recording a great experience, the Apollo product line is in a league of its own , the dreaded latency of computer recording is brought to its knees. Thanks to all at Universal Audio for this beautiful sounding gear and plugins. Don’t wait like I did, do yourself a favor and get the best now ,pickup an Apollo interface and start making great music today!

B. Landino

August 5, 2019

Pairs nicely with scarlett.

I have to say that I'm very pleased so far. As a hobbyist, buying the twin has reignited my passion for music making. The sound quality is great, and the plugins are top notch. I have a scarlett 18in connect through adat, and it's amazing. It took me a while to learn the console software, and I'm still learning it really, but that's because it can do so much as far as routing and rerouting etc... Highly recommend this device!!

S. Jackson

August 3, 2019

It would have been good...

I would really like this device if it didn’t heat up so fast, and cuts off 2 the aux plugs once it’s gotten extremely hot.

D. Hollman

August 1, 2019

Such a great piece of kit!!!

Using this with an Apollo X8p and 2 OCTO cards. So awesome to take this with me on the road and be able to record takes anywhere that can be used on “Professional Productions”!
Thanks UAD!

M. Ákos

July 30, 2019

Apollo twin

Really handy product, the new apollo bring you for the next level in music producing. It doesn’t matter if you want mixing or recording the apollo is really good in both process.

J. Castillo

July 25, 2019

Amazing quality for any studio!

Amazing product. On my work as a sound designer and mixer, having enough horse power is a must, and this interface is all I have been looking for. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the audio interface and the portability and ease of use it's amazing.

J. Castillo

July 25, 2019

Amazing quality for any studio!

Amazing product. On my work as a sound designer and mixer, having enough horse power is a must, and this interface is all I have been looking for. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the audio interface and the portability and ease of use it's amazing.

D. Alley

July 24, 2019

Apollo MKII Quad

Excellent interface! Pro level quality and operation.

L. Méndez

July 24, 2019


This is by far the best audio interface I’ve used! And the plug-ins, man the plug-ins! I love Universal Audio.


July 24, 2019

Awesome Product!!! UAudio!

I am extremely happy with my purchase of the UAD Apollo TwinMkII. The Best Interface in the market..

D. Bouche

July 24, 2019

Affordable top notch DSP at hand

I couldn't be happier. Bought the Quad version, and can finally bring my mixes to the next level thanks to the integrated DSP (and the awesome plugins to be used with it).
It's basically bringing parts of a real studio in a small box to plug on your laptop.
It cannot even be compared to other small soundcards on the market. It's an investment I will never regret.

T. Mansur

July 24, 2019

The Switch From PC To Mac & UAD APOLLO TWIN

As the title says: I switched from PC to Mac and got myself the UAD Apollo Twin MKII Quad. I did this do to the reason of I will not go the PC road and do research of what motherboard to get, what CPU etc. My last PC I purchased was in 2015 and I had so many problems, I even borrowed 6 interfaces to try out home cause I got issues with drop-outs etc. Finally after 1 week of try and error I got it to work. This time I said: FU%€ NO!! Got the Apollo and an iMac Pro and WOALLA NO ISSUES!! Everything worked out so amazing! I am so bloody happy! Now I got GAS on plugins haha! But what to say, UAD knows their stuff! SO AMAZING SOUNDING PLUGINS!! I love you guys! And thank you for letting me enjoy my gear WITHOUT Dropouts etc!! Can't wait to buy more plugins and get a satellite :)

421-440 of 1249 Results