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Customer Reviews

Apollo Twin MkII

Overall Rating

461-480 of 1249 Results

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R. Sivante

June 9, 2019

Killer. But not enough processing power...

There’s reason these are hailed as the best interfaces out there.

However, after buying the Duo, I really wish I would’ve gone for the Quad instead.

I rationalized it, figuring upgrading with an Octo Satellite later would be the better cost-value. Though when it came to actually playing around and seeing how much power some of the plugins actually use... damn. Even despite seeing the plugin instance chart before, it still comes as a shock at times when I can’t even run two plugins such as a Fender Tweed and BX20 spring reverb at the same time.

Ah well, gotta live with the consequence of my choices and make some workflow adjustments. More committing (and bouncing) tracks for sure - which maybe isn’t an entirely bad thing at times.

Nonetheless, it’s undoubtedly great gear and the UAD plugins are superb. So, will certainly only be a matter of time (and capital) until upgrading with the Satellite to multiply power...

J. Hietanen

June 6, 2019

Apollo twin quad mk 2

I bought it a month ago and I have been loving it. Everything works nicely. Maybe for the next model it would be nice to get rid of the power cable. I donno if it’s possible. Love the plug-ins as well.

S. Parikh

June 4, 2019

Apollo Twin MkII

nice interface

C. Castro

June 4, 2019

Best Buy, Best Value for Money!

Amazing sounding plug-ins, intuitive tweaking, good designs. If you're looking for something to give you an extra hand up you've found what you're looking for!

V. Milutinovic

June 2, 2019

Dont waste time with others

This had made everything I do easier, sound better and more inspiring

J. Calverley

May 30, 2019

Highly Recommended.

The quad is worth it if you're into UAD plugs. Runs hot but silent.

D. Ludzhev

May 29, 2019

Apollo Twin MK2 Solo

2 words, absolutely amazing! The sound that I get from with the Apollo from Neumann tlm 103 is incredible! The plugins that it comes with are also incredible! Customer service s is also on point! 10 out of 10!!

A. Crivellari

May 29, 2019


Simply an amazing product! I’ve just tested for my live session and it sounds great

S. Vestergaard

May 29, 2019


I’m honestly blown away by the sound the apollo twin delivers. The unison technology combined with the best plugins on the planet is just GREAT!

G. Danehower

May 28, 2019

Great Interface

Great interface and sound. I love the low latency and ability to use plugins live.

V. Lukashev

May 26, 2019

Prod by Drummabox

Awesome sound! Thanks UAD for that smooth and strong sound! 10 of 10!

s. fujimoto

May 25, 2019

Best interface

Sound became better than before

C. Bartrow

May 24, 2019

More than I expected

I didn't think that it would be that kind of improvement to my previous Interface, but I must say I'm deeply impressed with it's sound and the ease of use.

T. Chaz

May 24, 2019

A new world of opportunity

Best choice I've made in 10 years of writing, recording and producing music.
I used to think that I should only get higher-end gear when my skills would require the change. And that I could "make it work" with less accurate interfaces and plugins.
However, I now understand that it's actually the Apollo which is now pushing me forward, and that my previous interfaces were holding me back.

It's not always about gear - but sometimes it is, and this is one of those times.
So much power, such a small size, so much ergonomy, so little compromise.
I can't praise it enough.

On a side note, I think that dedicated DSP is a great feature. It allows me to run my plugins on both my Mac Pro, as well as, on the go, on my old, very hold, very lame, Macbook Air.
What was just a backpack-computer now became an extension to my studio.

I rarely get excited for a piece of hardware. And that's why it took me so long to consider switching to UAD. But this is an absolute gamechanger.

And don't even get me started on the plugins...

O. Di Dio

May 24, 2019

The Best

The best choice for your studio flow. Great quality and extremely useful signal routing. Do yourself a favor and buy a Twin MKII!

D. Widick

May 23, 2019

Game Changer for me

The UAD Apollo is a game changer for producers looking to level up their workflow. In combination with Logic, I feel armed with the best tools my budget can buy, which gives me the confidence to make bold production decisions while working with artists.

F. Muller

May 23, 2019


Had a little problem while registering my product but daaaamn this sounds good. 100% would buy again. Plug ins are awesome too and no latency with the dsp. But since I bought the solo I can't put too much plug ins at the same time.

E. Wang

May 22, 2019

The review of the bad side

It's good because of UAD pluggin and excellent hardware performance, I don't need to talk too much about this.

But they really need to improve DSP usage on giant emulatuon. Giant emulation sounds good because of complet emulate the fundamental electronic component on the actual gear, but customer does care that, they only care about sound and how much instance they can run simultaneously on the hardware.

Also they need to develope some basic tool such as noise gate, filter, etc. It just doesn't exist, when I first time realized that I was shock by the way, this is the best way to save DSP to do the minor thing sometime.

Also they might need to think about a better idea to cool down the apollo twin, it runs hot. The whole unit is like a heat sink, even though it won't affect its life time and running performance, but customer don't know that, and it will usually lead them to unnesseary annoying.

D. Robertson

May 22, 2019

Blown Away

I can't believe how amazing the Unison preamps sound. Really just a different level compared even to other high-end interfaces. Simply mind blowing.

K. Kessler

May 21, 2019

Amazing and very real!

Works very intuitive and with no latency. Can run about 15-20 UAD plugins in the DAW. Only wish it would come up with either 1073 or SSL plugin included with the start bundle but overall the plugins included are great as well! I wish UAD had student discounts.

461-480 of 1249 Results